Adore Delano - Negative Nancy

Negative Nancy - Adore Delano |

I actually thought I had already written about this music video for my blog, so I was surprised to find out that I hadn't; hence why I'm making up for it right now by reviewing it. I literally cheered on Adore Delano during her RuPaul's Drag Race Season, although Bianca Del Rio certainly deserved that crown; regardless, I am happy she got into the top three. Then she returned for All Stars season two and she decided it wasn't for her. I hope one day she does decide to give it another shot and take that crown. For now, we can just marvel at her in her music videos. Watch Adore Delano be a baseball player whilst performing in the locker room and the showers in this music video for "Negative Nancy".

Adore Delano, real name Daniel Noriega, is a drag queen who appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race season six. Beforehand, Daniel Noriega appeared on the seventh season of American Idol, where he was eliminated during the top 16. Now he's a drag queen who does rock music, and we love Adore Delano for it, that's for sure. She released her debut album in 2014 and followed it up with a second in 2016. Then her third was released in 2017, with this song being the first to be released from the "Whatever" LP.

The music video was directed by Ben Simkins. Adore Delano looks on point throughout the entire clip, looking stunning as a baseball player. The visual also stars Chuck Roy, Henry Bae, Bryan Meza, Yvie Oddly, Sid Darling, Stevie-Ray Vance, Nichole Martinez, Karly Porter, Cameron Sprenger, Mike Temple, Emma Meeks, Jacob Meeks, John Miller, Ajay Davis, and Ethan Hsieh.

Starting it all off is Chuck Roy with the blow of his whistle. He's clearly the baseball coach, although he doesn't seem all that strict and only acts it. To the group, he shouts: "Line up buttercups. This little team of lovable losers are better at handling your johnsons than you are at sporting bat."

The music then kicks in and Adore Delano picks her team. This is then intercut with various performance scenes, some are from the locker rooms, and also from the caged waiting area. She really nails the performance piece, giving it all she has got to the camera and showing off how talented she really is. She has passion in her eyes from the get-go whilst still bringing the relaxed style of her drag.

Then there's the baseball side of things, her team are a killer, bringing out all the stops to win the game, until the very end when Adore Delano gets angry at a not-so-great throw. And I certainly can't end this review without commenting on the shower scene; although, I'm not quite sure what to say about it. She acts sexily towards the camera and gives it all that she has got, and gosh does it pay off.

Overall, this music video is on point all the way through. However, I am missing the relation to the song; I have no idea how this links in with the lyrics at all. Regardless, I could so watch this over and over again; I am hoping that Adore Delano's music gets bigger and bigger in years to come, and soon enough she'll be an international music chart sensation.
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New Release: Antonia Featuring Connect-R - Adio

Adio (feat. Connect-R) - Antonia |

Not much choice for today's backdated new release, so I decided to go with one of my favourites even though it wasn't technically released on this date; instead, it was released a few days earlier. I did write up an article about it for CelebMix, which was to be expected. Antonia has been on form lately, especially in Romania, and I'm excited to see what the future brings - hopefully, a new album as we certainly need a new one from her. Watch Antonia and Connect-R perform this collaboration with all the heart and emotion it deserves, while we watch a narrative couple take some time apart from each other, finally ending it in this music video for "Adio".

Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, is one of the biggest female Romanian singers around. She went international in her early career but now she's gone back to her home-country-roots by singing in Romanian and it's been fairing well for her, gaining chart hits in that country and millions of YouTube views. She hasn't released an album since her debut in 2015 so we really need a new Antonia album, that's for sure. This song features Connect-R, real name Ştefan Mihalache, who is a Romanian hip-hop artist. He was originally a part of R.A.C.L.A. before he went after a solo career, becoming a recognised figure in Romanian music. This song was written by Alexandru Cotoi and Ştefan Mihalache.

