Dream Beats Featuring Alcazar - Feel 4 U

Feel 4 You (feat. Alcazar) - Dream Beats

WARNING: Flashing Images! Thursday revisit time was stressing me out today, as I thought I found it difficult to find a music video that was older than 5 years from one of the artists I had reviewed this week; but, luck was on my side when I came across this one from the Dream Beats. This was the DJ project's first single, in collaboration with Swedish popular but cheesy group, Alcazar. This song surely doesn't disappoint. Alcazar performs with their usual pizazz in this music video for Dream Beats' "Feel 4 U", which also includes a model strutting around her apartment.

Dream Beats is a DJ project from Sweden, formed by Anders Hansson. They first came to my attention when they collaborated with Molly on "Beneath The Lights", such a great song. Then, most recently, I came across Christie & The Dream Beats, with the catchy song "Wasn't My Fault". So, it's nice to visit their debut music video and single, which was with Alcazar. They previously worked together on Alcazar's Melodifestivalen 2009 single "Stay The Night", the song finished fifth overall and the group once again failed to represent Sweden at Eurovision. Alcazar consists of three members who are Andreas Lundstedt, Therese Merkel, and Lina Hedlund. They're the epitome of europop/eurodance, the sort of cheesy pop you expect to get from Europe, and it's worked solidly in their favour for many years. How many groups can say that they've been going for almost 20 years? They've had three international hit singles which are "Crying at the Discoteque", "Sexual Guarantee", and "This Is the World We Live In". They're still going today, although I doubt another international hit is on the horizon, although we never can tell. The song was written by Anders Hansson.

This music video is just difficult to understand and quite testing on anyone who watches it. There's a lot of flashing imagery.

Alcazar performs with their usual energetic vibes. This is exactly what I was expecting from this group. Their performance visual is definitely appealing and that is something you can expect from them at their shows.

There is a narrative of a woman, who isn't wearing many clothes. I honestly don't know what to make of this. I feel like she's broken as if she's been dumped by a guy or something. There's definitely something upsetting her, and that's the only thing that comes to mind, regarding the song. Some might find it sexy to watch, but I don't see what it adds to the music video.

Overall, intricately different, and I was quite expecting some really low-budget music video, so this totally surprised me. It's not the best, granted; but Alcazar brings it like they usually do and that is definitely what makes this music video work.
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Tiffany Gayle - Do You Wanna Dance

Do You Wanna Dance - Tiffany Gayle

A bit of an old song, but my iTunes chose this for me, and it's a very catchy song, just wish it had charted and brought Tiffany Gayle some success, as after researching her, this was the only song she released... Technically, if it had been a hit, she would've been a one-hit wonder since she didn't release anything else afterwards; saying that, if it had done well in the charts she'd have had another single released. This is still catchy to this day, and I actually want to dance to it in the clubs I go to... Definitely my next request. Tiffany Gayle asks you to dance with her in the clubs, looking sexy inside but keeping warm outside by layering up and donning some sunglasses in this music video for "Do You Wanna Dance".

Tiffany Gayle was on All Around The World Records, sharing the label with Flip & Fill, Cascada, Kate Ryan, and Danii Minogue. Little is known about her except that she is from Belgium and can speak various languages, at the time she was fluent in three whilst learning more; who knows how many she can speak now. It's a shame her voice has disappeared, but it would be good to see her return to music, even if it were just to display what she can do now. This song didn't chart, despite its various releases around the world.

The music video is really simple, playing on the strength of the opening lyric about being in a club, that is where the video is set. A great and relatable setting.

What's shocking is that we all thought it was on-trend to wear sunglasses and look like she does outside, back in 2008. Although she nails the club look inside, whoever turned her down to dance was totally making a mistake.

This song is the sort of song to get everyone up and dance, to be fair this is the sort of thing I do. I'm usually the first on the dancefloor and the last one to get off. I'm usually great at getting everyone onto the dancefloor, which is exactly what this song is about, hence why I loved it as soon as my iTunes randomly played it. It's just a shame I didn't know about the song until today.

