New Release: Kryan, Fabyan, Yoandri & Micke Moreno - Eres Tu

Eres Tu - Kryan, Fabyan, Yoandri & Micke Moreno |

Once again, I wrote up an article about this for CelebMix, but of course, I was going to cover this on my own blog. I am a fan of Micke Moreno since he collaborated with Antonia on the track "El Amor", and he has incredible vocals that he has shown as being an artist on Global Records Latin; so, I can't wait to see what the future brings him. This has really cemented Global Records Latin and displays the calibre of artists on their label. This catchy song will certainly gain momentum for the label and the boys. Watch Kryan, Fabyan, Yoandri, and Micke Moreno come together in this music video that easily shows off the capabilities of each artist for their Latin single "Eres Tu".

Kryan is known for his time on La Voz Teens, where he was a semi-finalist. This is his first official release and is sure the great big step that he needed. I expect him to release more music under this label, along with the other three guys in this collaboration. Fabyan, full name Fabyan Sanchez, is known for his time on La Banda (the show that gave us CNCO). He came sixth in the show's second season, missing out on being in the five-piece group Mix5. He recently released his debut single under Global Records Latin, titled "Sin Ti". Then there's Yoandri, full name Yoandri Cabrera, he is also from La Banda, only from Season One, where he came sixth, missing out on being in five-piece boy band CNCO. After the show, he self-released three singles that have gained a lot of streams, this signing could certainly allow him to go global. And, lastly, we have Micke Moreno, who has already kick-started his career on Global Records with "El Amor", which features the incredible singer Antonia. His vocals are stunning on this single and I can't wait to see what the future brings him. This song was written by Melo Cardenas Brian Andres, Fabyan Dariel Sanchez Lopez, Yoandri Cabrera, Micke Alejandro Moreno, and Alexandru Cotoi.

Directed by Khaled Mokhtar, this music video tells a short story whilst allowing all four guys to shine in profile performance pieces. Engaging from start to finish with a few surprising and unplanned scenes, this visual definitely brings the Latin vibes.

Filmed in Bucharest, the boys declared that the area reminds them of home and that the scenes definitely bring the Latin American vibe, which is certainly the intention. The boys mentioned about there always being a grandmotherly figure in their home neighbourhoods and whilst on set they came across this old woman who was more than happy to be involved in the music video - talk about a great coincidence.

The boys are walking around when they spot some women on a balcony and they flirt for some time before setting off to a club to dance the night away. The boys each have a solo performance piece that truly allows each of them to shine whilst being surrounded by the women.

Overall, this definitely has a typical Latin music video vibe to it. It allows Global Records Latin to put their stamp into this music genre, and it truly works. Each of the guys will, no doubt, start their incredible music careers under this record label and I certainly look forward to following their every step.
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Little Mix - DNA

DNA - Little Mix |

Yes, we're all shocked I haven't reviewed this music video yet; but, I'm going to pretend I've been waiting for a Thursday Revisit - like this backdated date - to review this visual. It's one addictive track, but it's a grower of a song, which explains why it didn't live up to the chart success of "Wings". The song is quite dark and spooky, and they sure followed up the track with a similar one called "Lightning", which never got an official single release or a music video - however, we all presume that the "to be continued..." at the end would've been perfect follow-through to "Lightning", if that ever became something. I doubt they'll continue this music video on, as so much time has passed, but we can keep hoping that they do. Watch Little Mix perform their song on a tall tower, whilst each member have their own time in the spotlight as they get revenge on a guy in this music video for "DNA".

Little Mix are a four-piece girl group consisting of Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall. They were the first group to win The X Factor in the UK and are still the only group to have done so in its 14 series. They are one of the biggest girl groups in the world and definitely the biggest in the UK. They bring fire to everything they do, and they're gearing up to release their platinum edition of their latest album Glory Days which gained them their first UK number one on the Albums Chart. I can't wait for new music, but I'm hoping it's not too long for a new album. This song was written by Thomas Barnes, Peter Kelleher, Ben Kohn, Iain James, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, and Gavin Jones.