This music video was directed by Khaled Mokhtar - someone who is certainly making his name known in the Romanian music video industry. This is both a narrative and a performance visual, although there's not much to the former and not much to the latter, either.

Let's start with the story side. We watch a man and a woman finish their argument and decide they need some alone time. This is clear from the get-go and their time apart makes them realise that they need this to become a permanent thing; hence the upsetting ending. It completely relates to the song, and the actors put in a lot of skill to display the character's feelings. However, there's not enough to show us and we don't quite know where the argument came from or what it was about.

As for the performance side, Connect-R is pretty emotionless, which is quite surprising considering he wrote the song. He's not much of an expressive performer, and I was expecting him to deliver. His style is on form though. As a whole, he is a complete opposite to Antonia. She knows how to bring it in a music video, and that's exactly what she does. She's connected with the song and now she wants all the viewers to connect too. Thing is, her style is off-point. I know wet hair is in, but it actually looks greasy making her less appealing; and, her coat may be a nice colour, but it doesn't allow her to release much of her typical energy.

Overall, I'm not sure what to make of this music video. The basis and the concept are brilliant and it should've been an easy top mark from me; however, both sides of this music video has its flaws. If only this was better.
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Ja Rule Featuring R. Kelly & Ashanti - Wonderful

Wonderful - Ja Rule, R. Kelly & Ashanti |

Time for my backdated Thursday Revisit, and how do I only just know this song, especially since it hit number one in the UK? Like, seriously? Most UK number ones I know off the top of my head, especially in the 00's when the chart was practically my life, and yes I do keep up with it now, but I don't care for it as much as I used to (because streaming has messed it up - but let's not go there); but this song only just slightly rings a bell. I know I was never into Ja Rule, R. Kelly, or Ashanti at this time, but this song sure is on fire which completely explains why it hit the top spot. Watch Ja Rule, R. Kelly, and Ashanti team-up and present their performance energy whilst there's inclusion of half-naked women in this music video for the UK number one song "Wonderful".

Ja Rule, real name Jeffrey Atkins, hit the height of his fame back in the 00's. This song is one of his biggest, especially in the UK which is his only number one, to-date. The song did well around the world, but most countries favoured his other hits such as "Always On Time" and "Mesmerize", both of which feature Ashanti - just like this song. R. Kelly has been a prominent force in the music industry for a number of years, his full name is Robert Kelly. He hit it big with "I Believe I Can Fly" and "Ignition (Remix)" which has truly implanted him into the history of music in every way. Then there's Ashanti, full name Ashanti Douglas, who pretty much helped Ja Rule turn his songs into hits. She then went into the film industry, before working on new music which didn't reach many people, unlike her previous efforts. All three of these acts need to make a return to mainstream charts around the world, with the right song, I'm sure they will. This song was written by Robert Kelly, Jeffrey Atkins, Irving Lorenzo, and K. Smith.

The music video was directed by Hype Williams, and I am not that impress. It's just another typical hip-hop and R&B infused music video that we've seen time and again. It does trick us into thinking it's a performance piece visual, but then the half-naked women come in with very little connection to the song.

I actually don't get this at all, like they are singing about wishing they had true love and not quite knowing if the woman they are with (or in the case of this music video - women they are with) actually loves them. They're questioning whether she would still be there if they didn't have all the money, cars and jewels. If they're referring to the women in this music video, with bodies like that, I very much doubt they'd stick around if you had no money. Although, it is possible as true love does come in all sorts of forms.

Overall, Ashanti doesn't add much to the video, although her vocals stun us all on the song. The lyrical content is engaging, real, and rich; it's not a surprise that it became a hit. However, I am disappointed by the music video, they definitely could've added a bit more, and R. Kelly's rap scene sure looks like there was originally a bigger narrative - if only there was.
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NF - Wake Up

Wake Up - NF |

Definitely one of the most underrated rappers in the world right now, NF has finally launched globally with the awesome track "Let You Down"; however, it seems unlikely that he'll keep getting chart hits even though he completely deserves them. His back catalogue, for example, is flat out amazing and I just can't get enough of him due to the way he floods a song with emotion. It's simply awesome and worthy of international success and awards across the board. NF is my new favourite rapper at the moment, and I could listen to his music all day long. The same goes for his music videos. Watch NF perform his songs within meaningful scenes that show people who are unhappy with their lives and the choices that they have made in his music video for "Wake Up".

