Chart Mondays: Ariana Grande Featuring Nicki Minaj - Side To Side

I've been waiting for this one, seeing it rise on the UK Chart, and just hoping it would appear in the top ten. There were only two choices for me this week... James Arthur's "Say You Won't Let Go" was the other option. It was beaten to the top spot by The Chainsmokers & Halsey with their song "Closer", which doesn't have a music video. As much as I don't want to review a James Arthur video, I may have to in the next coming weeks if it stays in the top ten, or climbs up to number one. For now, I shall avoid it as much as possible as I am not a fan at all of James Arthur. Luckily, this is my Chart Mondays review. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj work "Side To Side" in the sauna of a gym, amongst hot static guys. Ariana Grande even works out in sync on some bikes in this sexed-up music video.

Ariana Grande is the person on everybody's lips, the singer everyone is watching because she's batting out hit after hit after hit. She first appeared as Cat Valentine in Victorious. She has fully left acting behind as she has quickly made her name in the pop world. Now there's no stopping her, the future is bright for Ariana Grande. This song features Nicki Minaj, another solid singer in the music industry. Her real name is Onika Maraj, and practically everyone knows who she is. She labels herself as the 'Queen of Rap' in this song and she pretty much is, let's be honest. These two singers have worked together before, with Jessie J on the song "Bang Bang". This song was written by Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Alexander Kronlund, Ilya Salmanzadeh, Ariana Grande and Onika Maraj.

Directed by Hannah Lux Davies, it's no surprise that this is a high-quality music video. It's so thought out and extremely suggestive, especially since the song is about soreness after sex, according to Ariana Grande.

We start off with Ariana Grande and her dance troupe on bikes after a slight scene of her staring into the camera. The girls perform on the bikes, pulling off the dance routine in-sync; the choreography is well thought out and is performed to perfection. They have put a lot of effort in preparing to pull this off and it works perfectly.

The other big scene is the sauna room, where Nicki Minaj has her rap. Her and Ariana Grande are stylish and are clearly having fun and a bit of a mess around, these two clearly get along easily. The male dancers are extremely static, and although that pushes all the attention to the two singers, more movement would've been much more interesting.

There's not a lot else to say, the shower room scene is extremely steamy, and Nicki Minaj knows how to capture the attention, but that's nothing new. As a whole, it's solid and relatable and definitely full fire. The song is a massive catchy song, that will no doubt continue to rise on the charts globally.
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Beenie Man Featuring Fambo - I'm Okay/Drinking Rum & Redbull

Still reeling from the party last night, this song was stuck in my head when I woke up this morning, and I had to review the music video. This is another dancefloor filler, that you can't help but sing-a-long to. It's undeniably catchy. I never knew who it was by until I looked it up, and I'm surprised this is another song that hasn't made an impact on the charts worldwide and is yet the song we hope to hear in a club. Beenie Man and Fambo are living it up in a club, clearly drinking rum and Redbull amongst other drinks in the video, and they're totally okay.

Beenie Man, real name Anthony Davis, is a Grammy-award winning Jamaican reggae singer. He is mostly known for his 2004 hit "Dude" that features Ms. Thing and Shawnna, which hit number seven in the UK. Yet, it's this song we want to hear on the dancefloor. At just ten years old, he released his first studio album back in 1983; he has gone on to release 19 more albums and has totally proven himself as a recording artist. This song is the first in a string of singles that aren't part of an album; it was released in 2010. Featured on the track is Fambo, real name Warren Williams, who is mostly known for this hit. He has been in and out of the music industry for a while but has definitely built his career for himself.

Directed by Janelle Dyer, the video is low quality and quite old-fashioned, and yet it's viewable.

The speech bubbles are a total distraction, they don't last long enough on the screen, so it's difficult to read them in time. They don't blend enough with the visual and are totally out of place. Although it may have seemed good on paper, it doesn't work at all and cheapens the whole video.

There's not much else to comment on. There's an amazing dance scene where dancers show off their skills in a circle of bystanders. More focus on this would've been great; instead, the video flits between the club and Beenie Man's performance piece.