Directed by Sarah Chatfield, the music video is more of a profile and performance piece, with snippets of a potential story-line that's not quite fleshed out fully. There is a "To Be Continued..." found at the end of the music video, which was later confirmed that people who went to the DNA tour in 2013 would've seen the follow-up, or so we presume.

We start off watching Perrie Edwards driving a car with a guy who she has kidnapped, bound and gagged. Jesy Nelson's scene is pretty similar although she's in a different car. Then we've got Jade Thirlwall on the side of a building, next to a covered window where a guy's shadow can be seen - she fully stands out in this visual. Then, Leigh-Anne Pinnock has her scene at the end, where she makes out like she's devised all the plans.

It's a strong narrative, but one that should've been developed more. The girls are fierce in the performance piece, where they're dancing on top of a building. They're on fire, although a full choreographed sequence would've engaged the viewers a bit more. Then you've got them running along the street, which doesn't add all that much to the music video.

Overall, it's dark and twisty which shows Little Mix in a whole different light compared to "Wings". They sure know how to bring it, but they've definitely come a long way since this music video. It's all right but could have been so much better if the narrative was played out much more.
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Alex Aiono - Question

Question - Alex Aiono |

I recently found out I would be going to an Alex Aiono gig for CelebMix. Those of you who know I've backdated this, would know I have already been to this gig (set in the future taking into account the date of this music video) and my gig review can be viewed here. This is probably my favourite Alex Aiono song and I truly couldn't wait to review the music video on my blog because it is a highly emotional song that many can relate to. It went off when he performed it at the O2 Academy 2 Islington; and, he sure knows how to bring it. Watch Alex Aiono perform this track, as we watch clips of a past relationship that didn't go well in this incredible music video for his song "Question".

Alex Aiono was initially a YouTube star, but his music career has certainly picked up. He's one of the biggest rising male artists in the music industry and he has collaborated with some great stars to date. His music videos have millions of views and he's got a killer voice that will certainly take him a long way. This song acted as his official second single on a major record label, following "Work The Middle". I adore this track, and I hope he releases something similar in the future that brings him an international chart success. The song was written by Jamie Sanderson, John Mitchell, Oliver Peterhof, A. Izquierdo, Mike Molina, and Nelson Kyle.

Directed by Hamish Stephenson, this music video is pure fire from start to finish. It relates to the song and has both a performance piece and a narrative piece. Alex Aiono truly shines throughout.

The narrative is on point, it's clear they have taken the story of the song and transformed it into this amazing visual. I particularly like the ghostly apparitions while Alex Aiono is sitting on the couch - now that's a clever idea. There are more clips intersected throughout that shows how their loving relationship slowly fizzled out.

We never meet this new love of his that he sings about, but that's not what the song is about anyway, so watching him being in a new relationship is a whole other story. The dancing is fully lit. He brings it in perfect timing to the dancers in the background, showing that he can pull off an energetic gig - which he certainly did in London - and easily nail choreography.

He's highly passionate about this song, and has managed to connect with the meaning effortlessly. This entire music video is brilliant in every way. Alex Aiono is a future star, and if he keeps bringing songs and music videos like this, I'm sure we'll be seeing an international chart sensation from him very soon.
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Liam Ferrari - Run To You

Run to You - Liam Ferrari |

YouTube Recommendations have come through for me again today, as I attempt to catch up with this blog. After previously watching Monoir's "Save The Night" featuring Alexandra Stan, which is set in a similar location, it's great that I've come across Liam Ferrari's "Run To You". This place is absolutely gorgeous, and totally a place we all want to visit for a couple of days. I'm so glad to see this scenery again in a music video! Watch Liam Ferrari perform in a stunning Greek Island where he sings and dances through this new single "Run To You".