NF, real name Nathan Feuerstein, is an American rapper who has charted a lot in the Christian hip-hop charts in his home country. He gained mainstream success with the song "Let You Down" launching on the world with emotion, flare, and style. He's definitely one to watch and I truly believe he is going to become one of the biggest rappers in the world as his music reaches out to more and more people. His music comes from the heart, and that is very clear in every single song that he sings; there's a raw emotional quality to his words that strikes something inside of us all. I'm very excited to see what the future brings him. "Wake Up" was written by Tommee Profitt and NF.

Directed by Jon Jon Augustavo, this music video is an in-depth take on the lyrics that grab the audience in from the very first minute. It's intriguing and interesting throughout.

There are two narratives going on that is slightly linked. We first watch a woman who lives in a mansion, and we soon realise that she's alone and that her husband and child left her. She never got to be a great parent and she's annoyed at herself for the way that things have gone and smashes up the house.

Later she exits out of a garage, where we watch a younger man who is her gardener, possibly. He thinks she's got everything going for her whilst he's got nothing going for himself; we later see him smashing up his own house as he isn't happy the way his life is going.

Throughout NF can be seen in certain scenes like a ghost or an apparition. He brings all his infectious emotional energy with every single word, once again proving he deserves to be known globally. The ending scene sees our two main characters as old-aged people who are still alone. It's a clever music video, one I could watch again and again.
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Lauv - Paris In The Rain

Paris in the Rain - Lauv |

I'm trying to add more male singers' music videos to this blog, purely because I feel that week-on-week I'm writing about female artists, and as much as I love writing about some of my favourite queens in the industry, I need a break from them every now and again. So, after randomly clicking through a few YouTube videos, I came across this one and I thought, why not? At 16 million YouTube views, I just had to review it. Watch Lauv's car break down in the middle of nowhere, he then gets out and sings his song with an amazing falsetto whilst dancing in front of the Paris, Texas sign in this music video for "Paris In The Rain".

Lauv, real name Ari Leff, went international with his single "I Like Me Better" which was a global hit, charting in many countries around the world, although they were moderate chart numbers. His other singles haven't quite reached up to the success of that previous track, although I certainly can't deny his amazing singing voice and off-the-radar vocals. This track, in my opinion, should've been a worldwide smash, it's catchy, it's meaningful, and Lauv definitely brings it. What more can we want? Regardless, this track will no doubt become a treasured track by many, including myself. I am so glad I've stumbled across this song, and I definitely can't get it out of my head. "Paris In The Rain" was written by Ari Leff, Michael Matosic, and Michael Ross Pollack.

Directed by Chase Smith, this music video is a pure performance visual which easily showcases Lauv as an artist in every way. If we were to go and see him live, we know exactly the sort of energy he would unleash to the crowd, just from this music video alone.

There's not a lot going on, the car breaks down so he dances in the street. A car does drive by and he tries to hitchike but he's just ignored. Then an umbrella pops out of nowhere as he continues to move. At one point, we see that he has stopped in front of the 'Welcome to Paris, Texas' sign.

