Nick Jonas - Jealous

Jealous - Nick Jonas |

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this music video up until now. It's about time I get some more Nick Jonas music videos on my site. Well about time I got more male artists on my site. Anyhow, this song is beyond addicting and one you realise you're singing along to at the end. It's surprising to think that this did so well globally as it is much more of a grower of a song. The visual is beyond relatable to the track though. Watch Nick Jonas perform throughout various different scenes as it flickers from black and white to colour in this music video for "Jealous".

Nick Jonas is gearing up to release a brand new album, we presume considering he's dropped two singles recently. He continues to show that he's a brilliant male vocalist with the passionate ability to fill songs with emotion and unleash them to the world. This was his first big international hit, unless you want to count his hits with The Jonas Brothers or Nick Jonas And The Administration. This even managed to get to number two in the UK. It was written by Nick Jonas, Nolan Lambroza, and Simon Wilcox.

The music video is really classy and was directed by Peter Tunney and Ryan Pallotta. We watch TV screens which shows Nick Jonas in various scenes, doing various things such as playing the piano, performing the song, and playing football (soccer). Nick Jonas' girlfriend-at-the-time, Olivia Culpo, appears in the visual.

The opening scene sees a lot of black and white TV screens. The camera zooms into each screen showcasing what's being displayed. Sometimes the clips turn into bright colours, creating an interesting concept.

The visual easily relates to the song throughout. We watch each of the characters become jealous of the other. It works well, and it certainly keeps the audience entertained from start to finish. It has this really classy feel to it, that really helps to make Nick Jonas shine.
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New Release: The Hunna - Summer

Summer - The Hunna |

There have been so many amazing music releases today so much so, that I thought I'd be spoilt for choice for my New Release music video review. Unfortunately, all of my favourite new releases do not have a music video, as of yet. Instead, I came across this one. The Hunna appealed to me today because I remember they did a live signing with HMV a while ago. I didn't go, but I remember considering to spend my HMV points after checking them out; I decided to save them however, that little decision has made The Hunna stand out and I'm interested in what their new music and visuals are going to be like. Watch The Hunna's Ryan Potter spend time with his on-screen lover before getting into a fight in this lovely music video for their single "Summer".

The Hunna are a four-piece rock band from Hertfordshire, England, consisting of Ryan Potter, Dan Dorney, Jermaine Angin, and Jack Metcalfe. They released their first single "Bonfire" in 2015 and it all started from there. Their debut album 100 charted in the UK at number 13, which is a highly respectable chart position. They've been gaining popularity as they continue to promote, tour, and release new music. This song in itself is beyond catchy, and definitely one that will stay in your head all day. It's one of those songs I could see going viral in the next few weeks, racking it up the UK Singles Charts.

The music video was directed by Hamish Kay. It infuses summer in every way, just as the season totally finishes and we launch into autumn. The scenes are sweet and hot; they totally make me jealous since there is a clear connection between our two main characters, and I wish I had that with someone - one day I will.

The opening scene is also the ending scene, we watch the events unfold as we see how Ryan Potter goes from one extreme to the other. It works so well. The couple spend time together in various settings, making us all completely filled with envy. Yet, it's the ending that truly surprises us.

We see another guy chatting up Ryan Potter's girl. Naturally, he goes mad and punches the guy, which just ends up with Ryan being beaten up and left bleeding on the road. To be fair, he could've handled the situation much better; yet, I love how it shows that hitting a person doesn't resolve anything, and actually could lead to you being the one battered and alone.

Overall, it's a great music video concept that relates to the song perfectly. It doesn't have a performance piece, which is a shame since The Hunna is apparently a great band to see live. The fully-fledged narrative is engaging and interesting from start to finish. It does leave the question as to what happened next but apart from that, it's something I can watch again and again. This song and music video needs to go viral!
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Nadine Coyle - Insatiable

Insatiable - Nadine |

Thursday Revisit had so many options today, but I decided to go with Nadine Coyle because she's totally underrated, and although this music video isn't all that great, the song is beyond catchy. It disappoints me that this didn't blow up, as it totally deserved to. The song showcases her vocals off perfectly, although she does look a little lost without the other four members of Girls Aloud. Watch Nadine Coyle perform as a solo singer in this fierce and sexy music video for her debut single "Insatiable".

