Chart Mondays: Yungen Featuring Yxng Bane - Bestie

Bestie (feat. Yxng Bane) - Yungen |

Time for my Chart Mondays review, and we have a whole new number one. Post Malone is at the top with "Rockstar" featuring 21 Savage; unfortunately, there isn't a music video for the said song, opening up the UK Top 10 to my Chart Mondays review. This song has snuck in at number 10 after climbing up the chart week-on-week. If there's one style of music I'm not really that into, it's hip-hop, and this is certainly not something I would listen to, as well as the current UK number one "Rockstar". Regardless, here we are. Watch Yungen & Yxng Bane sing about a girl they really like whilst performing in the desert as the narrative takes place in the city at night, in this music video for "Bestie".

Yungen, real name Clive "CJ" Brooks, is a British rapper who has been building up his career. This is his biggest hit to date. It's been a difficult road, but he's not one to give up and that is truly inspiring in every way. This collaboration has definitely launched him successfully in the UK, and I'm pretty sure this will help maximise his potential, allowing for future hits to come along. He teams up with Yxng Bane on this track. He has definitely made some waves this year. Yxng Bane followed this track up with a solo song titled "Rihanna" which zoomed right onto the UK Chart and is inside the Top 50 at the moment. He is proving himself to be an important influencer in rap and hip-hop music. I totally expect lots more hits from him in the future. This song was written by Clive Brooks, Amish Patel, and Guystone Menga.

Directed by Oliver Jennings, the music video was shot in Dubai, with the main scene seeing the two rappers performing in the desert. The concept of the narrative isn't something new, we've seen it a few times before. Ignoring that, they do not make it all so clear, and it is pretty difficult to understand and follow.

Shall we start with the performance piece? It is mainly based in the desert, although we do see them in the city performing the song at a gig, in some scenes. Yxng Bane fully gives it, passionately singing the song throughout. Yungen doesn't quite live up to the featured rapper, but he does grab the spotlight at times, giving some power and some meaningful expressions for the song.

As for the narrative, it's clear that the two rappers fall for the same girl. However, that is basically the normal concept, it doesn't seem to go anywhere, there's no build-up of tension, no shocking or memorable moments, nothing that keeps the audience engaged and following the story - well, there isn't even a story just that one concept.

Overall, I feel that there are too many scene swaps. It messes with the viewers as they flick from gorgeous sunshine desert to the nighttime city exploring. The narrative isn't easy to follow and they lose the audience as the visual continues. However, we sure all laughed when we saw one of them fall off the quad bike into the desert sand - that is definitely something that would happen to me.
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Lasgo - Something

Something - Lasgo |

How have I not reviewed this music video yet? My iTunes played this song randomly today and it made me realise how amazing this track is. Lasgo never quite lived up to this debut single and their later releases were, pretty much, disappointments. They haven't released new music for years and now consist of a duo. I always considered them the Belgium trance act that came before eurodance Cascada. I'm surprised they didn't team up, however, Lasgo did collaborate with Taylor Jones for "Something 2013" which totally refreshed this song. Watch Lasgo at Praha hlavní nádraží (Prague main railway station) as the trio display love and heartbreak during this music video for their debut single "Something".

Lasgo were a three-piece trance group consisting of Evi Goffin, Peter Luts, and Jef Martens. Now they are a duo consisting of Evi Goffin and Dave McCullen - although no new music has been released since 2013. This track is their biggest hit to date, and I can imagine it being a total smash in clubs. It's one of those songs you really wish will be refreshed for the current club market. We've seen plenty of club classics be refreshed, so why not this one? It's still catchy today and definitely has an air of 90's about it, whilst keeping it modern for its release in 2001. It hit the UK Singles Chart hard, managing to peak at number four.

There's a lot going on in the music video, and at times it feels like it's hard to follow along. Mostly, we see Evi Goffin at the railway station. Time plays an important part in the music video too, with plenty of scenes showing the big clock. The song does have that quickened pace to it as if time is running out, so I do love that they've related it to the video.

What I really do want to point out and give kudos to, is the scene where two women are sitting at a table looking across to each other lovingly. They later hold hands! It's incredible to see support for the LGBTQ+ community in a 2001 music video!