What's more, there is a choreography part, where Tiffany Gayle dances in the street with some backing dancers. What I actually can't believe is that the slut drop is included, and she fully nailed it too. You go girl! She pulls it off perfectly, even if the choreography isn't amazing, it will do.

Overall, it's a great, packaged music video; totally relatable to the song and adds everything we could want. It is slightly low-budget, and not all that appealing. There's not an awful lot going on, and more of a narrative would've made it much better. Regardless, this is something I would watch again and again because this song is a tune and the video could be a hell of a lot worse, but it's not.
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Meghan Trainor - Me Too

Me Too - Meghan Trainor |

I had this song stuck in my head last night due to the fact that I was thinking about my last night out, which was Friday, and I remember dancing away on the small stage to this amazingly catchy song, not having a clue who sung it. I googled it last night and to my amazement, it's Meghan Trainor. This is the music video that she took down due to photoshopped results; one I didn't watch because it never became a hit. How? I have no idea. Watch Meghan Trainor work it in her music video for "Me Too" because, of course, we all want to be her.

Meghan Trainor kickstarted her career when she debuted with "All About That Bass" which was a complete international sensation; her follow-up singles and debut album followed suit and she quickly became one of the top female singers; now it's slowly going downhill. This may be due to the lack of promotion of her latest singles; although her album did do well globally. This song was written by Meghan Trainor, Eric Frederic, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Jason Desrouleaux (Jason Derülo), and Peter Svensson.

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, this is mainly a performance-based music video with a lifestyle narrative infused within. The music video gained controversy when it was first released as an unapproved video was released before quickly being taken down and a new one uploaded the day after. The reason behind this was an image manipulation that made Meghan Trainor's waist much slimmer than what it is. So kudos to her deleting the video and putting the unedited video up since she is encouraging the world to be confident with who they are.

The music video totally represents the confident life, we all have it now and again, we just need to have it inside of us all the time. Meghan Trainor is fierce throughout, from strutting around when she wakes up in the morning to totally pulling off that unappealing giraffe onesie.

To look good, you have to have the confidence to wear whatever you want to wear. People work the clothes they wear because they strut their stuff in it, even if it doesn't suit whatsoever.

She arrives on set and tries on various costumes before deciding on the blue sequin dress. She then goes all out in a choreography number with backing dancers. Totally nailing her performance throughout. If anything, Meghan Trainor is someone we all need to see live. She totally brings it for this music video, I would've just liked a little bit more of a relatable narrative, though.
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Chart Mondays: The Chainsmokers - Paris

Paris - The Chainsmokers |

It's Chart Mondays today, and anyone who has been following my blog these past two days will know that I've batted out seven catch-up blogs to get to this point, so I am totally feeling proud of myself right now. Ed Sheeran is still at number one with "Shape of You", and so, once again, it opens the top ten to my Chart Mondays review. It looks like The Chainsmokers may drop out of the chart next week so hence why I chose this song and music video to review. Both narrative and performance, watch a house fly up into the sky before our main character, Martha Hunt, jumps out and falls to Earth, in The Chainsmokers' "Paris" music video.

The Chainsmokers are a duo consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. They have seriously proven themselves within the music industry, even though their musical style has changed a lot since they first came out back in 2014. Their progression has been phenomenal and just showcases their diversity and their ability to release hit after hit after hit. This song features uncredited vocals from Emily Warren. It was written by Andrew Taggart, Kristoffer Eriksson, and Fredrik Häggstam.

This music video was directed by Mister Whitmore and stars model and actress Martha Hunt. In the description of the music video, the duo explains what Paris is. '1: a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn't genuine. 2: an irrevocable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia of day dreams'. In this case, this music video and song has nothing to do with the French capital Paris.

