Alex Gaudino Featuring Kelly Rowland - What A Feeling

28 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This song was written by Gaudino and Rowland, along with many other song writers, which suggests that this song represents a feeling of each of them. This is Alex Gaudino's song, he's a DJ (Disk Jokey) and can't sing to save his life (as fans of Radio 1's chart show knows). So he always has someone to sing the song. This is 2nd single off his new album "Magnificent". Which will probably smash the charts since his songs have done well in the UK chart. Since his a DJ his usic has a club/dance feel, that sort of music is really climbing up the charts, and it's mainly Europe releasing the big dance anthems of the summer. Which makes a change on the UK chart.

I have to admit, this video is pretty good, although it could be considered an average sort of video. The song is incredibly catchy, which allows the music video to be the way you would expect it to be. And even though it doesn't stand out it captures the essence of the song.

The song is about finding love when you aren't looking for it and how it makes people feel. The video shows Rowland being flirty with guys, and the dancing on stage and expressing te song in dance. We get some shots of Alex Gaudino which is always good, as some music videos tend not to show the DJ in his/her element. It clearly shows Gaudino at what he does, and suggests that he would be amazing at a club, the way he roots Rowland.

This music video is definitely average, but it is incredibly catchy and goes well with the song :) I don't think there's anything I don't like about this music video, maybe sometimes it could make people uncomfortable but then again there are orse music videos bein shown.