Nadine Coyle recently dropped "Go To Work", hence why I'm doing her debut solo music video as this week's Thursday Revisit. She's gearing up to release an EP, which apparently has four tracks; I'm so excited, but at the same time, I want more tracks, maybe another album! She made her name known as being one-fifth of girl group Girls Aloud who were formed on Popstars: The Rivals. She was also known for being on the Irish tv version, Popstars, where she had lied about her age to get into band Six. She went solo once, but now she's back and "Go To Work" is totally brilliant! This song charted on the UK chart at number 26 and also charted in Ireland at number 20. It was written by Nadine Coyle and Guy Chambers.

Directed by Wayne Isham, the music video is a pure performance piece which relies on Nadine showing off her solo energy. She works a microphone as she performs to the viewers.

It has been edited well and I love how the background changes and her clothes change too. However, she does look lost, as if the visual is supposed to include all the band members of Girls Aloud. Regardless, Nadine sells it well.

As the video wraps up, a band is introduced behind Nadine, which makes the visual much more appealing. Her stage energy is flawless, and I'd love to see her live one day. I just hope she continues to make waves in the music industry because Nadine Coyle deserves to be to be a musical force in the charts and in music as a whole.
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Heathers - Call Home

Call Home - Heathers |

This Irish sister duo has been on form lately, so much so that I got the chance to interview them for CelebMix; it was such a great interview, that I just had to review one of their music videos today. This is their most-recent visual release; they recently released the single "Midnight Train" but there aren't any plans for a music video, according to the interview. They've had great success to date, and I am certainly loving their recent songs, this one and "Midnight Train" are pure fire. Watch Heathers unleash emotional performance vibes in this scenic music video for their single "Call Home".

Heathers are an Irish duo consisting of Ellie and Louise Macnamara. They've been going for a number of years and have released two albums to date. They went viral with the song "Forget Me Knots" which allowed them to tour in various countries around the world. They certainly have incredible voices and each song they release is worthy of being a successful international hit, all it takes is one; with vocals like this, it's only a matter of time. This song is beyond catchy and you realise that it's stuck in your head after the first listen.

The music video was directed by Crooked Gentleman Films. It's a pure performance visual, with intercutting scenes of the sea waves and other beautiful scenery.

There's not a lot going on throughout, both Louise Macnamara and Ellie Macnamara have their own scenes throughout with very small clips of them in the same visuals. This leaves a lot of chemistry missing. Regardless, they mean every single thing they are singing, pushing their energy into the music video; and it comes off perfectly.

Who wouldn't want to see Heathers live after this music video? I definitely want to be in a crowd at one of their gigs if this is what their stage presence is like. It's a great music video that really showcases these two sisters off perfectly. It relates to the song and has this serene feel to it.
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Jack Walton - Kept Me Safe

Kept Me Safe - Jack Walton |

We have a brand new music video from Jack Walton. It is a promotion for his soon-to-be-released album and it is EPIC. The song itself is beyond beautiful and is available to download for FREE! I've paid money for much worse songs to support my favourite artists, and I so would've paid money for this extremely gorgeous song. His vocals are just stunning, and the visual accompanies the song perfectly. This definitely excites me for the release of his album, that's for sure. Watch Jack Walton and his on-screen girlfriend in a bedroom as he expresses how he feels about her in this music video for "Kept Me Safe".

Jack Walton is best known for being on the 11th series of The X Factor where he placed 11th. He's gearing up to release his debut album, with this song and video being released as promotion for it. This song serves as a sneak peak to the album and definitely shows the adult he has become compared to his time on The X Factor. He is with The House of Nanchang, who is the music production company that he recorded with, and I presume is the record label that he'll be releasing the album with.

The music video was filmed by Brother Film Co. and displays Jack Walton and his on-screen love interest amazingly; she is played by actress Sydney Craven. If you are wondering where you may know her from, she's been in Eastenders, where she played Alexandra D'Costa; as well as Wolfblood, where she played Hannah.

Shot in black and white throughout - oh how I dislike music videos not in colour unless it represents the past, or has a proper meaning - the opening showcases Jack Walton on a bed singing his song. It's clear he is flooding the song full of emotion, even before he starts to sing; this totally means a lot to him.

