Cher Lloyd - Want U Back (US Version)

May 01, 2012 Critic Jonni 3 Comments

So today the US version of Cher Lloyd's "Want U Back" music video got released today. And after watching it, I knew I was going to have to review it on my blog. I have previously reviewed the UK version of "Want U Back" which featured Astro from The X Factor US, so I don't know why he wasn't included on the US version especially since some Americans would have heard of him, unlike the UK. This is Cher Lloyd's first single in the US, and I'm interested in how well it will do. She came from the same series of the X Factor UK as One Direction, so will Cher Lloyd get the same amount of fame over there? Or will she be left on the sidelines?

This song was written by Shellback and Savan Kotecha, who are frequent song writers who appear on this blog. The UK version also contains lyrics written by Astro, however since they have taken him out for the US version for reasons unknown, his lyrics have also been taken out. Surprisingly this song only got to number 25 in the UK, but has done well in many other countries. I can see this being a big hit in the US also. Furthermore, for the US version there is supposedly going to be a remix version which features Snoop Dogg, which has yet to be released.

The music video is different from the UK version. This one is more narrative whereas the UK version is more performance. This can be considered as a completely different music video, and therefore that is how I'm going to treat it, so no more comparisons from now on.

I find this music video pretty funny at times, you can't help but laugh at that milkshake going over the blonde girl. But also wouldn't the guy have got wet too when the tray almost goes over him? His seat certainly gets wet.

A few extra things to note... The American diner in which most of the music video is performed in is also the place where Cee Lo Green's "Forget You" music video was filmed. Not only that but a lot of people have commented on what Cher Lloyd is wearing, and to be honest I am a little on the shocked side, since no one would have thought that she'd be wearing that in the future, especially after the first episode of The X Factor UK which is where she first started.

The only thing I don't get is why the police come in... Is it a criminal defence to push someone who spills milkshake over a girl? Or is it a criminal defence to climb on tables or write words from the tomato sauce bottle? It isn't in the UK and I'm sure it isn't in the US either... So why does she get arrested?

Overall, this is a great music video, and not as different from the UK version as one might have first thought. But which ones better? I'm sorry I'll have to say the UK version, as Cher Lloyd does far more worse things, and it's all done through photographs. But this is not a comparison review, and therefore I have nothing against this music video, and the helicopter bit at the end actually fits in, so therefore this rating is definitely well deserved.


  1. She gets arrested for harassment... that's a crime in the U.S.

    1. Nice one, since I'm from the UK, much like Cher Lloyd (who actually didn't live too far from me), I wouldn't be aware of this.

      But you are right, thank you for pointing that out to me :)

  2. I dont get the video so she got arrested cuz she harassed who how is what she did harrasing