Which is why the music video isn't set in Paris. We watch a house rise up high into the sky, whilst The Chainsmokers just look on as Andrew Taggart sings along to the song.

Inside the floating house is Martha Hunt, who looks out the window in bewilderment before sitting on the edge; pushes herself over and freefalls. We watch as she falls down and down, I kind of expected Andrew Taggart to run and try and catch her; but instead, she just keeps falling; until the end where she floats down into bed. If that happened to me, I'd be doing it over and over again, looks like fun.

Overall, the video works well, The Chainsmokers doesn't really give it their all during the performance side of the music video; however, there is a complete focus on Martha Hunt, who acts her character out perfectly. I guess she makes up for The Chainsmokers' lack of enthusiasm in this music video.
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Sofia Cason Featuring Alan Walker - Back To Beautiful

Back to Beautiful (Alan Walker Remix) - Sofia Carson |

After writing up an article about her new music video on CelebMix, I had to include this on my blog too. It's a complete stunner of a music video, that definitely proves that Sofia Carson is the next big thing to come from the Disney Channel. You may recognise her from Descendants where she plays Evie, or from Adventures In Babysitting where she plays Lola Perez, or maybe the A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits where she plays Tessa/Bella. Either way, she is totally bringing it when it comes to music. In this music video, Sofia Carson pulls on everyone's heartstrings for this music video. She proves this is where she needs to be and how much of an amazing performer she is in "Back To Beautiful".

Sofia Carson first came to my attention after she brilliantly nailed the role of Evie in the Disney film Descendants. She will be reprising her role in the sequel film, which is expected to come out summer 2017. She has been dipping in and out of acting and music for quite a while, having released her own version of "Rotten To The Core", whilst releasing original songs "Love Is The Name" and "I'm Gonna Love You", the latter of which was a promotional single. She is planning on releasing a debut album sometime soon, so I'm excited to see what other tracks will be on that said album. The Alan Walker remix was chosen as the official single, over the Stargate remix, which is why Alan Walker has become the featured artist. He has really come into his own as a DJ, after his internationally successful "Faded". He's definitely a DJ that will go far in the music industry. This song was written by Alan Walker, Julia Michaels, and Justin Tranter.

Directed by Emil Nava, this music video is quite haunting during the verses before an unexpected dance sequence hits off beautifully; lighting up the entire place.

It has a Disney feel to the music video, what with the long staircase and the table. Let's not forget the mirror as well, which is a great link to Evie in Descendants, since her mother is the Evil Queen from Snow White. Regardless, Sofia Carson brings it once again for this music video.

She's got a perfect performance vibes leaching out of her and being received perfectly by the viewers. Sofia Carson is one hell of a performer, connecting completely with the song and portraying it honestly on the screen. I love the stage scene, which is where she belongs, although I would've loved to have been in one of the seats; an exclusive performance just for me.

Overall, this music video is a brilliant portrayal of the song, and we are all going back to beautiful because we deserve to. It's a great inspirational meaning behind the song, especially considering her target audience, and she totally nails it throughout. Shame there isn't a full narrative, but we can't have everything.
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Christie & The Dream Beats - Wasn't My Fault

Wasn't My Fault - Single - Christie & Dream Beats |

A fellow CelebMix writer sent me this video on Facebook the other night, telling me how catchy the song is and how much I need to listen to it. He was completely right, hence why it's appearing on my blog today. It is surely a catchy number that easily gets stuck in my head, just like many others. Watch Christie from Christie & The Dream Beats parade around with angel wings whilst giving an emotional performance in this "Wasn't My Fault" music video.

This is a new collaboration, originally it was The Dream Beats which is Anders Hansson's dance pop project. I thought I heard the name before but wasn't sure where until I was researching the previous releases and found out that The Dream Beats once collaborated with Molly on the awesome song "Beneath The Lights". Now with a full-on permanent singer, called Christie, full name Christie Prentice; it's time for this project to go all out and bring it this year. 2017 might just be their year. The song is highly memorable and will probably have you singing along by the end of it.

