Chart Mondays: Artists For Grenfell - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Artists for Grenfell |

This song is the current number one in the UK, which isn't all that surprising since it is a charity single. Many artists came together to sing this heart-warming song after the tragic news about the Grenfell Tower. The music video for this charity single showcases the devastation caused by the fire that erupted in London at the Grenfell Tower. It also showcases the many artists that came together to record this version of the song. It just shows how much they can all pull together when there's a time of need. The song has charted in many countries around the world. Watch the devastation that was caused by the Grenfell Tower fire, while we see many artists come together in this music video for charity single "Bridge Over Troubled Water".

Artists For Grenfell consists of many artists, all of whom came together for this single. The following artists sang on the song: Stormzy, Robbie Williams, James Blunt, Rita Ora, Craig David, Bastille, Liam Payne, Emily Sandé, Kelly Jones, Paloma Faith, Louis Tomlinson, Labrinth, Jorja Smith, WSTRN, Leona Lewis, Jessie J, James Arthur, Roger Daltrey, Ella Eyre, Anne-Marie, Ella Henderson, Louisa Johnson, 5 After Midnight, Angel, Carl Barât, Deno, Donae'o, Dua Lipa, Fleur East, Gareth Malone & The Choir for Grenfell, Geri Halliwell, Gregory Porter, Jessie Ware, John Newman, Jon McClure, London Community Gospel Choir, Matt Goss, Matt Terry, Mr Eazi, Nathan Sykes, Omar, Pixie Lott, Ray BLK, Raye, Shakka, Shane Filan, Tom Grennan, Tony Hadley, and Tulisa. Musicians also recorded parts of the song: Brian May - on guitar, Nile Rogers - on guitar, Tokio Myers - on piano, and Pete Townsend - on guitar. This was a brilliant collaborative effort, and the song shot to the top of the UK charts. There are a few outshining vocals, to me Rita Ora and Ella Eyre shine out above them all, with James Arthur bringing his usual raspy voice. The song was originally sung by Simon & Garfunkel where their "Bridge Over Troubled Water" also hit number one in the UK. The song has been covered by many, my favourite being Hear'Say. The song was written by Paul Simon. All proceeds of this version of the song that Syco Music and Sony Music receive will be donated to the London Community Foundation and distributed by them to those affected by the fire.

The music video is a typical charity single music video, that showcases the Artists For Grenfell in the studio, recording the song; whilst clips of the devastating events after the fire are shown in segments. This is really nothing new and, as usual, the artists are shown in black and white, which doesn't add anything to this music video, apart from contrast.

Stormzy fully encompasses the song at the start, clearly adding something new to this song and making it unique. The sights we watch are completely saddening, and something like this could've happened to any one of us or one of our family members.

Overall, the video captures the devastation of the Grenfell Tower fire. I'm not so keen on the studio visuals of the artists as we've seen this sort of thing a thousand times before. As a whole, it totally deserves to be number one, and I'm glad that the public has done their part by buying the charity single to help all these sufferers.
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Shawn Mendes - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back - Shawn Mendes |

I haven't seen this music video before today because I was waiting to write it up for my Chart Mondays review; however, it looks like this song isn't going to return to the UK's top ten anytime soon, even though this visual has been released. So I thought I might as well review this today, since I am obsessed with Shawn Mendes, and not just because of his beautiful voice and emotional songs. This track has me singing along whenever I hear it, although I don't think it's as good as many of his other songs. Watch Shawn Mendes be free travelling with his love-interest, Ellie Bamber, throughout Europe, as well as showing his gigs in those respective cities in this music video for "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back".

Shawn Mendes is the Canadian superstar who is bringing out hit after hit after hit. Thanks to the music channels, I was aware of "Stitches" before it blew up in the UK. He is quite the climber on the UK chart, usually charting low to start off with and then zooming straight up. This has happened often with his singles; but, he's quickly becoming a male artist everyone is talking about, so he definitely has a bright future ahead of him. This song was released as part of the reissue of his second studio album. It was written by Shawn Mendes, John Theodore Geiger II, Geoff Warburton, and Scott Harris.

The music video is directed by Jay Martin. It was filmed in Paris, Amsterdam, and Isle of Thanet, Kent. The visual also features actress Ellie Bamber as Shawn Mendes' love-interest and on-screen girlfriend.

