Ed Sheeran - You Need Me, I Don't Need You

29 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Ed Sheeran is this big UK artist that has just came out of nowhere and hit us all by storm. This song is his second single after "The A Team", and got quite high in the charts. I have to admit, I think this is my favourite song by him, and I also like "Drunk", but I'm not a big fan.

"You Need Me, I Don't Need You", is such a great title, and personally, if all his songs were like this one, I'd have bought the album and the singles and fully supported him, however certain songs put me off, and I now decide to use YouTube for his songs. At the end of the day he does sing: "And I won't be a product of my genre". He wrote this song himself, and his voice is perfect for it, I really want him to do more rapping in the future, it's a very unique voice that he has and it surprises me, because in his other songs, you wouldn't expect this sort of voice. I also love the lyrics how can you not?

The music video is extremely different and totally stands out from the crowd. I can totally see why Dolly is obsessed with this music video she is passionate about the song and the music video: "He is a very talented musician, it's a song about how people see him and he sees himself. The lad doing sign language is extremely skilled". And I totally agree, you can tell he means every single word he is saying, and it's like he is showing the world that he's made it just like he hoped he would, when others were knocking him down.

This song is now stuck in my head... The sign-language actor is Matthew Morgan and I have to say I'm really impressed, whether he did it slowly and then they sped it up through editing, or whether he did it that quick there and then, it's just mind-blowing, and I could watch it again and again, and maybe learn a bit of sign language along the way.

I like the use of the dancers as well it prevents the video from getting boring, and gives us more to see. The black and white effect is a bit different, but it's used in a good way, and announcing not everything is black & white, which links in with the song amazingly as Ed Sheeran wanted a music career, and that's exactly what he has got. But it took him a long time and the personal battles that he went through shows how much he wanted it. For everyone, the sky's the limit, but people go further than the sky, and here's just one example.

The music video is different but in a fascinating way. The song is so inspirational and breath-taking, as he means everything he raps and it gives us this new voice from Ed Sheeran, that we want to hear more from, cannot wait for his future releases. As for this song, I'm disappointed it didn't get to number one but number four is still pretty good.