Liam Ferrari is first and foremost a self-taught dancer. His videos have had millions of views on YouTube and Instagram. He also gained fame as part of a group called Straight Up who competed on the fifth season of The X Factor (Australia); they were eliminated at the Judges' Houses stage. Recently, he has turned to solo music, and it sure has become extremely popular after his viral dance videos. This song is a total killer, that has a Justin Bieber-esque to it. I truly believe Liam Ferrari will become big as the years go by. He's clearly passionate about this and prepared to make it his career; with his sort of following, he is going to be massive, especially if he keeps bringing amazingly catchy songs like this one. The song was written by Rory Noble.

Directed by Sean Higgins (Shotography), this music video is a pure performance piece that showcases who Liam Ferrari is. It was shot in a gorgeous Greek Island that totally looks scenically beautiful. We bet his whole team enjoyed every minute of being there.

What we do know from this music video, is that no one would be disappointed at a Liam Ferrari concert. Not only does he look so hot, but he performs with electric energy that transcends to every viewer.

His dancing is on point and he nails it in every way. However, as with most solo dance freestyle, it feels awkward. Although he brings it, I'd love to see backing dancers to allow him to truly shine even more. It just feels like he's trying to show off in this visual, which is what we definitely shouldn't be thinking.

Overall, the scenic beauty is what attracted me to the music video; and, I won't lie that his shirtless visuals are nice to look at. However, I don't feel engaged or amazed at his performance throughout. It's energetic and there's a lot of dancing going on, but the dancing doesn't relate to the song apart from the upbeat feel of the track. I'm missing the emotions and the feelings of this song.
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Chart Mondays: CNCO & Little Mix - Reggaetón Lento (Remix)

Reggaetón Lento (Remix) - CNCO & Little Mix |

Now I've been waiting to review this music video, knowing full well that it would be one of my Chart Mondays reviews; and here we are, even though I am so far behind on my blog - but I'm catching up. A total of 16 days behind, again; it seems that I can't quite catch up, but that doesn't stop me; for those of you who know me, you know that I won't give up and I will catch up, eventually. To do so, I'll need to keep focused. At the time of this blog, Post Malone is still at number one on the UK Singles Chart, with "Rockstar" featuring 21 Savage, with no music video - I'm not so keen on the song, so I'm glad I don't have to feature it on my blog. This opened the Top 10 again, and since this is dropping down, I thought it was about time to feature it on my blog! Watch CNCO and Little Mix flirt across an open-plan club as they suggest they're into one another in this music video for "Reggaetón Lento (Remix)".

CNCO are a five-piece Latin band consisting of Christopher Vélez, Richard Camacho, Joel Pimentel, Erick Brian Colón, and Zabdiel De Jesùs. They were formed on the Latin TV show La Banda, winning a five-year contract with Sony Music Latin. It seems that many stars are coming from La Banda, recently; especially with Global Records snapping up some of the artists, including Micke Moreno. Latin music sure is big, so it's no surprise this song has done well with the help of Little Mix collaborating. CNCO are sure ones to watch as Latin music takes over the world. As for Little Mix, they're already highly established and are still the only group to win The X Factor in the UK. They consist of Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson, and Jade Thirlwall. They're one of the most successful girl groups in the world, and continue to release hit after hit after hit. The group is gearing up to release their Platinum Edition of their UK number one album Glory Days and I literally cannot wait! This song is a remix of CNCO's original track "Reggaetón Lento (Bailemos)" which hit the charts hard in Latin America. All before the remix allowed the track to soar high in the UK and Europe. The song was written by Luis Angel O'Neill, Eric Perez, Jadan Andino, Jorge Class, Jean Rodríguez, Richard Camacho, and Camille Purcell.

The music video was directed by Marc Klasfeld, and Little Mix confirmed that they never met CNCO; so this whole video has been edited cleverly. It also explains why they never go to the dance floor.

Both groups flirt with one another across the bar, it seems interesting that there's five CNCO members and only four Little Mix members, this is either not going to end well, or one of the guys are going to be left alone - sounds like my usual night out for me.