Throughout we see plenty of couples together, making us single people pretty jealous, as well as Evi Goffin - who has the look we all get when we wish we had someone too. According to the clock, she stays at the station for over 6 hours - that is a very long time. She stares at a photo of her lover throughout, and there's a throwback moment of them kissing.

Then ending sees her staring into a locker, which is then closed. It's as if she's looking for that something that he hid from her, but I don't think she ever finds it. The music video is quite confusing, at times, like there's no explanation why that guy deliberately spills the other guy's coffee. However, ignoring the weird scenes, this is a great relatable music video, feels as if it was released recently rather than in the 00's. Regardless, I can't quite grasp the full narrative of this.
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Fergie - Save It Til Morning

Save It Till Morning - Fergie |

Fergie has brought out a music video for each of her tracks on her new album Double Dutchess and since I am a massive fan of her, I'll probably end up reviewing them all, eventually; so I might as well do one today. I covered this music video on CelebMix, as well as all the others. This is one of my favourites out of them all though, it has a "Big Girls Don't Cry" style to it and certainly has a lot of people stating that it is a refreshed version of that track. Watch Fergie become singer Fenix as she deals with a guy who she no longer loves and decides to leave in this powerful music video for her song "Save It Til Morning".

Fergie, real name Fergie Duhamel and previously Stacy Ferguson, dropped her second studio album Double Dutchess, a few weeks ago, and I am still not over how incredible it is. Literally, it's one of the most versatile albums out, showcasing how her beautiful voice can fit into almost any genre. This song is one of a few ballads on the album, one that I simply adore. It has the perfect music video to go alongside it, as well. The song was written by Fergie Duhamel and Toby Gad.

Directed by Alek Keshishian, the music video also has a "Big Girls Don't Cry" vibe to it; with many fans calling it "Big Girls Don't Cry" 2.0, and I'm not surprised because it certainly feels that way.

We watch Fergie acting as singer and diva Fenix whilst her love interest Jimmy Rojas, who is played by Jay Hernandez, acts as her manager and producer, or so we presume. Their relationship unfolds throughout the music video, as we see them love one another and fall out of love with one another. They fight and argue in the present time, with Fergie leaving in the limo at the end.

It certainly is a high-class version of "Big Girls Don't Cry", taking up a whole new version of events. There's even a solid performance piece where she acts classy and shows her strength. Imagine seeing her live, this song would be incredible on stage.

Overall, the music video is brilliant and truly unforgettable. Fergie really brings a strong front with this song and visual, completely nailing it in every way. It's so great to see how versatile she can be.
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New Release: Felix Jaehn Featuring Hearts & Colors & Adam Trigger - Like A Riddle

Like a Riddle (feat. Adam Trigger & Hearts & Colors) - Felix Jaehn |

I wrote this one up for CelebMix a while back, now I'm 11 days behind on my blog I've decided to try and type these posts up really quickly and catch up on myself. I hate being behind on my blog. Regardless, I totally adore this song and the music video is quite quirky too. The song is a total banger, one that will no doubt become a treasured track by many that never quite becomes a hit - even though it completely deserves to chart hard around the world. It has a jovial musical beat that just sends out positive vibes everytime people listen to the track. Watch Felix Jaehn, Hearts & Colors, and Adam Trigger perform on screens as two dancers bat out contemporary choreography as they translate the song into a tough relationship in this music video for "Like A Riddle".

Felix Jaehn, real name Felix Jähn, went viral when he remixed Omi's "Cheerleader". He followed that up with a version of "Ain't Nobody" by Rufus & Chaka Khan; his song was titled "Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)" and featured Jasmine Thompson. He has gone on to record with some of the biggest and the best rising stars, and this is just another to add to the collection. He is planning on releasing a 25-track album, titled "I" in February 2018 - I cannot wait. This is a collaboration with Hearts & Colors and Adam Trigger. The former are a duo consisting of Philip Tillström & Nicolai Kjellberg; they hail from Sweden and went viral with their hit "Lighthouse"; it was that song that brought them to the attention of Felix Jaehn and soon enough, they came to his studio to create this song. As for Adam Trigger, he is a DJ who is fairly new on the scene, but he has brought a lot of listeners to his music, so he's bound to have some hits coming out in the future. According to Vevo, the song was written by Felix Jaehn, Adam Trigger, Aiko Rohd, Steven Bashir, Patrick Jean, and Florent Hugel.