They travel around together, just like the opening lyric suggests. They are clearly having a lot of fun together travelling on trains, trekking along the coastline, and running through transportation hubs. They clearly get along great, and their acting skills really come into play as they easily showcase a relationship that we are all jealous of.

That's about all that goes on in this music video. There's a slight performance piece which sees Shawn Mendes performing on stage, with his guitar. He displays his emotion just like he does in every other performance we've seen. You definitely won't be disappointed at one of his gigs. Overall the video is good, but it just feels like it's missing something; it might be that the visuals don't showcase their on-screen relationship all that well.
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RuPaul - Sissy That Walk

Sissy That Walk - RuPaul |

I have been watching RuPaul's Drag Race recently, and I'm addicted. I am now on season seven, so no spoilers, please! This song gets played at The Nightingale Club in Birmingham often, and I've always thought it was Lady Gaga, until I watched season six of RuPaul's Drag Race, and I was like 'of course it's RuPaul'. So catchy and it so should've been an international hit; the music video also featured the top four drag queens from season six, which was the best season I've ever watched, to date. It was also the first time that the top three were all my favourites, and the first time one of my favourites won. Watch RuPaul perform the song "Sissy That Walk" accompanied by the top four of season six of RuPaul's Drag Race: Bianca Del Rio, Adore Delano, Courtney Act, and Darienne Lake.

RuPaul, full name RuPaul Charles, is one of the biggest drag queens around the world; especially now with the success of RuPaul's Drag Race, the TV show that sees drag queens compete to be the next drag superstar. She has a range of musical hits, she's a television host, has a whole range of merchandise, and has starred in many films and tv shows. She's been releasing songs since 1992 and even charted in various countries and had some of her songs sampled in recent music (yes, I'm on about Britney Spears' "Work Bitch"). On the other hand, she hasn't managed to hit the charts since the 90's, but with a new album on its way, and with Drag Race actually becoming a must-watched show, RuPaul might just return to the charts one day. This song was written by RuPaul Charles and Lucian Piane.

The music video was directed by Steven Corfe and was edited by Michael Roha. The last challenge of every series of RuPaul's Drag Race sees the queens star in RuPaul's next music video; in this case, it was the top four of season six of the show that appeared in this music video. Bianca Del Rio went on to win, with Adore Delano and Courtney Act becoming runner-ups, and Darienne Lake coming fourth.

In the video, all the drag queens are looking fierce throughout. Bianca Del Rio does really shine in this, along with Adore Delano. As for Courtney Act, she gives it her all but I feel she gets a little lost, but it's Darienne Lake who totally falls short.

Anyone who has watched the episode where they filmed this music video, will know that Adore Delano came up with a brilliant dance move, which Darienne Lake then stole, and then it was cut out altogether for the music video, which was a shame.

The pit crew also appear in this music video, stripping during their scene, which we are not complaining about. Yet, it's RuPaul that stuns us all in this visual, with perfect performance vibes, which she totally brings. This is totally her song and she's going to let you know that in this music video. Although, the black panther does stand out the most for me.

Overall, it's great to watch and reminisce over the best season of RuPaul's Drag Race, but I'm not so keen on the fact that it's shown in black and white; I just don't see the reason behind it. Regardless, it's a powerful visual that goes perfectly with this power-dance track that I just love clubbing to when I hear it at The Nightingale Club.
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New Release: Anjulie featuring Oskar Flood - Where The Love Goes

Where the Love Goes (feat. Oskar Flood) - Anjulie |

Well here comes the furries and before this music video, I had no idea that furries were a thing, but I must've been one in my past life because they look so awesome! Looking over the new releases, there wasn't much choice when it came to which ones that had a music video, I ended up with two choices and chose this one since it's more my sort of music, and I believe I know the name from somewhere. After a bit of searching, I found out I previously reviewed Anjulie from way back when because her music video for "Brand New Bitch" was being shown on the UK music channels. It's good to see that she's still going and this new song is definitely electric! Watch Anjulie frolic in a field with a guy called Damien who is in a blue dog furry costume, before she hosts a birthday party at a house for him, where she ends up covering herself in food, in this weird music video for "Where The Love Goes" featuring Oskar Flood.

Anjulie, full name Anjulie Persaud, is a Canadian singer/songwriter. She's made her name known in the songwriting world, having already written songs for some high-calibre artists. She's been attempting a solo career for some time now, with "Brand New Bitch" being her most successful song to date; it charted at number 16 in Canada. She released her self-titled debut album in 2009. We hope she plans on releasing another one in the future. This song features Oskar Flood who doesn't have a lot of information, and my research turned up nothing apart from this song and music video, as well as a remix of Brooke Candy's "Living Out Loud" featuring Sia. According to Spinnin' Records, which this song has been released on, this is a 'golden teamup'.