The song is metaphorically about his fans and how they've stuck by him completely. The visual spins it about his on-screen girlfriend, who has kept him safe with her love. Sydney Craven comes in, showing off some kick-boxing skills, or so we presume, during her profile scenes. She enters the bed scene where they're teasing and loving; making me jealous with their sweet cuddles - I so want that.

Overall, it's cute, adorable and definitely makes me a bit jealous. One day, I'll have someone who's love will have kept me safe. Right now, I can focus on others, and it's clear that this video shines completely. Not only that but Jack Walton's performance visual shows off how genuine he really is. This totally excites me for the album because this song is pure fire!
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Chart Mondays: Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes

Too Good at Goodbyes - Sam Smith |

Newly released today, this visual is the music video for the song that is currently at number one in the UK. I thought I'd have the whole top ten to choose from, but Sam Smith dropped this today, which means I have to review it for Chart Mondays. I'm just not keen on Sam Smith at all... He's a good singer; actually, he's an amazing singer, it's just his music isn't to my taste. This track is another grower of a song from Sam Smith, and once I hear it more I'll probably like it a bit, just like his other songs. I just feel like it's not good enough to be a number one single, but here it is. As for the music video, it's loving and sweet. Watch Sam Smith sing his new song as we watch straight and LGBTQ+ couples embracing, showing that love is love no matter who the couples are in this music video for "Too Good At Goodbyes".

Sam Smith is one of the biggest British male artists around at the moment, he's very current, and continues to bring out chart hit after chart hit. It's great that a gay male singer is doing so well globally. It's about time that this happened, and Sam Smith continues to bring it with his music, even if it isn't to my taste. He's gearing up to release his second studio album, to which this is the first single from. It has already charted well globally. It was written by James Napier, Fiona Davies, Tor Hermansen, Mikkel Eriksen, and Sam Smith.

Directed by Luke Monaghan, this music video is a pure performance piece with snapshots of various couples who are embracing. It's cute and sweet.

There's not a lot going on. The opening scene sees Sam Smith in a studio, presumably recording this song. Then we switch over to the proper part of the visual where he can be seen in a side street, singing the song in front of a guy playing the piano.

The rest of the music video includes clips of various couples - straight couples, LGBTQ+ couples, couples of various race, and so many more. It's great to see all these couples embracing, kissing, and enjoying each other's company, possibly on the verge of saying goodbye to relate to the song. It's also great to have a video like this to the number one single as it will spread the message of love is love around the world and on TV.

Overall, it's sweet, but there's no substance to this. Sam Smith impresses with his vocals; yet, visually he doesn't reflect the song in his energy. His acting is good though and you can tell he never wants to let go of the guy he is holding. However, the video doesn't go anywhere and it only just relates to the song. I was expecting something so much better than this.
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Nick Jonas Featuring Ty Dolla $ign - Bacon

Bacon (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) - Nick Jonas |

I am obsessed with this song. This literally makes everything better because bacon makes everything better. Like, seriously? Nick Jonas made a song about bacon and it is incredible, let's be honest. However, I'm not so keen on Ty Dolla $ign's addition to the song, he totally fades into the background. I previously wrote up a review of his whole album "Last Year Was Complicated" that includes this song for Outlet Magazine. Watch Nick Jonas in a greasy diner singing about "Bacon" as he shares the food item with other customers in the restaurant in this music video for his song featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

Nick Jonas is best known for being one-third of The Jonas Brothers. He was also the lead singer of Nick Jonas and the Administration. He is doing amazingly well as a solo artist, bringing out brilliant hits that we all love. This song should've been an international smash and was one of my favourites from his most recent album. I just can't believe there is a song about bacon and it is amazingly catchy and always makes the day bright. The song acted as the second single from the album and barely charted anywhere. Ty Dolla $ign features on the track, his real name is Tyrone Griffin Jr. He has yet to have a solo UK chart hit but made it big over here in a collaboration with Fifth Harmony. He continues to make waves over here, so I'm sure it won't be long until he has an international hit. It was written by Nick Jonas, Tyrone Griffin Jr., Priscilla Renea, and Nolan Lambroza.