They are in separate booths on the balcony of a club. The dance floor below them is thriving with dancers - that's where I would probably be if I were at this club, it's difficult to get me off the dance floor.

Each of the girls, step up in front of the group to sing their parts of the song, allowing the camera to fully identify each of the members of Little Mix and to prove how hot each of them are. Differently, CNCO remain seated when singing their individual parts, which kind of makes the video focus on Little Mix a hell of a lot more than it does on CNCO.

They send secret messages and gifts to one another, but what is most surprising is that the CNCO guys get on to the dancefloor in the middle and dances with some of the dancers; all the while, leaving Little Mix in their booth. Surely after all that flirting CNCO and Little Mix would've got together on the dancefloor.

Overall, they have totally managed to pull this music off to some extent. It could've been so much better if this was actually done with each of the acts opposite one another; however, editing has made this intricately engaging, regardless. I would've liked to have seen Little Mix get on the dancefloor and dance with guys, teasing CNCO right back.
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Cris Cab - Liar Liar

Liar Liar - Cris Cab |

This song came to my attention as it frequented a lot of compilation albums that I own on my iTunes. It is a great song, and it's no surprise that Pharrell Williams is listed as a songwriter and singing harmonies in the song's chorus and appears in the music video - it certainly has his stamp all over it. It's Cris Cab's biggest single to date, but it never hit it off in the UK, although it went viral in so many other countries, launching up the charts. It certainly started off his career, and I expect he will continue to bring out catchy songs. Watch Cris Cab and Pharrell Williams in this black and white visual using mirrored imagery and reflections to warp the viewers' concepts and adding risk whilst hiding dangerous imagery, in this clever music video for "Liar Liar".

Cris Cab, real name Cristian Cabrerizo, is an American singer-songwriter who has been building up his career over the past few years with some amazing collaborations. This was his second solo single and definitely hit the charts hard around the world, his follow-up singles have done okay, but nothing compared the success of this song. I expect his working on new music that will be massive once released as he has that voice that truly brings something new to the music industry. This song was written by Dallas Austin, Pharrell Williams, and Cristian Cabrerizo.

Directed by Alex Topaller & Dan Shapiro, this music video warps all of our senses. It has a max mirroring conception that makes it difficult to follow and makes you question what is exactly happening. It's also in black and white, which you all know I don't approve of.

It is a performance piece and Cris Cab certainly attempts to bring it, but I feel like he isn't feeling this song all that much and so isn't performing it to his best ability - or we're just so distracted by the reflections and the symmetry.

There are various women shown throughout, and they remove clothes during some of the scenes, with the mirrored imagery being the only reason we don't see them naked. It feels all kaleidoscopic throughout and the constant movement of the camera and the editing just isn't working for me.

Overall, this video is probably a better concept on paper, but in actual fact, it fails to draw in the viewers. Guys will like the removal of clothes, however they might as well watch other videos for that sort of thing, rather than this one. Pharrell Williams makes a cameo throughout and it's just weird seeing him there but not taking an active role, especially since he isn't featured on the song itself.
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Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso Featuring Florida Georgia Line & Watt - Let Me Go (Personal Collection)

Let Me Go (feat. Florida Georgia Line & watt) [Personal Collection] - Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso |

Well, I hadn't planned on writing about this "Personal Collection" music video for this song, but I actually don't have time to be choosy as I am 14 days behind on my blog, and if I don't start to attempt to catch up, I never am going to. I have back-dated this review like I have been doing with my previous ones. This track is another addicting track and sees quite the collaboration come together. The music video could be better though but it's not all bad. Watch this Personal Collection music video that shows everyone having a great day for Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso's track "Let Me Go" featuring Florida Georgia Line & Watt.