The music video is shot in black and white, with intricate colourful transitions throughout, that does keep the audience attention regardless of the filter.

There's not an awful lot going on in this music video. Christie gives it her best shot at performing the song with her all, but it's just not good enough. Her wings are much more interesting than the music video as a whole.

This is a simple case of an amazingly catchy song, with an uninteresting accompanying music video. Regardless, Christie is looking beautiful throughout and is working the camera the best way she can. It's just a shame this isn't exactly a great relatable music video.
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New Release: Mr. Probz - Till You're Loved

Till You're Loved - Mr. Probz |

Remember back in 2014 when Mr. Probz had a raging international hit called "Waves" before releasing more music under the radar that not many people heard and he was soon forgotten once again... Well, he's here, still releasing music, that you totally need to listen to. "Waves" was the start of international fame for this guy, but with a voice as powerful as his, he won't be disappearing from music completely. Watch as two people prove that love is all about what's on the inside in this shocking music video for Mr. Probz's "Till You're Loved".

Mr. Probz, real name Dennis Stehr, is a Dutch singer, musician, and actor. He has been working in music since 2006 but didn't have a hit single until Robin Schulz remixed his "Waves" single, which totally launched the success of the song around the world. His follow-up singles didn't perform so well and he soon disappeared once again. Now he's proving that he deserves to be in the music industry and this song is definitely showcasing a brilliant new direction he has taken.

Directed by Richard Paris Wilson, this music video is extremely intricate, showing that guys get just as insecure about their looks as much as girls do. We all knew this initially, but this just shows it off at a more visual angle.

A fully narrative video, we watch as two people eye one another across a club. This is something I'm used to happening when I'm out clubbing, so it's no surprise it's happening here. He builds up the confidence to go over to her, and as she caresses his cheek, she pulls a chunk of skin off. Talk about grossing out the viewers.

We watch him go to the bathroom and then he decides to leave. But the woman who ripped his skin off comes outside and drags him back in. Whilst they're on the dancefloor, she removes her skin, revealing that she is just like him; in doing so, he also removes the rest of his skin too. They're dancing as cosmic shadows on the dancefloor.

Overall, it's actually got quite a sweet meaning behind it all. Skin is just a part of your looks, and no one can ever love someone based on their looks. It's what's on the inside that counts and this music video proves this entirely. However, it's highly gross and quite gruesome. I can't help but cringe when she removes the skin from his cheek. It's relatable, it's just a shame there isn't a performance piece to complete this music video.
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AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It

You Know You Like It - AlunaGeorge |

It's Thursday Revisit time, so I chose this song and music video since it was released five years ago... However, there was a second music video for this song that was released in 2013... It then got a third music video when the song was remixed by DJ Snake in 2014. These music videos will probably appear on my blog at a much later date. Aluna Francis brings it when it comes to dancing to the "You Know You Like It" music video by AlunaGeorge.

AlunaGeorge are a duo consisting of Aluna Francis and George Reid. They recently released "Not Above Love" which I reviewed earlier this week, hence why I'm reviewing this classic now. They've never quite had a full on solo chart hit, although they did feature on Disclosure's "White Noise" which got to number two on the UK chart and definitely propelled them in the music world. I much prefer their latest singles over their old stuff, but I guess that shows how far they come. This song was written by Aluna Francis and George Reid. It managed to chart at number 39 in the UK.

This music video is purely black and white, with not much of a budget behind it, clearly. If you've read any of my other reviews about black and white music videos, you know that I find it knocks the engagement of the viewers as black and white music videos are unappealing. This is totally the case with this one.

There's also not a lot going on in this music video, the backing dancers are all Aluna Francis, which shows that the music video has been edited really well. But there's nothing keeping the audience interested throughout.