The performance piece is filled with energetic vibes, but there's just not enough substance to his performance. He's very relaxed, he's totally made a name for himself and he knows he has. Arrogance comes from him easily but he works it well as he sings the song.

Overall, the video is nowhere near as great as the song is. It's not on the same level at all. It's dodgy, low quality and totally uninteresting. Beenie Man and Fambo do their best to draw the attention back to the video, but their performance pieces aren't enough to keep us engaged.
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Serani - No Games

I've been at a 21st house party today, and this song came on and I knew I was going to review the music video for it. This song is a jam whenever it comes on in a club; clearly, they didn't think it would blow up as big as it did because the budget was definitely low in this music video. Pushing that aside, it has a great storyline and the performance side isn't so bad. Serani tells his girl that he is playing "No Games" as he stands by her after she finds out she's pregnant.

Serani, real name Craig Marsh, has released a bunch of singles and albums, but this song is the one that has really blown up around the world. This song is the dancefloor filler in any club, with everyone singing along to the lyrics, even if they don't actually know them properly. Surprisingly, he hasn't hit the UK chart with this song, regardless of its popularity, and hasn't hit the Billboard chart in America either, instead settling on other charts in America, such as Billboard's Heatseekers chart, where he got to number 46. It's disappointing to see a very popular song not hit the big time on the charts, but all it takes is someone to cover it on a TV show to boost it up the chart, that's going to happen sometime. This song was written by Dave Antony Kelly and Craig Marsh.

The music video is definitely low budget, but it has a strong narrative with a pretty solid performance piece. If only it were more of a higher quality.

The narrative is completely relatable to the song, and although it is extremely basic, it's easy to get caught up in the storyline. I love how she panics when she finds out she's pregnant, and she runs away, but he doesn't mind. It doesn't bother him because he truly loves her. How he found out where she was staying, though, I have no idea.

The performance side is energetic. It's clear he means every word he is singing; the song is catchy and I can't help but sing-a-long; after all, it is the dancefloor filler we all know and love.

Overall, if this video was of a higher quality then this would look so much better. The narrative is simplistic but completely relatable to the song. Serani gives out great performance vibes that entertain the viewers. What more can we possibly ask for?
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New Release: Aston Merrygold Featuring LDN Noise - I Ain't Missing You

Another single off Aston Merrygold after many push-back dates from his album. This JLS singer isn't having the best solo career, but with this killer song he may have had the breakthrough he's been hoping for. This former JLS member shows us his dancing skills in his new music video for "I Ain't Missing You". Aston Merrygold is ready, are you?

Aston Merrygold, mostly known for his time in the boy band JLS from The X Factor, was the guy who always took the lead vocals in many of The X Factor performances, but it wasn't until the group started to release their own music that they really found their sound. JLS were the runner-up to Alexandra Burke in the fifth series of The X Factor. They went on to achieve five UK number one singles and their three studio albums were in the top three, their debut album hit number one. Ever since the split, Aston Merrygold's solo career has been hyped to the max, but soon dissipated as his singles didn't achieve the success that was anticipated. Now this song may out-do his previous attempts, especially with his album just around the corner, that's if it doesn't get pushed back again. The featured artist is LDN Noise, a producing and songwriting duo consisting of Greg Bonnick and Hayden Chapman, they are definitely making a name for themselves in the music industry and are definitely ones to watch.

This music video is a full performance piece with a slightly undeveloped narrative at the start, that sees Aston Merrygold step out of a car and strike a match before dropping it on a bag of things, presumedly things of the woman he's singing about. He's saying goodbye, because he ain't missing her.

The performance part then kicks in, and it is LIT! Seriously, I knew Aston Merrygold could move, but wow! He pulls off that choreography like it's nothing, along with his backing dancers. Fully in-sync and totally on-point, it's pretty magical.

The scene is filmed awkwardly as the camera pans in and out during the dance scene, making a less enjoyable viewing, however, it can be ignored as you see these amazing dancers perform.