Hailee Steinfeld came to our attention when she starred in Pitch Perfect 2. That film has literally kickstarted her career and she has gone on to do amazingly. I'm still loving "Most Girls", it's such a great song and music video. I expect an album is on its way, as she has already dropped an EP. This sees her collaborate with Swedish DJ, Alesso, real name Alessandro Lindblad, who is one of the top DJs in the world. He brings out amazing hits that we all love and is definitely expanding his career. There are two features on this track, Florida Georgia Line and Watt. The former is a two-piece country band consisting of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard. They went viral with their debut song "Cruise" which did amazingly in the country charts. They continue to send out country waves with their music and it is really working as they establish their name in the country music industry. The latter, Watt, real name Andrew Watt, is an American musician and songwriter. He has certainly written a lot of songs we all know and love. It's time for him to now become known as an artist himself, and I look forward to seeing where his career takes him. This song was written by Alexandra Tamposi, Andrew Wotman, Brian Lee, Alessandro Lindblad, and Jamie Lindell.

Directed by Erik Lauer, this Personal Collection music video definitely stands out over other music videos we've seen before. Yet, the concept and the theme isn't something new and it does fail to capture the audience because we've seen it all before.

The idea takes us back to Cloverfield and certainly transports us into the music video. It also manages to show a genuine side to Hailee Steinfeld throughout. However, there isn't an established connection to the song, and it just feels like they took random video clips of their day.

I'm not going to lie, this does make me a bit jealous. I wish I had the money, the time, and the weather to just hang out with my friends and have a fun time. Instead, I'm fighting for a career, applying for jobs, and rarely seeing my friends.

Overall, this music video isn't half bad, it's just not that good either. The amount of times we've watch stars have a good time together is lengthy, and this isn't anything new. The only difference is that the camera transports the viewers into the visual as if we're there watching everything unfold, however we have seen this a few times before.
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New Release: Laura Tesoro - Beast

Beast - Laura Tesoro |

After reviewing this for CelebMix, I knew this was going to be my New Release - mainly because the song is such a banger and deserves so much more recognition. The music video doesn't live up to the song but it relates amazingly, regardless. Laura Tesoro is one of my favourite singers to come from Eurovision, and she is completely nailing it with her follow-up songs. She deserves to have international success, just listen to her awesome vocals on this. Watch Laura Tesoro train and box before she goes on stage to perform her brand new song in this music video for "Beast".

Laura Tesoro first came to my attention when she was announced as the representative for Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. She sang "What's The Pressure", gaining 181 points, placing her 10th in the Grand Final. She charted with the song in various countries, and followed it up with the awesome track "Higher". Before Eurovision, she came second in The Voice van Vlaanderen season three. Now, this new track is out, and we're all feeling beastly whenever we all hear it. It was written by Mikke Vepsäläinen, Emelie Sederholm, and Elina Stridh.

This music video was directed by Aäron Beyers & Eloi Cyuzuzo Nsanzabandi. There are two scenes going on, one is Laura Tesoro training and boxing, and the other is her and her team preparing for a gig.

She shows her beast side in the training sessions. She is focused and prepared to give it her all, just like she does on stage. It really works together and showcases Laura Tesoro in a light we haven't seen before, allowing her fans to get to know her.

As for the stage side, this is clearly her passion. She enjoys performing and really manages to transcend her energy to the crowd. This is one female singer I hope I get to see live one day.

Overall, the music video really works and totally relates to the song. Laura Tesoro is certainly a rising female singer who we all need to watch out for as she continues to release addicting songs like this one. I sure hope an album is on its way - because we all so want a Laura Tesoro album!
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Antonia - Jameia

Jameia - Antonia |

Okay, I'm still catching up on my blogs and here is a Thursday Revisit. I am not going to lie, I have never been so keen on this song. I do have it on my iTunes, it's just not all that catchy. However, she absolutely nails it in this music video, which I haven't seen before today, and now I'm in love with the song. This is why I love music videos, it can really change people's conception of certain songs, both in a good way and a bad way. Watch Antonia bring it as she dances in the street looking smoking hot and sexy, all the while expressing the meaning of the song in this brilliant music video for "Jameia".

Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, is one of the top female Romanian artists around at the moment, and she has fully captured me recently as she releases fired-up tracks on Global Records. She's had plenty of hits in Romania and even went international early on in her career. Now, Global Records are certainly capitalising on all their artists, and I expect one of them will hit charts all over the world with one of their songs until then we'll treasure every single one of them, as well as the artists' previous musical releases. I am hoping that Antonia releases a new album soon - we definitely need one from her!

This music video is definitely a surprise. Antonia looks beautiful throughout and she clearly had one of the best times on this set as she moved about and danced, both with the dancers and without them. It has this 90's / 00's street theme going on that I truly am loving, and hope a range of music videos bring this theme back in the near-future.

This street scene is intersected by profile and performance shots of Antonia in a totally different place; yet, still looking fantastic. She seriously can pull off anything - if you don't believe me, check out G Girls' "Call The Police".

She brings the party to the street, and we can't help but enjoy it from start to finish. The dancing is on point throughout, the choreography is nailed in every way and it's pure fire. We miss this side of Antonia because we haven't seen her dance in a music video for some time. She can certainly bring it as much as the professionals.

I also love the fact that everyone on the street is watching her and putting up posters of her. And, let's not forget about the children who pick out a tattoo design for her - which she has done and still has today - although she covers it over with make-up during some of her shoots.

Overall, this music video is full of energy and really shows off Antonia is a positive light. It also made me like the song too, which I wasn't sure it would be able to. A slight narrative would certainly have made this visual that little more intricate.
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Felix Jaehn, Hight & Alex Aiono - Hot2Touch

Hot2Touch - Felix Jaehn, Hight & Alex Aiono

I am off to see Alex Aiono for CelebMix on Monday 13 November 2017, so I thought I'll take a look at his songs and music videos so I know what he's singing when he's on stage. Since I'm starting to become obsessed with Felix Jaehn's music, I thought I might as well review this music video, and this must be a brilliant song, with a great music video too - or so I can hope. After watching, I'm relieved to say I do like it, both the song and the music video. Watch Felix Jaehn, Hight, and Alex Aiono have a party with some friends as they capture the sound of the song in this music video for their single "Hot2Touch".

Felix Jaehn, real name Felix Jähn, went international with his debut single, that certainly launched this German DJ. Now he's gearing up to release his debut album, and I literally cannot wait because all his recent releases have certainly been on fire. Let's just hope that it does well around the world and pulls in some chart numbers because I have no doubt it'll deserve high numbers. This is one of the tracks that will be on the album, it is a collaboration with Hight and Alex Aiono. The former is a London DJ who has been making various waves over the past few years, this collaboration has certainly helped to push his success. As for the latter, he's definitely going viral often; Alex Aiono came from YouTube and has a massive following and he may not have had a massive chart success, just yet, but he's definitely one male solo singer we all need to keep our eyes on. This song was written by Tim Deal, Thomas Alexander Walker, Felix Jaehn, Mark Ralph, and Cass Lowe.

The music video was directed by Carly Cussen. It is a full-on party visual, although it is displayed more as a YouTuber party. It's a great idea and concept, but the editing is quite on the lacking side, to the extent that it makes it hard to follow - at times.

The party takes place in an abandoned warehouse. Alex Aiono brings the music and there are balloons floating in the air. Everyone is dancing to choreography - even Felix Jaehn gets in on the moving, now that's what we're talking about!

The choreography may be simple but the dance sequences are nailed in every way. There's also a lot of freelance going on, and it's clear everyone involved is having a brilliant time. There are also some great outdoor shots that look awesome too. I have to give a shout out to the beer pong and the rides in a shopping trolley, something I've done on many occasions and some things you need to try out soon - if you haven't already.

Overall, this music video is engaging from start to finish, allowing the viewers to see something new every single time they watch it. So go and watch it again, trust me. I also love the personal video shots too, it feels like we're in this video, viewing it, just like we feel when we watch YouTubers. However, there could've been more of a link to the song itself because it does sort of come across as another party video.
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