Directed by Black Coffee, the music video is a pure performance piece set in a diner as part of a subtle narrative. Nick Jonas looks like he is in his element, loving every single minute of it. Chord Overstreet appears in the visual as well.

The opening sees Nick Jonas in an American diner, which is actually Ted's Frostop vintage diner in New Orleans. The entire visual takes place here. There's bacon being served aplenty as he navigates around the diner singing, dancing, and taking selfies with his mates; as well as eating bacon - obviously.

Ty Dolla $ign appears on a TV, he does his rap in a separate scene with girls and two cars bouncing on hydraulics. It's an easily forgettable scene and you soon forget it even happened as Nick Jonas jumps back in.

Overall, the video is totally memorable because you never expect to see a music video about bacon. Nick Jonas even jumps into the kitchen and fries some bacon and serves it out. This is how much he loves bacon; for me, it looks way too crispy; I like my bacon to be just cooked, but to be fair, I'd totally go to that diner! It's a great relatable concept, but Ty Dolla $ign lets it down if you even remember that scene.
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Nadine - Go To Work

Go To Work - Nadine |

After writing up an article about this for CelebMix; it's no surprise that I'm now writing it up for my blog since it is full-on fierce and sassy. You go, Nadine! The song is one of my new favourites, even though it does bug me a bit since I'm trying my best to get a full-time job but it's not working out for me. I'd love to go to work and do a 9-5, as Nadine suggests, but no one's employing me however, that's not going to stop me from applying. We received a lot of teasers for this video, so I'm glad it's finally here with all the sass that was promised. Watch Nadine Coyle, from Girls Aloud, act confident, sassy, and fierce as she struts her way into the office in this music video for "Go To Work".

Nadine Coyle is back in the music industry and it has made my life. This new song is full on sass and I love it in every way, the music video is even better! She is best known as one-fifth of Girls Aloud, which parted ways in 2013. They were formed on Popstars: The Rivals; yet, that's not the only reality show Nadine was a part of, she originally was a part of the Irish version of Popstars, where she made it into the group Six before it was found out that she was underage. She's tried for a solo career in 2010 and did moderately. Now, she's back and if this music video is anything to go by, she's determined to put her all in it. This song was written by Sarah Thompson, Florrie Arnold, Brian Higgins, Keir MacCulloch, Kyle Mackenzie, Ben Taylor, Toby Scott, Kris Ryeland, and Nadine Coyle.

Directed by Sophia Ray, this music video is a performance piece whilst alluding to a narrative. It's well put together, and she looks amazing in her red pantsuit with the off-the-shoulders jacket.

The opening scene sees her getting out of the car and arriving inside an office building. She answers a phone call before passing the phone to one of her two assistants. She struts down the corridor, someone passes her a coffee cup which she chucks over her shoulder and glances at the line of workers.

Various typical office scenes can be seen next. They aren't doing much work, more like posing. It's definitely giving me Jennifer Lopez "Ain't Your Mama" office vibes. There's also a hot window-cleaner in the background during one scene.

Then, as the second verse kicks in, the whole thing restarts, with Nadine back in her car. Yet, the office strut scene is a bit different, she has an old brick mobile phone, and the woman passes her a martini glass instead, which she also chucks over her shoulder. I'm not sure why this one is different for, although the following scenes do show off the party side of Nadine; although the brick mobile phone throws this idea out the window.

Overall, it's a great music video, really showing off Nadine as an artist. I'm totally excited to hear her other songs and I hope music videos for them will also follow. I also reckon that this song will climb up the charts as more people listen to it, it's definitely a grower and deserves to chart inside the UK Top 100. The music video is classy and fierce, although the concept is not something I get. Regardless, she gets points for having the guy topless in the background and having water poured over him. YAS!
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New Release: Bright Light Bright Light Featuring Ana Matronic - I Only Want To Please You

I Only Want to Please You - Bright Light Bright Light & Ana Matronic |

What the hell did I just watch? I mean, really? This is more like a music video from the past. This is totally a new release and not a Thursday revisit, I assure you. This is beyond bizarre and has an Eric Prydz "Call On Me" feel to it. This is certainly a video you only want to watch once, well it is in my case. It is typical of Bright Light Bright Light to bring a music video like this, so it's not a surprise but it's still out there. Watch Bright Light Bright Light perform with a dance troupe as Ana Matronic observes and strikes off each dancer one at a time in this music video for "I Only Want To Please You".