Overall, it's good, but Aston Merrygold has always had a slight arrogance in the way he comes across, you can see this when he's dancing, ready to show the world what he's got and be slightly cocky with it. However, I can't blame him for that, because although the narrative is more suggestive than developed, and the performance is a bit on the cocky side; this dance sequence is perfection. I just need to learn the choreography now!
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Major Lazer - Pon De Floor

What have I just watched? Apparently, they're daggering, which is a Jamaican style of dance, but still, this is not what I expected when I clicked on this song. Chosen for my Thursday Revisit review, because I didn't have much choice, and I actually wanted to see what Major Lazer was like over five years ago. This is definitely far from their number one single "Cold Water". However, Beyoncé did sample this song, therefore making it famous, for her "Run The World (Girls)". The video is quite shocking. The dancers show a Jamaican dance form initiated in Jamaican dance halls which has recently been named daggering. "Pon De Floor" takes it to the extreme in this music video by Major Lazer.

Major Lazer were a duo back in 2009 consisting of American DJ Diplo and British DJ Switch. This single is the only song that charted when they were a duo, managing to get on the UK chart. Definitely different now as a trio, their more recent music is much more popular. This song features vocals from Vybz Kartel and producing credits from Afrojack. This song was written by Thomas Pentz, David Taylor and Nick van de Wall.

Directed by Eric Wareheim, this video is extremely surprising and I certainly wasn't expecting to see over-the-top daggering. People complain about seeing twerking, but once you have seen this, twerking will be a distant memory.

Performed in a cartoon suburbia, in amongst a cartoon house, it's quite cleverly done, but it's not something I would like to see again.

Even though this dance move isn't a Jamaican tradition, the concept came from Jamaica and the song has a daggering feel to it and therefore relating to the song somewhat.

However, this is totally over the top, it's too much at times, and can be considered tongue-in-cheek and yet it looks quite degrading.

All in all, the video has a narrative although it doesn't make sense at all... The dancing is relatable to the music video but it isn't that great to watch and not something I recommend watching on repeat.
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Finland Entry: Softengine - Something Better

Finland brought a bit of rock back to the Eurovision Song Contest again in 2014. Finland is renowned for their rock contributions to the Eurovision Song Contest, after all, Lordi did win with "Hard Rock Hallelujah" for Finland back in 2006. Softengine managed to get 72 points, placing Finland 11th in the Grand Final, just missing out on the top ten, but as I've said time and time again, 2014 was a competitive year. A pure performance based music video for "Something Better" from Softengine, showing the energy they have on stage.

Softengine were a five piece rock band at the time of this music video, consisting of Topi Latukka, Ossi Mäkelä, Henri Oskár, Tuomo Alarinta and Eero Keskinen. The band is currently a four-piece rock band, as Eero Keskinen left the group to follow his career as a lighting technician. As a four-piece, they have gone on to release an EP and some new singles; apparently, album number two is just around the corner. This song was well received at Eurovision 2014. It was written by Topi Latukka and Henri Oskár. The band competed in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2014, the national selection for Finland's entrant into the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and they easily won.

The music video is a pure performance piece. I don't usually have a problem with these sorts of videos, as long as they're good, but Softengine fails to excite the viewers. Considering they would perform on the Eurovision stage, a pure performance-based video isn't exactly great promotion for the song.

There's not an awful lot to say about this video. The band seem quite static as the camera spins around them. The low angles fail to capture the audience in, and doesn't make for a pleasant viewing.

There's nothing else I can comment on. This video doesn't draw the audience in and they performed so much better on the Grand Final and the Semi-Final than they did in this music video. It's just not engaging enough.
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Fifth Harmony - That's My Girl

Ever since this song was announced as their next single, we've been waiting for a music video, and it's been such a long wait. But the Olympics have finished and here's the video, and it was definitely worth that long wait! A total relief after waiting so long for Major Lazer's "Cold Water" and being disappointed; but Fifth Harmony has made us completely forget about "Cold Water" and totally smashed this video! Fifth Harmony appear in a post-apocalyptic world and attempts to save everyone, whilst performing this strong and empowering track. "That's My Girl" is a true sign of girl power!