The music video is quite different to what you would imagine, and it is quite sexual in specific ways. Anjulie is shown throughout the visual, meeting up with her love, Damien. He is a furry, dressed up as a sexy blue dog; this isn't the first time a furry has been included in a video, most notably Ke$ha's "C'Mon".

The opening scene sees Anjulie performing the song in a field, where she meets up with Damien and frolics around with him. There are many comical positions in this scene before Anjulie throws a ball, which the furry chases.

Next, we see her shopping and texting Damien, saying that they're still on for 'tonight'. She hosts a birthday party, and cooks a lot of delicious food; yet, when she sits down, she decides to cover herself in the food, rubbing it all over her face. It's completely weird in every way, but she clearly enjoys every minute of it.

Later, she's blowing up balloons, and Damien asks if he should bring dinner, but she admits that she's already eaten. He comes round and finds her on the bed surrounded by balloons.

Overall, this music video is confusing but slightly relatable to the song. Anjulie totally reminds me of Aluna Francis from AlunaGeorge. She's comical throughout and really gets into her role. Damien, whoever he is, is wearing one of the best furry animal suits I've seen.
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Romania Entry: Elena - The Balkan Girls (Promotional Video)

The Balkan Girls - Elena |

It's Thursday Revisit, so of course, I was going to do this song by Elena, since she was in the Eurovision Song Contest after all. I also believe I've seen this music video on the music channels years ago, and the fact that it charted in the UK shows how much this was well received in this country. The video on the official Eurovision YouTube channel is a bit on the blurry side but we can deal. Elena represented Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. She came 19th overall with 49 points. The song sure is catchy, it's just a shame she didn't do better in the contest. Watch Elena, backed up by two women, dance around and completely nail choreography, in this music video for Eurovision 2009 song "The Balkan Girls".

Elena, full name Elena Ghorghe, was originally in Latin group Mandinga, who have had a string of hit singles and albums and went on to represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 with "Zaleilah"; this was all after Elena left the group to pursue a solo career. Since Eurovision 2009, Elena has built her career and has released some amazing hits, I still can't get "Mamma Mia (He's Italiano)" out of my head when I hear it. I truly believe she has a great voice and could have an internationally successful song in the future. She was chosen as the Romanian representative through Selecția Națională, which she won; it's just a shame she didn't do better during the Grand Final. The song was written by Laurentiu Duta, Ovidiu Bistriceanu, Alexandru Pelin, and Daris Mangal.

There are officially two music videos, one released in promotion of Selecția Națională in January 2009, which is the one I'm reviewing, and then there's an official music video that was released in March 2009 (which I'll probably end up reviewing at a later date). This music video / promotional video was filmed at a TVR 1 studio.

There are two main scenes, one is a slight narrative which then leads into the main dance scene, and then there is a slight segmented performance piece throughout. Elena is looking fierce, totally embodying superstardom in every way.

We watch Elena ride a horse with her two backing dancers doing the same. They ride them to this spiral staircase which they then descend. This leads them to a venue, or in this case, the studio, where they all perform amazing choreography in sync and perfectly relating to the song throughout.

The performance segment sees Elena on a silver couch, performing the song engagingly. A male dancer appears in a hallway and performs a great dance sequence. It might have been a great added touch to see him and Elena perform together at the end.

Overall, the music video doesn't have a lot going for it, but Elena and all the dancers make up for it by performing and giving it their all. After looking back at her performance during the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, I do much prefer the music video as the girls aren't exactly in-sync. Regardless, Elena gave it her all on that stage, and she could've faired much worse. It is quite a forgettable song and stage production, which probably didn't help; and I only just remember it way back when I watched this show in 2009.
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Inna Featuring Erik - Ruleta

Ruleta (feat. Erick) - Inna |

You all knew this blog post was coming today after I wrote up my article on it for CelebMix, and since Inna is my queen. This is definitely a tune of the summer, and what with "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber, being at the top of the UK charts, why can't another song that contains Spanish lyrics climb its way up - I can only ever hope. Compared to Inna's recent releases, I feel that the song itself falls short, it feels like a mix between "Heaven", "Me Gusta" and "Bad Boys", creating this cool summer sound that doesn't really work for me; regardless, I can see it becoming a grower as I learn the lyrics. Watch Inna and Erik perform on a tennis court whilst dancers back them up and continue the party on in other scenes, including an awesome bonfire in this music video for "Ruleta".