Bright Light Bright Light, real name Rod Thomas, is an independent singer/songwriter from Wales. He initially released singles and albums under his own name, before he adopted Bright Light Bright Light, where he has started to gain success. The name comes from the film Gremlins, where character Gizmo says those exact words (I love Gizmo so I love the name, of course). He has recently collaborated with Elton John, which certainly helped bring him more success under this name. Now, he's collaborated with Ana Matronic, real name Ana Lynch, who is best known for being the female co-lead vocalist for group Scissor Sisters. She hasn't really had much of a solo career, focusing more on presenting from radio shows to TV screens. This collaboration works so well, even if it's not something we expect. The song was written by Rod Thomas.

Directed by Rod Thomas & Matthew Canada, the music video is a pure performance visual that takes place in a dance studio. The dancers seen include Rod Thomas, Josh Weidenmiller, Charlene Kaye, Madison Eastman, Adam Santos-Coy, Frank Lombardi, and Katherine Roarty. The video is based on the 80's horror film "Murderock".

Looking more like a fitness music video, we watch these dancers attempt to please Ana Matronic. She looks like a scary adjudicator who is never pleased. There are many references to RuPaul's Drag Race, quotes that are Rod Thomas' favourites.

We laters see Ana Matronic deciding that they're not good enough and getting rid of each of them, one at a time. It's intricate and totally works with her character. At times she has a look of Alyssa Edwards about her.

The dancing is very basic, but it's typical Bright Light Bright Light choreography. Some of the dancers aren't in-sync although it's extremely subtle. It works as a music video and totally relatable to the song as they're trying to please Ana Matronic, who clearly isn't easily pleased. However, it's not something I plan on ever watching again.
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Demi Lovato - La La Land

La La Land - Demi Lovato |

How have I not reviewed this music video yet? This is totally my jam at times, so I'm glad I'm finally getting to cover it on my Thursday Revisit; since I reviewed "Sorry Not Sorry" for my Chart Mondays review. This was the song that made me a fan of Demi Lovato, and I have followed her career ever since. The song is beyond catchy and was her first solo single release in the UK, even though "Get Back" was released previously in the US. As for the music video, it relates to the song very well, with an annoyance or two here. Watch Demi Lovato perform her song as she walks through Hollywood passing many celebrities and deciding to not conform and just be herself in this music video for "La La Land".

Demi Lovato has really come a long way since this music video. She's totally grown up, which we all know what that's like because we've grown with her. This song definitely launched her as a female solo artist in the UK and I remember buying the CD Single back then. The music video is highly memorable, and like I said, I thought I had already reviewed the visual. The song charted at number 35 in the UK, she later charted higher with future singles, but she still hasn't managed to get a number one, not yet. The song was written by Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas.

Directed by Brendan Malloy, the music video is a pure performance piece set in front of a slight narrative. These sort of videos were popular way back then, but they never stood the test of time and are just known as a phase in a long history of music videos. The video was used to promote the Disney Channel's sitcom, Sonny With A Chance, hence why many of the stars from the show feature in the visual; these include Allisyn Ashley Arm, Doug Brochu, Sterling Knight, Michael Kostroff, Brandon Mychal Smith, and Tiffany Thornton.

The opening scene sees Demi Lovato on a talk show, titled Rumour Has It with Benny Beverly, where she's speaking to Doug Brochu. He asks her to "tell us what it is like to be a star". We then launch into Hollywood where the track kicks in.

We see many literal translations of the lyrics, although there is one problem that everyone has; they've changed "McDonald's" to "Ronald's" in the song due to sponsorship. It's annoying as people who know the song from her album and repeated plays will recognise the change straight away. It's a shame they never changed it across all platforms.

Overall the video is interesting and engaging. There are digs at the paparazzi. There are digs at people who try to change her. Yet, she stays strong throughout it all. This is really a star's life; yet, to make it in the world you need to be original and stick to yourself, even though many people think that's not the way to go. Has Demi Lovato changed from then to now? Of course she has, but I bet you've changed since 2009. It's part of growing up where perceptions and reality change over years.
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