Directed by Toyah Diebel and Niels Müter, the music video is a pure narrative, where dancers Jemima Rose Dean and Valentin Braun display their confusing relationship at an American Diner; while there is  a subtle performance visual by Felix Jaehn, Hearts & Colors, and Adam Trigger on the screens in the diner; they also interact with the dancers, creating a great crossover visual.

We watch the two dancers in a booth at the diner, clearly not enjoying their time together. Soon enough, Jemima Rose Dean decides she wants to liven up the mood, so she dances around the table, lifting his spirits up. Next, they're back at the table, and she keeps looking at Felix Jaehn on the screen; Valentin Braun gets jealous and this leads to a fight, one that includes a milkshake being thrown which manages to transport itself into the screen and splash Felix Jaehn.

The ending sees the couple happily together, walking out the diner, just as Felix Jaehn walks in. It's a great concept that really works with the song overall. There's nothing more that could've been done to make this better, although there is definitely something missing.
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The Pussycat Dolls - I Don't Need A Man

I Don't Need a Man - The Pussycat Dolls |

Nicole Scherzinger and her backing dancers are back on my blog. Honestly, I really hated that they weren't a fully-fledged girl group, the other members of the band can sing and have gone on to prove that they can in solo releases. Regardless, this song was one of my jams back in the day. The Pussycat Dolls sure had a lot of bangers amongst their collection of releases. This is one I've been chanting in my head recently as I have been single for two years and three months (I think, could be two months). It's something I'm not too happy about, but something I can't do anything about at the moment. I have high standards at the end of the day, and even though I lower them occasionally, nothing ever comes of it. So, as I feel slightly down, this is the perfect opportunity to review this for my Thursday Revisit. Watch The Pussycat Dolls be all sexy and confident as they decide they are perfectly happy being single in this very basic music video for their song "I Don't Need A Man".

The Pussycat Dolls, at the time of this release, were a six-piece girl group consisting of Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Roberts, Melody Thornton, Carmit Bachar, Jessica Sutta, and Kimberly Wyatt. The group were originally a burlesque group and have gone through a whole range of line-ups before they started releasing music, and later another whole host of line-ups after the music releases. This song was one of my favourites, but the low-budgeted music video could certainly be one of the reasons as to why it underperformed on charts around the world compared to their other songs. Plus, maybe people were getting annoyed at it being the Nicole Scherzinger and the backing dancers. Although they certainly did make quite the comeback with album number two. The song was written by Rich Harrison, Nicole Scherzinger, and Kara DioGuardi.

Directed by Chris Applebaum, the music video is certainly a low-budgeted performance visual. Throughout we watch the girls getting ready for what we presume is a night out. Each of The Pussycat Dolls are doing their own thing. Nicole Scherzinger takes on most of the vocals, with the other members just adding harmonies or vocal lifts.

Once again, Nicole Scherzinger has the spotlight on her throughout. This is technically her song, without a doubt. As for the other Dolls; Ashley Roberts is painting her toenails; Carmit Bachar is drying off her hair; Jessica Sutta is having a shower; Kimberly Wyatt is in a bath shaving her legs; and, Melody Thornton is putting on her makeup. It's a shame they didn't have their chance to sing parts of the song themselves.

There are some killer dance scenes, one which has a salon-esque vibe to it, that must've been where The Saturdays got their idea for parts of "Higher". Then there's the brilliant ending scene with the black backdrop and the pink glitter - it's these two scenes that give this music video some much-needed fire. The ending is what makes the visual, and the girls certainly bring it.
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Titus Makin - Ropes

Ropes - Titus Makin |

This came through my email and at a loss of what to review today, and with the intention of trying to add more male artists to my blog, I decided I might as well review this one. It's really catchy and one I'm glad was sent to me. I am so far behind on my blogs, it is literally ridiculous, but as I've done before, I'm determined to catch up, so here goes nothing. This song is a grower and one that I end up loving the more I hear it! Watch Titus Makin sing passionately as he brings some class, style, and emotion to this performance-based music video for his song "Ropes".