Overall, the song is beyond amazing and Lauv really shows off his voice in every single way. Unfortunately, the music video barely relates to the song and doesn't keep the audience interested all the way through. I would've liked to have seen a love interest, at least. Regardless, Lauv is certainly a singer who deserves to stay popular, and I can't wait to see what the future brings him.
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Chart Mondays: Clean Bandit Featuring Julia Michaels - I Miss You

I Miss You (feat. Julia Michaels) - Clean Bandit |

I really need to start to watch popular music videos, because I haven't seen this yet. This is literally the first time I have seen this music video, which is quite a surprise considering how popular the song is. I'm not sure what to make of this at all, I'm not really a fan of either artist and so that usually puts a slight judgement on to my review, same goes for the song itself which I'm not so keen on. This backdated review is a Chart Mondays, where Ed Sheeran with "Perfect" remains on the top of the UK chart, hence why I'm reviewing this song since it's in the Top 10 on this backdated date. Watch Julia Michaels sing this song in various places whilst an editing technique allows it to run smoothly, with Clean Bandit appearing throughout, in this music video for "I Miss You".

Clean Bandit are a three-piece instrumental group consisting of Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson, and Luke Patterson. They are the biggest British instrumental band in the country and they collaborate with other artists so that there are vocals on the songs. They've had a number of hits and every single release pushes their stamp further into the music industry. They are seriously unstoppable completely. Their second studio album is planned to be released in the early months of this year, so surely that means very very soon. This is a collaboration with well-known songwriter-turned-popular-singer Julia Michaels. Her song "Issues" became a smash hit around the whole world; since then, she hasn't lived up to that track until this one came along. She's definitely one to watch considering her amazing back-catalogue of songwriting hits. This track was written by Julia Michaels, Jack Patterson, and Grace Chatto.

Directed by Jack Patterson & Grace Chatto, this music video is flat-out iconic, purely because of the amazing editing techniques used. It always surprises me that their visuals are self-directed because they manage to nail it every single time.

We watch Julia Michaels walk along train tracks before switching to a desert scene that continues her path with layer upon layer between the two. It looks like they had complete fun filming this. My problem is that they're all dressed in red, making Julia Michaels look like she's a part of Clean Bandit as if she's the lead singer or lead vocalist or frontwoman of the group - this is not what we usually expect from a featured singer.

Overall, there's not a lot to comment on, I'm not so keen on Grace Chatto's outfit, it looks like it's been teared up. Otherwise, both artists nail the performance, giving it all they've got and allowing the viewers to be captured from the very first few seconds, but it doesn't really relate to the song and it doesn't allow any depth, only layers. I do admit, Julia Michaels looks amazing when she's on top of the piano.
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Ja Rule Featuring Ashanti - Always On Time

Always On Time - Ja Rule & Ashanti |

This is what happens when a classic song gets revamped like RAYE & Mr Eazi has done with "Decline", as I end up reviewing the original music video too - and why not? Not going to lie, I love what RAYE has done with the song and the idea of declining the call; I now sing those lyrics when I hear this, rather than these actual lyrics. It's full of 00's R&B which was all the rage way back then; it seems to be coming back in, in a whole new spin and we sure aren't complaining. Watch Ja Rule and Ashanti prove that she's always there on time but not always there when he calls in this just-on-time music video for their hit single "Always On Time".

Ja Rule, real name Jeffrey Atkins, is an American rapper who hit it big in the early 00's with rapping on R&B tracks, such as this one. He was on top of his game, however he hasn't released a single in some time, and he's been pushing back his eighth studio album. It's great to see that he wants to make it perfect, especially since he has been away from music for so long; yet, everyone is wondering whether he can make a comeback - we'll have to wait and see. As for the featured star on this track, Ashanti, full name Ashanti Douglas, has been a prominent force in music for some time before jumping into the film industry and making her name known there. She's now focusing on music and is also planning on releasing a brand new album soon, her sixth studio LP. Again, it's another question as to whether she'll be able to make a comeback, her latest album just didn't hit the mark. This song was her first official single and one that was an international hit around the world. It was intended to feature Brandy instead of Ashanti. "Always On Time" was written by Marcus Vest, Jeffrey Atkins, and Irving Lorenzo.

Directed by Craig Fanning, the music video is a performance piece set within a narrative and shows off some incredible scenes that certainly would've put this music video on top during its release. I have to admit, I'm surprised I haven't seen this until today.