Fifth Harmony is one of the biggest girl groups in the entire world at the moment. Formed on The X Factor (US), and much like One Direction, they came third in their season; they have become world renowned. They consist of Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane Hansen, Camila Cabello and Ally Brooke. They're currently on their 7/27 world tour, promoting their second album. This single is their third single overall, and may be their last from the said album. Girl power and totally empowering, this song is beyond strong. It was written by Tinashe Kachingwe, Alexander Kronlund and Lukas Loules.

Now this music video is FIRE! The director is Hannah Lux Davies; so, of course, it was going to be FIRE! This is one of the best Fifth Harmony music videos I have seen.

Interpreting the lyrics into a whole difference imagination, this music video goes a lot further than we initially thought it would. The song itself is about independence and being strong, encouraging their fans to be determined and do what they want because they can do it and they certainly don't need a man beside them.

So how this song turned into a post-apocalyptic video, about strength and caring, I do not know, but let's be honest this is completely amazing, especially with everything going on in Syria at the moment.

The girls wave white flags in the air in a brilliant dance sequence that they nail, before saving the survivors and rescuing them. They then dance with red flags in amazing choreography, they're totally in-sync throughout.

The girls are perfect throughout. Their performance vibes are totally off the radar, if you've ben lucky enough to see them live like I have, then you'll know how amazing they are, just like they are in this video.

Overall this video has it all, a relatable strong narrative all infused amongst various performance pieces that contain amazing choreography which is performed flawlessly. These girls are already one of the biggest girl groups in the whole world, but this song and video just enforces that even more!
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Chart Mondays: Major Lazer Featuring Justin Bieber & MØ - Cold Water

Finally, it's released and it's still in the top ten. Currently at number one is The Chainsmokers and Halsey with "Closer" which doesn't have a music video as of yet, so it's opened the top ten of the UK chart for my Chart Mondays review, and this time I've chosen this former number one. Four women dance in different serene locations along to "Cold Water", unfortunately, Major Lazer, Justin Bieber and MØ do not appear.

Major Lazer are an electronic trio consisting of Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. Originally founded by Diplo and Switch, the latter left in 2011. Now Major Lazer is one of the biggest names in the electronic genre. Having worked with a number of prolific stars, there is no stopping this trio. Featured is the unstoppable Justin Bieber, who's new music got the world turning into fans. He dominated the UK chart, and he did it once again with his collaborations. As for MØ, real name Karen Marie Ørsted, she's been trying to make an impact on the world for a while, but with the help of Major Lazer, she's managed to come into her own. This song was Major Lazers' first and currently only number one, but I'm pretty sure it won't be their last. It was written by Ed Sheeran, Benjamin Levin, Karen Marie Ørsted, Thomas Pentz, Justin Bieber, Jamie Scott, Philip Meckseper and Henry Allen.

Directed by Matt Baron; the video features four dancers who are Helen Gedlu, Jaylene Mendoza, Sara Bivens and Andranita Smith-Shannon. This is a music video we have been waiting months for and this is the outcome? Like, really?

There is nothing to this video, I don't see how it's relatable in any way, the choreography is interesting, and yet doesn't interpret the song the way we hoped it would.

The dancers dance, but there's nothing special about the moves they are doing, the camera fails to draw in close enough to watch them properly, and occasionally the camera angle doesn't do the dancers justice.

Lighting effects are intricate and yet fails to engage the audience. This is not what we were expecting at all, especially when we've been waiting months for this, it totally doesn't make up for the wait.

