Antonia - Rebound

October 03, 2020 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This new single from Antonia, along with the music video, titled "Rebound", was dropped last week, on Friday. It would've made a perfect New Release music video blog article but it didn't get released until after I had written about fellow Global Records track "Matado" by Gino Manzotti & MAXX; and so, I've had to wait a week to review this on my blog, but that didn't stop me writing about it for CelebMix. I fully love this song from Antonia to the extent where I would say that it's one of my favourite releases of the entire year. "Rebound" just speaks to me in so many ways, especially after my break-up a few months ago and now that I'm single. In the past, rebounding has been my go-to and I've not been able to do such a thing this time around because I haven't been clubbing due to the pandemic, so I've had to tackle my feelings head-on and learn to love myself for me. Antonia delivers this track perfectly showing off her vocals, her connection with the song, her honest portrayal of the lyrics, and the emotional side to the track. This track deserves worldwide success but will probably just be another awesome track that her fans will treasure.

The music video, directed by Bogdan Paun of NGM Creative with Alexandru Muresan acting as director of photography, captures the pure essence of the song. Antonia acts brilliantly moody feeling lost without the one she loves, the one she misses, and she's regretful that she had to have a rebound to make her realise this. Most of the scenes are set in a bar - the typical place where someone may find a rebound - where she's drinking shots and performing to the camera. Other scenes sees her inside and outside a warehouse, really capturing the emotion of the song on her face which we can easily feel as we watch the video clip. I'm sad that there's no love-interest to add to the narrative of the music video, but there is a sponsor of Kreskova Vodka. Overall, another brilliant music video from the NGM Creative team, with Antonia giving it her all!