Both artists bring R&B glory to the performance piece, that's for sure. They easily take in the lyrics of the song and project it out to the audience whilst adding a bit of fun to it all, which only makes this music video even more engaging.

As for the narrative scenes, there is an awful lot going on. We watch Ja Rule being served breakfast by two women, who are on the clingy side. He calls some woman and she picks him up in a speedboat. Then we pan to what looks like a fireball in the sky, but it must be the sun, and we swap scenes.

This time Ja Rule is rapping in a Chevrolet Continental before he breaks down and a new woman comes to rescue him. Until finally he's performing at a concert and the women surround him wanting him, when all of a sudden a ladder appears and a hot air balloon is above him, with a woman inside ready to rescue him.

Overall, the music video is a great concept that really works. Ashanti is iconic to this song, it's just a shame she doesn't actually appear in the narration scenes, you would think she'd be the one rescuing Ja Rule, every single time. Otherwise, it's a great music video, one I can watch again and again, which works with the song.
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RAYE & Mr Eazi - Decline

Decline - RAYE & Mr Eazi |

I kept hearing this song, wishing I knew what it was so that I could review its music video for my blog. After weeks and weeks, I've finally remembered some of the lyrics so that I could google it, and here it is, finally. I'm surprised that it's a RAYE song; YAS! It's about time she gets the recognition she deserves, but my big question is whether she'll perform well in this music video, especially considering the ones I have seen of her. I am still rooting for her though, and I really cannot wait to click play. Now that I have, I certainly am disappointed. I was really hoping this would be better. Watch RAYE and Mr Eazi perform their song as she shows off various fashion styles and her true visual potential but not quite grasping it whilst Mr Eazi outshines her slightly in this music video for "Decline".

RAYE, real name Rachel Keen, is a singer-songwriter who has been focusing on music for a handful of years. With a killer voice like hers, it's no surprise that she's got some great hits behind her and has featured on some of the best tracks recently. She is definitely one to watch, especially since her vocals are off the chart; she just needs to do better in music videos, because I've seen her perform on TV and that's the sort of energy I want to see from her. The song is a collaboration with Mr Eazi, real name Oluwatosin Ajibade. He comes from Nigeria and has released two mixtapes thus far. He relocated to Kumasi, Ghana to continue his education. He is signed to Wizkid's record label Starboy Entertainment, and I'm sure it won't be long until we hear more from him. This song samples "Always On Time" by Ja Rule featuring Ashanti. "Decline" was written by Marcus Vest, Jeffrey Atkins, Irving Lorenzo, Rachel Keen, Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith, Janee Bennett, and Oluwatosin Oluwule Ajibade.

Directed by Sing J. Lee, this music video is a pure performance piece, something we were hoping not to get from RAYE or at least something that would show off who she is. There' nothing going for this music video, from the old square style to RAYE not giving any energy whatsoever.

At times she does give some potential to the clips; we see her dancing and grooving to the beat, but there's not enough and she never really lets loose. It's because of this that Mr Eazi outshines her during his parts as he brings movement that links to the lyrics he is singing; whereas RAYE has this attitude that comes across as slightly arrogant mixed with an air of not wanting to be there filming a music video. Maybe she isn't that passionate about the songs she's singing?

Overall, this music video deserved to be a lot better since the song is undeniably catchy and certainly takes us back to Ja Rule's "Always On Time" which features Ashanti. I just wish RAYE would bring it like we know that she can. I caught her on Top Of The Pops Christmas Special last year and she was buzzing with energy; that's the woman we want to see in her music videos.
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New Release: Platnum & Sweet Female Attitude - Looking For Love

Looking for Love - Platnum & Sweet Female Attitude |

We all know how obsessed I am with Platnum, and I had planned to catch up on my blog in time for this new music release, however I am so far behind right now that I'm just taking one day at a time and trying to focus every single day and attempt to catch up to today's date; and I will eventually, it's just going to take some time. I have been obsessed with this song ever since Platnum and Sweet Female Attitude debuted the track at Staffordshire University's LRV - which is the uni I used to go to; their gigs are always pure fire and beyond worth going if you ever get the chance. Watch Platnum & Sweet Female Attitude dance and perform their collaboration song whilst they light up in UV lighting intersected by a group of dancers and fire performers in this music video for "Looking For Love".