This music video could be paired with any song and it wouldn't make much of a difference. The song is infectious, but the music video leaves a lot to be desired and although the setting is beautiful, there's nothing to this video.
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Ady Suleiman - Wait For You

According to the Official Charts Company, this song was released this week, and so I watched the music video on Friday, prepared to write up a review of the video. Later I find out it was actually released 9 September according to Amazon and iTunes. Instead, I reviewed the VAMPS feat. Chris Motionless "Inside Of Me", and thought I'd review this over the weekend. Ady Suleiman brings a reggae ballad to groove along to as you see his amazing relaxed performance in this "Wait For You" music video. He is definitely one to watch.

Ady Suleiman is a new guy on the scene, he is putting a whole new spin on reggae music, making it popular and interesting again. He's track "Running Away" was well received, and he's only becoming more and more popular. This song is his follow-up single, we hope a full album is within reach. This track is a perfect song to listen to in the car, gentle and honest, it's flooded with emotion.

Directed by Calmatic it is a pure performance piece showing Ady Suleiman's energetic performance vibes, which is so relaxed it makes me want to go to see him live.

This reggae ballad looks like it's reacted well amongst the extras. The audience are clearly loving the song and it's so groovy and catchy you can't help but like it.

The video itself has a filter over it to make it look quite old, definitely respecting the good times when reggae was extremely popular, yet transpiring it into today's era. Ady Suleiman is certainly making it popular all over again.

There's not a lot else to say about this, but it does make Ady Suleiman look genuine and caring, which he no doubt is in real life. The video shows what he is like live, and as a performance piece, it shows him in a good light.
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Rayvon Owen - Can't Fight It

This video was chosen thanks to YouTube suggestions, sometimes I use it for ideas when I can't think of a video. This time, I used it because I feel like I'm filling up my blog with female singers and I need some more variety. Now I've found Rayvon Owen, and he is my new gay male singer fix. Whilst Steve Grand is away, hopefully working on album number two; and Troye Sivan is doing his own thing, I needed someone new to fixate on... Well here's Rayvon Owen. This music video is known as Rayvon Owen's official coming out story telling the world that he's gay. He watches Shane Bitney Crone from afar before taking a risk and making a move. Confident people always get what they want and therefore it should always be rewarded in my book.

Rayvon Owen came to prominence in the 14th season of American Idol. He managed to get to the final and finished fourth overall. The music video acts as his official announcement that he's gay. He has had an all right career since American Idol, but clearly, this video has helped to promote him as an artist, and hopefully it's the start of some great things to come because that voice is beautiful.

Directed by Justin Clough, the video features actor Shane Bitney Crone as his love interest as well as actress Halle Huff as the best friend. It is both a narrative and performance music video and is definitely the complete package.

The narrative is interesting, a lot of shots of Shane Bitney Crone and Halle Huff, at times it's more focused on her than anyone else, which is slightly misleading. Yet, when watched again, she's obviously the best friend and they are clearly talking about Rayvon Owen.

I love the slight nod that Halle Huff does to Rayvon Owen towards the end, it's definitely something you would expect a best friend to do, and my friends have certainly done it for me a few times. However, Rayvon Owen has a lot of confidence. he goes after Shane Bitney Crone. This doesn't happen to me, my best friends try to usher someone over but I have to be the confident one.

The performance side is amazing, this guy has perfect energy. He would be amazing to see live, that is for sure.

As for whether he needed a coming out video, in a day and age where it shouldn't be a problem.... That is open to interpretation. Personally, I think people in the public eye have a duty to become gay icons, someone others can look up to. As Rayvon Owen said: "You’d be surprised at the amount of times I tried to pray the gay away from me or tried to tell God to take this away from me. No kid should have to do what I did and pray to not be who they are. That’s why I think it’s important even in 2016 to say this." The fact that kids can look up to him and have the confidence to come out and be proud of who they are is amazing. I didn't have anyone to look up to when I was younger, and every gay guy on TV, in music, or elsewhere were slated by my friends and family. Having someone to look up to and encourage people to be happy with who they are is genuinely a needed thing in society.

Overall, this video has everything, including a sensual gay kiss at the end which is so great to see. Such a happy ending in this gay music video, which is usually difficult to find. Rayvon Owen and Shane Bitney Crone are now officially a couple and they definitely look cute together.
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