Inna, real name Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, has had international fame, especially when she released her debut single "Hot". Since then she has been building up her career, and even though she doesn't chart well globally, she still nails it in her home country of Romania. She manages to sell out shows all around the world. Now, Inna is preparing to drop her fifth studio album, which will contain most of her recent singles. Her music oozes summer, so be prepared for an album that you'll have on repeat all year round. Featuring on the track is Erik, full name Erik Tchatchoua. He is a Romanian rapper who has previously collaborated with Mandinga on their song "Aventura". This song proves how great he really is, and it excites me to see where the future will take him. The song's music and lyrics were created by Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan, David Ciente, Elena-Alexandra Apostoleanu, Frank-Erik Tchatchoua, Marius Dia, and Isaac Breyan.

Directed by Barna Nemethi, this music video hasn't got a lot to it. There are three main scenes, with a subtle short scene within the entire visual. It seems like there wasn't much thought behind it and not much time either. It feels rushed but still looks so much better than many other music videos I've seen.

The main scene is Inna and Erik performing on a tennis court, with a group of dancers behind them. There is a slightly missed opportunity of them all doing choreography; however, Inna rolls with it as she always does and there's definitely some dance moves inside of her as she continues her camera-friendly profile.

As for Erik, he doesn't really shine on the tennis court, that may be due to how gorgeous Inna is. Nevertheless, he gives it his all and you can see the passion behind his words. I'd also want to give kudos to seeing two women kiss, Inna has always been LGBT+ friendly in some of her music videos, and it's good to see it again here. There's also a man and woman kissing to even it all up a bit too.

The other scenes include the dancers showing off their amazing skills in a circle; some of which are incredible and has been edited perfectly to the song. Then there's the bonfire, the place we all wish we could be; it looks fun and it looks warm. Then there are the kids dancing in front of the wall; this clip is short and sweet and if you blink, you might miss it. At first, I did think some of these kids were from Inna's team echipa Inna from Vocea României Junior, who later collaborated as a group known as The Kidz where they released the song "Kids In Town"; unfortunately, I don't think these kid dancers are Inna's kids from the show.

Overall, this music video could've turned out completely low-budget and very simple; breaking it down, it seems this way; however, Inna and Erik plays it cool throughout and totally nail it. The dancers bring it as much as they can. It may seem like there isn't much to this, but that's because there isn't; yet, they've made it work, so kudos to everyone involved.
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Antonia - Iubirea Mea

Iubirea Mea - Antonia |

After writing up an article about this for CelebMix, I just had to include this sexy video on my blog. Antonia only recently came to my attention, being a part of Global Records and releasing amazing hit after amazing hit. Alongside her, in this music video, is her real-life partner Alex Velea; it's nice to see them team up on a song together, and he manages to surprise us completely by singing a part of the song himself! Watch Romanian power couple, Antonia and Alex Velea, show us their chemistry in this sexy music video for the former's new single "Iubirea Mea".

Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, hit it big when her collaboration with Tom Boxer which gained her a bit of international fame, titled "Morena". She later charted well in her home country of Romania with "Marabou". Since then she has been building up her career and collaborating with some big names. She is also one of four girls a part of Global Records' project G Girls, which has produced hit singles "Call The Police" and "Milk & Honey". An uncredited feature in this song is her real-life partner Alex Velea, who has had a mildly successful career in music. As a couple, they are definitely two Romanian stars people are talking about. This song is another Romanian-language song, a follow-up to her fierce track and video "Dor de Tine". We all are hoping she releases a second studio album soon, as that would definitely be the icing on the cake. "Iubirea Mea" was written by Andrei Banica, Alexandru Cotoi, Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan, and Theea-Eliza-Ioana Miculescu.

Directed by Khaled Mokhtar, this music video is a pure performance piece that really calls on Antonia's modelling skills; this explains why she's so camera-friendly because in the past she has worked as a model. She's very comfortable during her scenes allowing that to transcend to Alex Velea, who has this macho exterior; yet, he obviously cares for Antonia.

It's nice to see them collaborate on a song together. They are certainly couple goals, which we've known from their previous Instagram posts, but seeing it all dressed around a sultry music video makes our jealousy 10 times more real.