Titus Makin is best known for his acting roles. He has been in TV shows Glee, Pretty Little Liars, and Star-Crossed. As well as A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song. He currently plays character Caleb Matthews on Hulu's The Path. Yet, as this music video shows, he's not just an actor, he can sing too. He's starting to focus more on his music career, and I honestly love what he has released so far, although this is by far my favourite at the moment. I can't wait to see what else he plans on releasing in the future.

The music video is pretty basic, which is suggestive of a low-budgeted visual. Regardless, we've seen plenty of artists turn it out, and that is exactly what Titus Makin does.

The opening scene is very soulful as Titus Makin walks towards the camera. The light emblazons him, making him interesting to watch from the get-go. Unfortunately, we don't keep with this scene, and we're soon transported into a studio where he is backed up by two dancers and four musicians playing instruments.

This scene has a much more stage performance vibe - and, definitely, gives us a taste of his energy on the stage. He does bring a great spirit to this scene, but it fails to keep the attention of the viewer; I think it's something to do where it's set. Regardless, I'm glad it is intercut with other scenes.

I adore the tunnel backdrop, he fully brings the song to life here; he may just be an outdoors person, or maybe the fresh air definitely gave him that spark.

Overall, it's a pretty good visual, all things considered. As the ending draws near, there is more time shown of the studio setting, that we aren't so keen on. However, he looks like he is having the time of his life recording the music video, and that is always great to see.
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Will Homewood - Weight Of Us

Weight Of Us - Will Homewood |

Has it really been over a week since this dropped? It's now 11 October (even though I have changed the date of this post to 3 October, as I am on a determined streak to catch up with my blogging), and I'm delighted to see that this music video has received over 2,000 views to date; which is so incredible. I have reviewed this song and music video on CelebMix, with an article planned to be released on Outlet Magazine soon. This is Will Homewood's debut music video and it really showcases him as an artist and a performer. Watch Will Homewood give it his all in this stunning performance-based debut music video for his amazing song "Weight Of Us".

Will Homewood has been building his career for quite some time now. He has gained many fans in the UK after supporting plenty of artists up and down the country, including Josh Taylor and The Brooks; he also has been a part of festivals and live showcases. He will be a special guest on selective dates of The Hara's Only Young Tour. Not only that, but he also had a co-headline gig with Bronnie in Birmingham. He has released a few original songs on Soundcloud, proving his ability to write amazing emotion-filled songs. This one, "Weight Of Us", is one of our favourites that really shows off his vocals and his talent.

The music video was directed by Zak Müller. It's a pure performance visual where we watch Will Homewood performing the song. The main scene is set in a field where he sings into a microphone, the other scene sees him sitting on a windowsill, playing his guitar.

This is exactly how he brings it on stage, so I'm not surprised that he has the exact same energy during the clip. I first saw him on Josh Taylor's Hot For Me Tour and then, later, his co-headline gig with Bronnie; so I know how much passion he floods into his songs whilst on stage, and he manages to show that in this visual.

It has an air of Shawn Mendes about the song and the music video, the main scene sees him in casual fashion that certainly suits him. As for the windowsill scene, he has a much more classy-smart style that suits the song. He proves that he means every word of "Weight Of Us" - Will Homewood certainly has a bright future ahead of him.

Overall, "Weight Of Us" is an undeniably catchy song, one that embeds itself in our heads upon first listen. For the music video, Will Homewood brings it with his emotional performance, which is everything we expected from him. Yet, a narrative would totally have made this music video epic. Regardless, we're all still playing the visual over and over again - it's just too catchy.
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Chart Mondays: P!nk - What About Us

What About Us - P!nk |

This has been in the top ten for so long, I've been waiting for the day I'd review it. Actually, I thought it would reach number one, but I guess Dua Lipa held onto the top spot a while ago with "New Rules", preventing it from getting there. Now, it's falling down slowly, while Sam Smith reigns on top with "No Time For Goodbyes" - which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, hence why I chose something from the top ten this week. I've avoided this music video for several reasons, the main one of which was that the song has been in the top ten of the UK Singles Chart and I knew I'd end up covering it during Chart Mondays one day; but, the other reason, is because this music video makes me cry every time I watch it. It just plunges right into my heart and makes my eyes water. This is one amazing music video and P!nk deserves a lot of credit for this. Watch P!nk stand up for the people of America in this amazing music video where she showcases the LGBT+ community by showing two male contemporary dancers, dancing with each other, as well as other minorities in this music video for "What About Us".

