Alexandra Burke - Let It Go

14 May Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So I have watched quite a few different music videos today, and they are all mixed up and stuck in my head. So I looked at what could potentially be my New Releases in the coming weeks, and saw which ones clashed with which. And so I narrowed it down to two. It was Alexandra Burke's "Let It Go" Vs. Cheryl's "Call My Name". Contestant Vs. Judge. And Alexandra won. But only because I think Cheryl's song will be a big hit and I would rather review it near the release date.

Alexandra Burke won The X Factor UK back in 2008, Cheryl Cole was her mentor/judge. 2008 was a big year for The X Factor UK, and many of the finalists became artists. They are: Alexandra Burke (winner), JLS (second), Eoghan Quinn (third), Diana Vickers (fourth), Ruth Lorenzo (fifth), Rachel Hylton (sixth), Daniel Evans (seventh), Laura White (eighth) and Scott Bruton (tenth). There is a possibility there may be more in the future. The X Factor is obviously one of the best shows to get noticed, and the people coming away from that show is doing amazing things.

This song was written by Belle Humble, Mick Hansen (Cutfather) and Jason Gill. I'm pretty surprised there's no sign of Alexandra Burke's name in the songwriting credits. She helped wrote "Elephant". Anyway, Mick Hansen also known as Cutfather has been songwriting for quite some time and has had many hits, the others are not so well known. The song is definitely one that will be played in the clubs, and it's definitely very catchy.

This music video is good but then it's lacking something. Again it's a big performance piece and I love the start where you hear Alexandra's previous single "Elephant". And it looks like we might get a narrative storyline, but that isn't the case. I like performance pieces, but it's rare for me to give 5*'s to them as they still need to portray something across, and that thing is seriously missing here.

She is an amazing dancer, kind of reminds me of Britney Spears, a bit, as Britney tends to do big choreography. However this video looks cheap, the set is simple, and they aren't even in the real places. Apparently a security guy came up to her and told her she didn't have the rights to film in the London Underground. But wherever that article came from it was later proven false as they filmed in a set.

If you notice any of the dancers, you may find BB dancing, he was in "Dirty Sexy Things", and ended up choosing his dancing career over his modelling career. There may be others you might know from other places, if you spot someone please comment below.

Overall, this is definitely missing something, but what that something is I'm not sure, it was missing in "Elephant" and it's missing in this. Her music videos just aren't as good as previous ones, they are all too similar, and they don't really stand out. I want to go WOW at one of her music videos, but I just can't.