As a whole, this visual is sexy in every way. I love the netting scene on the beach, with Antonia fully relying on her experience as a model; the shots in this scene is beyond beautiful. The other scenes are intricate, and it's nice to see Antonia and Alex Velea giving an insight into their relationship. Although, it does look like Antonia gets a little tangled up with the net during the bed scene but she deals with it well.
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Chart Mondays: Jonas Blue Featuring William Singe - Mama

Mama (feat. William Singe) - Jonas Blue |

This is certainly set to become one of 2017's summer hits, for sure. It's already racking up chart numbers around the world, and Jonas Blue has done it all over again. Today is a Monday, which means it's Chart Mondays, and still at the top is Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee with "Despacito" featuring Justin Bieber, which doesn't have an official music video, and I doubt it will since there is one out already that doesn't feature Justin Bieber. Hence why I'm reviewing this music video by Jonas Blue, featuring William Singe. The song is certainly catchy with brilliant vocals; yet, the lyrics themselves definitely reminds me of Sunstroke Project's "Hey, Mamma!"; the message behind both songs is pretty similar. Watch William Singe give a great performance whilst he and Jonas Blue have fun with their respective girls in sunny Albania during this music video that oozes summer for "Mama".

Jonas Blue is a DJ and producer who's real name is Guy James Robin; he did a DJ set at Birmingham Pride 2017, which I am now gutted I missed because this song is a complete tune! He has quickly become one of the British DJs to watch out for, as each of his singles hit it big on charts around the world. To date, "Fast Car", is his biggest hit, but he easily followed that up with "Perfect Strangers". Regardless, his latest single is my favourite song from him, totally catchy and it definitely has summer vibes going on throughout. "Mama" may not blow up as big as his other singles, but it more than deserves to. It features William Singe, real name Liam Singe, who is an Australian singer, songwriter, and producer. He's most notable for being in the boy band The Collective, who had major success in Australia due to being formed on the fourth season of The X Factor Australia - finishing third. The group disbanded after three years when William Singe left the group to pursue a solo career. He released his debut single "Rush" in February 2017, and I truly believe this song will push him to become a successful artist as his vocals and style are on point. This song was written by Jonas Blue, Ed Drewett, and Sam Romans.

The music video was directed by Sasha Nathwani along the coastlines of Jale and Dhermi on the Albanian Riviera. It also stars Albanian supermodel, Oriola Marashi as Jonas Blue's love interest; she can also sing opera, and can clearly be an actress as this music video suggests.

The song is about being carefree and the music video easily showcases this, taking us back to the times when we go on holiday abroad and do the things we love to do. The narrative isn't as developed as it could be, and the shady deal scene seems totally out of place.

As for the performance piece, William Singe really nails it. He sends out energetic vibes that draw the viewers in. Unfortunately, we see more of the flimsy narrative, than the William Singe's performance.

The music video as a whole definitely attains to the song's summer sound and it's carefree nature of the lyrics; however, I feel that the storyline isn't complete and that they could have done so much more with this. On the other hand, just look at the single artwork below, pretty friken amazing!
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EDX - Feel The Rush

Feel the Rush - EDX |

Having already reviewed this music video for Electric Mode, I thought it would be good to write it up for my blog so that I can dive deeper into the visual and see if I can come up with more thoughts on it overall. There isn't a lot going on in the visual, and it's quite disappointing considering the song is an amazing tune that I can't stop playing and will suit dancefloors all across the world; I also reviewed the song, itself,  for Outlet Magazine and Electric Mode. Watch an ethereal world where a woman prances through grass, meets a dog before heading into water; a man is looking for her and their rush of togetherness changes the scenery in this music video for EDX's "Feel The Rush".

EDX, real name Maurizio Colella, is a long-time DJ and producer who pretty much started way back in 1994. He's known for his many single releases as well as his high-profile remixes - he's done Danni Minogue, Deadmau5, Sam Feldt, Avicii, and Calvin Harris. This song is his sixth release in the past five months. It has already gained over a million streams on Spotify, so I'm sure DJs around the world are feeling the rush of this song right now along with their respective clubbers.

This music video doesn't entertain as much as the song itself does; certainly leaving the viewers wanting so much more. It doesn't really make much sense either, and hardly relates to the song.