There's a few great transitions in the visual but that is the only good thing I can find from this music video. I hope the other two music videos for this song is much better, because I guarantee it'll be difficult to do worse than this one. I would not like to watch this a second time.
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Alex Aiono - Work The Middle

Work the Middle - Alex Aiono |

A random music video I found browsing through YouTube as I looked for a music video to review. Thought I might as well choose this and see what I make of it. Now that I've watched it, it's complete fire! Today is actually 19th February, but I've changed the date of this review to the 15th, a day before the music video was actually released. Alex Aiono shines throughout this music video, along with all the dancers. "Work The Middle" is a catchy song with a brilliantly sexy boxing music video.

Alex Aiono is a singer/songwriter. He is mostly known for featuring on Feeder's track "Lordly". He has released quite a few songs, and he can also be seen in Awesomeness TV's "Royal Crush" web series. He's definitely gaining popularity and many fans. With his good-looks and vocally-perfect voice, Alex Aiono is surely one to watch. This song is highly catchy and deserves to be a hit, unfortunately it won't chart well around the world, but it should be there, up on the charts. It was written by John Ryan, M. Simmons, A. Schuller, and Dernst Emile II.

Directed by Brazil, the music video features dancers Jade Chynoweth, Delaney Glazer, Cache Melvin, and Jamie Humptmann. The choreography was done by WilldaBEAST Adams. "Work The Middle" is totally out of this world when it comes to the dancing, and works amazingly.

The thing about the dancers and the choreography, it takes away from the artist. Although, Alex Aiono is looking completely sexy in his boxing outfit, the girls dominate in this music video, totally nailing the dance sequences and stealing the spotlight from Alex Aiono.

Having said that, Alex Aiono totally brings it on the performance side of the music video, when he isn't distracted by the girls. He's just as distracted as we are, which just goes to show how they dominate in this visual.

Regardless, I love the setting, I love how it completely relates to the song, and it's totally fired-up. It's just a shame there isn't more focus on Alex Aiono, and he doesn't grab the spotlight from the girls. As a music video, this completely works and I am totally excited to see what's next for Alex Aiono. He reminds me of Eric Saade, and I literally believe he is a rising star.
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AlunaGeorge - Not Above Love

Not Above Love - AlunaGeorge |

When YouTube gives you a suggestion like this one, you just have to review it right? I haven't heard from AlunaGeorge in a while but here they are and what an amazing song that is totally relatable to me right now. I'm not above love and nor is AlunaGeorge. This totally works! Watch Aluna Francis from AlunaGeorge fully bring it in this highly emotional music video for "Not Above Love".

AlunaGeorge are a duo consisting of Aluna Francis and George Reid. They're definitely one of the most underrated British duos, and their latest album totally underperformed; however, they're still going on to do great things, and I believe they'll bring it once again, sometime in the future. I'm still gutted they didn't win the Brits' Critic Choice award back in 2013. I cannot wait to see what AlunaGeorge brings in the coming years. This total fired-up single was written by Aluna Francis, Antonia Armato, Yogesh Tulsiani, Tim James, Christopher W. Smith, James Ryan Shelton Hall, and Alexander Jeffrey Hall.

Directed by Sing J. Lee, this music video is both narrative and performance based, with Aluna Francis looking incredibly gorgeous throughout.

The narrative shows Aluna and a bunch of her friends driving away, packing, it's like they're on holiday, although the song suggests that she's left her guy that she's been seeing, because she's not above love. There are various images of the guy in question shown throughout. Aluna fades in and out of her current life, and her friends have to remind her where she is... We all do this from time to time, right?

Her performance piece is on point throughout, adding all the right emotion at exactly the right time. She clearly means every word of this song, and just proves she had a part in writing it because there's no other way to get that emotion across.

Overall, AlunaGeorge has knocked it out of the park once again. This deserves to be a hit song, but like many others in the world, it will disappear. The music video is completely amazing and easily relatable to the song. AlunaGeorge has got it all going on, and they will come back with a hit like no other, this is something that is obvious.
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