Platnum are a duo consisting of Aaron Evers and Michelle McKenna, they were originally a three-piece with Mina Poli and went on to achieve success at the start of their career by featuring on H2O's track "What's It Gonna Be" before having a solo hit for themselves titled "Love Shy (Thinking About You)". They have gone on to release awesome fired-up tracks that I am still obsessed with today. Now, as a two-piece, this is their first song since they've been a duo, keeping their Platnum edge and style whilst making it more current. For the song, they teamed-up with classic garage artist and friend, Sweet Female Attitude, which is now the stage name for Leanne Brown. She's best known for the 90's track "Flowers". She's also had an amazing career to date and continues to drop new music; she easily stays current and totally slays when it comes to her vocals, just listen to what she brings to this song! This was a collaboration made in heaven, something we've needed in our lives before we knew it. We can only hope they team up again in the future, as this track is pure fire.

The music video is basic, filled with unstoppable energy throughout. It's clear that both these acts love being in front of a camera doing their thing and singing their songs. The track is upbeat and undeniably catchy, and all three artists convey that in the performance visual.

There's a lot going on although the main section of the video is the performance piece which sees Platnum and Sweet Female Attitude embody the musical energy of the song and unleash it out to every single viewer. This is the same energy that they bring to the stage at every single event that they go to. I've seen Platnum twice and I hope I continue to see them again and again as the years come and go.

Other shots see three dancers nailing choreography that works perfectly with the song, as well as a fire performer. There are also some interesting UV shots that see the stars wearing UV paint and lighting up in the dark. It's a great basic music video that I could watch over and over again. I cannot wait to see what these artists release next. What a way to kick off their 2018.
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Stroke 69 - Beautiful Smile

Beautiful Smile - Stroke 69 |

What did I just watch? How is this song Stroke 69's biggest Romanian hit? It does not make sense, although after thinking about the song, it is kind of stuck in my head, so I guess it's not so bad; but I certainly won't be watching this music video a second time! I chose this for my Thursday Revisit, as I doubt I'll get another chance to review this. There's just no substance to the visual and although it may keep certain people entertain, it doesn't really relate that well to the song. Watch Stroke 69 perform their song to women who move sexily in this music video for their debut hit track "Beautiful Smile".

Stroke 69 is a Romanian duo consisting of Sly (Ilyes Zsolt) and DJ White (Nagy Szabolcs). They are still going today, releasing new music and proving that this is what they are meant to be doing. Their songs are easily catchy, with some of them being worthy of becoming international hits if the right promotion came along. It's interesting to see that they have charted in Romania and that they continue to thrive today, doing what they love to do. I am interested if they can expand their reach in the coming years as they continue to release more new music. This one was their debut single, and it's still their biggest hit to date. It was released on Roton Music.

We all have to admit, this music video is sexy and has a slight narration involved if you count the women who are being sexy and eventually end up smiling, as requested by Stroke 69. It's just missing an actual storyline.

Once again, Stroke 69 fails to impress in their performance visuals. None of them really bring it to the camera, and just like in "Black Rose" - which I previously reviewed this week, hence why this has become my Thursday Revisit - Sly and DJ White just makes us wish they'd bring some enthusiasm or emotion or energy to the visual. We just get nothing from them.

Overall, this music video focuses on the women in the clips rather than trying to give the viewers something meaningful to watch. I sure hope their most recent music videos are much better than this, although I probably won't explore them anytime soon.
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