P!nk, real name Alecia Moore, is gearing up to release her seventh studio album, titled Beautiful Trauma. I used to be a massive fan of her, but her last album has really put me off her music; however, this song is totally beautiful and I have high hopes for her new album. It's definitely something I'm going to check out, but I really doubt she'll manage to make me a true fan all over again. This song has truly touched the world; actually, so has the music video. It has charted well around the world, managed to hit number one in Australia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Scotland, and Switzerland. It was written by P!nk, Steve Mac, and Johnny McDaid.

Directed by Georgia Hudson and choreographed by the Goldenboyz, this music video is completely emotional with P!nk really giving it her all - which is certainly something we've come to expect from her.

The opening video showcases the dancers in the video, as P!nk's hair is being shaved off by someone. It shows some of the minorities in America, including LGBT+. A speech is being made as if being said over the radio or on a news TV programme about the government and America as a whole. It's quite a powerful start; one that progresses into an explosion of emotion.

The true start of the music video sees P!nk in the arms of another woman on a deserted concrete lot, surrounded by men, women, children, and families; as well as police cars. This is where the choreography starts, and it truly shows how incredible the Goldenboyz are for creating this beautiful concept.

A helicopter has an important part to play in this music video, as do the two male dancers who take over most of the time in this music video as P!nk portrays contemporary dance between same-sex partners. The dance of which is completely emotional, wrapping the song up and translating into this engaging art.

Towards the end of the music video, there is a full-on dance sequence including everyone in the visual. They all bring fierce fire to the table and we watch on as we see them completely nailing the choreography, in time with one another, bringing it with every second. This is exactly what we needed in our lives, just WOW!

Overall this is an amazing music video from start to finish that makes me upset every time I watch it because I relate to the song and the visual so much! The final group dance sequence is completely lit. P!nk and the dancers give it their all and it comes off polished and complete. A lot of hard work went into this, and boy has it paid off!
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Christina Aguilera - Candyman

Candyman - Christina Aguilera |

I could've sworn I had reviewed this music video, this song is a total jam and one that the gay clubs in Birmingham have been playing recently. It's one hell of a grower of a song, one that goes off in the clubs now. Truly, I believe it was before its time, and as the years go by, more and more people are appreciating the music video and the song itself. In true Christina Aguilera style, the lyrics are dirty but it's wrapped up in this classic ode to the 40's that we can't help but love in every way. Watch Christina Aguilera singing for the troops while she backs herself up in a three-piece girl group as she brings style, class, and a 40's war inspired look in this music video for "Candyman".

Christina Aguilera is one of the biggest female singers in the world. She is gearing up to release her eighth studio album, which will be her first LP since 2012's Lotus. Such a long timespan between albums must mean that this new one is going to be absolutely incredible; well we can sure hope, can't we? She's released a few songs here and there which have been successful, I truly think she could make a killer comeback; so we all need to get ready for that. This song didn't do as well as we all thought it should've done, and every time we look back at it, we're surprised it didn't hit number one all around the world. It was written by Christina Aguilera and Linda Perry.

Directed by Matthew Rolston, this music video is heavily influenced by the 40's both in style and concept. It has a World War II theme about it with many odes including a tribute to The Andrews Sisters; as well as pin-ups and posters such as Westinghouse's "We Can Do It!" poster, inspiring figures included Judy Garland, Betty Grable, and Rita Hayworth. There is also product placement from Campari; whilst there is also a guest appearance from So You Think You Can Dance season two winner Benji Schwimmer; as well as his sister Lacey Schwimmer.

It's such an incredible music video that it's shocking it didn't win tonnes of awards back in the days. It was nominated for an MTV VMA for Best Direction but didn't win. Honestly, this is solid from start to finish with Christina Aguilera giving it her all.

The opening scene, which can be seen throughout, is completely amazing. There's three Christina Aguilera's together, forming a trio as they sing to the servicemen. The choreography is on point, and she fully brings it in every way. Taylor Swift did something similar in the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video, which just proves this visual and the song was way before its time - how did this not go viral?