It certainly has a hippie vibe going on, with the woman having the time of her life in the field, where she meets a dog. She finds a secluded spot to stroke the dog, and that's when more comes to find her.

Then the scene changes to a quite fit guy who is clearly searching for her. He finds her as she starts to walk into the water - I have no clue where the dogs have gone to. He stops her from going all the way in and they hug; during this time the scene around them changes to a black darkness, where she decides to get up and leave him in, towards the end.

Overall, the narrative fails to make sense of the song, with its light-hearted hippie vibe which then transforms into this darkness. It just doesn't work for me, and I was really hoping it would because I am obsessed with the song.
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Elena featuring Glance - Mamma Mia (He's Italiano)

Mamma mia (He's Italiano) [feat. Glance] - Elena |

This song has been on my iTunes for years as part of a few compilation albums and the more I hear it, the more I am obsessed with it; it's such a good song. For the first time, I watched the music video, and it's completely epic, it's full-on amazingness in every way. How did this never become a global hit? This will be another lost treasure that we'll forever love. I always confuse this Elena, whose last name is Gheorghe, with Elena Paparizou, as I feel both singers have a very similar musical style, and they have both competed in Eurovision, only the latter won it in 2005; and they're both called Elena. Watch Elena get married in this tongue-in-cheek music video for "Mamma Mia (He's Italiano)" where she flirts with an Italiano guy during her wedding ceremony.

Elena, full name Elena Gheorghe, is mostly known for representing Romania in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "The Balkan Girls"; she came 19th overall with 40 points. Prior to competing, she was a part of Latin group Mandinga, who have gone on to have global success since she pursued a solo career. They too took part in Eurovision, only they represented Romania in 2012, coming 12th with 71 points with their song "Zaleilah". Elena has gone on to have mild success after Eurovision, but it didn't continue as she released more amazing singles. As I previously stated, this song deserved to be a global sensation, as it is an addictive song. It also features Glance, full name Glance Al-Massany, who is a Romanian rapper. He has worked with many artists and has certainly made a name for himself.

The music video was directed by Dan Petcan. It's totally relatable to the song, completely wrapped around this wedding theme, which I have a full theory on, but more about that later. It stars Elena as the bride, an Italiano person she's singing about as one of the groomsmen, and Glance as another one of the groomsmen too.

The narrative starts with the bride and the groom getting ready in their respective rooms with their friends. Elena looks out her door to see the Italiano guy outside - the person she's singing to her mamma about. She takes a moment before heading out the door and engaging in a flirty commotion, where he chases her while she acts coy since she is the bride after all. She goes up to her groom and straightens his jacket, before heading outside with him to get married.

The narrative continues as we see the dinner and the party fully get on the way. The Italiano guy continues to come after her, but due to this song, her mother is always watching or stepping in.

During Glance's bit of the song, we see the groom and the groomsmen having a party in the room they were previously getting ready in. One of the bridemaids are dancing sexily over Glance, before turning her attention to the groom - who's hands previously wandered when he hugged her - loving the attention. Elena sees all this and puts a stop to it.

The party continues until near the end where Elena sees her groom and the bridemaid behind a tree, They are just ending their embrace and her dress is unzipped at the back; he withdraws his hand from under the back of her dress. At the very end, Elena is sitting on some steps changing her shoes, where the Italiano guy wraps his jacket around her before leaving with his mates.

Throughout the music video, we see a performance piece from Elena, fully proving that she has star power in every way. She unleashes comical energetic vibes that will be perfect on a stage. As for Glance, his small solo segment has more of a spotlight on the bridesmaid than anything else, he's totally outshined, and kind of gets lost.

Now here's my theory... If you look out for the dining scene, you'll see the Italiano guy standing on the table, at one point the bridesmaid gets onto the table with him and they grind together. This gets a slight jealousy look from both the groom and the bride... For all we know, the Italiano guy and the bridesmaid knew each other from years ago and have constructed this plan so that he can get with Elena and she can get with the groom. If it was all a plan, it sure was constructed perfectly.

Overall, the narrative of this music video is beyond perfection; Dan Petcan has done a terrific job of directing this music video, enough to the point where I can't believe he's not completely in demand by international stars; regardless he has done some other incredible music videos, including Ilinca's "Yodel It!", Voltaj's "De la capăt (All Over Again)", and Andreea Bănică's "In lipsa ta". As for this music video, Elena's acting skills are brilliant and her performance vibes are off the radar. This music video will be remembered forever!
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