Frixion - Under The Influence

19 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Frixion is a new boy band on the block, but will they succeed or will they fail? That is the question. This is their first singles and it's been released already, however it has not charted, leaving us thinking failure could be on the edges. However I think if they promoted themselves enough they would be the next big things. The band consists of 3 members who are David Stanton, Neil Painter and Johnny Wright. Each band member comes from a different place, Birmingham, Blackpool and London, and they are all apparently over 6 foot, according to their facebook page. The music channels are in favour of this music video as they play it quite a few times when I'm watching them, hence why I'm doing this review today. Is there a place for them here in the UK? I'm not too sure, we'll just have to sit back and check they may do well but they need to go more commercial and do a lot more promoting otherwise they will fail.

This song is very catchy, as much I hate to admit it, I do actually like this song, but I bet if I hear it a few more times, I'll get bored by it. I'm not usually into this sort of music, and it's going to be difficult for this band to break into the UK singles chart, will they be able to do it? I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see I guess.

The music video is kind of, hmmm..... I like it and then I don't, there's not much of a storyline and I don't really get the whole robot (mechanic) thing. So let me work through this.... David, Neil and Johnny are all robots, and they are missing body parts. These three girls are mechanics and they're here to fix them up. But in doing so it makes these three guys "under the influence" of these girls? I sort of get it, but it is very different and pretty complicated at times. I don't think everyone would understand it.

I have to say this... One of the girls looks a little like Erin Karpluk (I know her as Erica Strange in Being Erica, but she has been in a lot of different films and TV series). I know it's not but she definitely looks like a younger version of her at least. This music video also features a place where Britney Spears filmed "Criminal", so I presume this could be considered interesting.

The lyrics/word/pictures that is used during which the three guys are singing together is a little over the top, it makes it seem like they are trying to interest kids with their music video, especially with all the "Yeah"'s and the drums.

Overall I'm not at all sure what to make of this music video, I presume it's okay for their first music video, and probably is better than other artist's first music videos. I like the fact that there is three girls rather than just the one, because each of the guys could have their own girl, unlike One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful". However I kind of started talking about little minor bits, and so it makes me think that my attention was lost, therefore I think my rating is pretty fair.