Other scenes are less impressive, with this awesome female singer selling sex whilst giving us throwback scenes. It really is a great watch from start to finish. There's a full-on dance scene with the troops, as well as a scene where they are in a plane hanger. We could just imagine how Christina Aguilera performed this song during her tour - now that is something we're so sad we missed out on.

Overall, this music video is completely polished. A lot of hard work clearly went into this, and I cannot believe it was filmed in 2007. It's unforgettable and one that should've won multiple awards. And we can't forget about that milkshake scene, just amazing; one that must've been part of the inspiration behind Fergie's "M.I.L.F. $".
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The Pussycat Dolls - Hush Hush; Hush Hush

Hush Hush; Hush Hush - The Pussycat Dolls |

For anyone who knows me, you know that I currently started working at a bar/club. I work as bar support, but this song came on and it reminded me of how much of a banger it truly was back in the day! Even though I still have problems with it being the Nicole Scherzinger show, even nowadays, I have come to terms with it and so have the girls. They have also announced that they're going to reunite - which was announced on 9 October 2018, nine days after the date I've set this post back to - although details about this reunion are very small with just a new website and an Instagram page, leaving fans wondering and wondering and wondering. This song is so catchy though, it has a refreshing vibe to it as they sample a full-on club classic. Watch The Pussycat Dolls bring the sass as they dance and sing and be completely fierce in this music video for their song "Hush Hush; Hush Hush".

The Pussycat Dolls were a five-piece girl group, at this time, consisting of Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, Kimberly Wyatt, and Melody Thornton. This song, itself, was the last ever single release from this girl group. They split up not long after this release for various reasons - that are so not worth getting into. Personally, I never really liked the fact that the other girls hardly sang at all, and Nicole Scherzinger was the lead vocalist and sang practically every word. Regardless, she's continued her career after this and went forth to do amazingly well for herself. The other girls haven't done so badly either, with many of them having released music - some chart successful - and others have gone into other fields and done well there. It is sad when a group splits, but this one was definitely for the best. The group has had various lineups over the years, and it actually started in 1995. Whether a comeback is actually on the cards or not, is something we'll be sitting back and waiting to find out; maybe it's just another new lineup? Regardless this song is still a killer today and charted moderately well around the world. It was written by Andreas Romdhane, Josef Larossi, Ina Wroldsen, Nicole Scherzinger, Freddie Perren, and Dino Fekaris. The song samples the club classic "I Will Survive" originally sang by Gloria Gaynor.

Directed by Rich Lee, this music video really does put the spotlight on Nicole Scherzinger, which really infuriated me at the time, and many other fans. It may be a massive banger of a song, but it's more of the Nicole Scherzinger show with a group of backing dancers who also add harmonies to the track here and there. The other girls are talented in their own right, and some have managed to prove just that.

The opening scene sees the lead singer in a bubble bath, which she later emerges from as she sings the ballad-half of this song. It's when she steps through the door that the fired-up club track really hits. All five girls can be seen in a warped stair room that certainly messes with our heads but it's certainly unforgettable. Well apart from the fact that the camera focuses on Nicole Scherzinger throughout, and rarely show much of the other girls - this is the case throughout this music video, and it really isn't fair at all.

There are plenty of other scenes including a very 70's disco part when Nicole Scherzinger sings the sample of "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor; there's a mirror ball and everything, definitely giving throwback vibes. There's a hell of a lot of killer choreography, which allows The Pussycat Dolls to truly shine. I love the dancehall scene with the contemporary dancing, as well as the ballroom scene that is giving us Strictly Come Dancing / Dancing With The Stars vibes.

Overall this music video is polished and brilliant to watch from start to finish. Having said that, if this was a Nicole Scherzinger music video, it would be getting five stars; but, it is not a solo music video, and this is where it fails. Actually, it can be compared to Fergie's "London Bridge" that I reviewed the other day; the other members of The Black Eyed Peas all appear in the music video and even sing some parts of the song, just like the other members of The Pussycat Dolls do in this song and music video. This really should've been Nicole Scherzinger's solo single and music video instead, it's one of The Pussycat Dolls' songs and it just isn't a girl group music video.
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