Basshunter - Angel In The Night

26 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's been ages since Basshunter has released a single, but finally after a record label change, he is back with "Northern Light", and guess what... It follows on the storyline! Which also means I have to catch up on reviewing the music videos in order, so that I can review it when it starts to hit the charts. His real name is Jonas Altburg and he has been a big hit in the UK, his first single in the UK got to number one along with his album both called "Now You're Gone", his second single "All I Ever Wanted" got to number 2, since then he has failed to crack the UK Top 10, let's hope he'll crack it with his new single. Especially since he is now on All Around The World Records who also front Cascada, Tulisa, September and more, will it be the right move, I sure hope so.

"Angel In The Night" was released on Hard2beat records, which later became Dance Nation Records. It was written by Jonas Altberg, which explains why you can feel the emotions he is singing. his song was almost his fourth single as "Please Don't Go" was released earlier in Sweden, therefore suggesting that it would be his next single, however they changed it and this was released instead. This is his 3rd highest charting position, at number 14, let's hope his next single does much better!

This music video follows what happened in the previous 2 singles. Let's do a RECAP! So "Now You're Gone" showed us Aylar Lie and Lucas Thorheim breaking up over text messaging, their friends invite them out and they end up going to the same night club; there they get back together. "All I Ever Wanted" told us about them going away to Spain and having a bit of fun, but it all goes wrong when they go clubbing and Lucas ends up talking to another girl, apparently it was a mate's cousin, but did she really buy that? (Follow the links to the respected songs to find the videos and also my reviews).

This one Aylar breaks up with Lucas saying in a text: "Lucas it's over. I know you have been cheating" while she is working as a waitress. There she meets Jonas Altberg (who happens to also feature as the DJ in the other two videos), he invites her to this street race in which he is competing in. She turns up but has affections from another guy (name unknown anyone know it comment below please!) He is racing against Jonas, but Jonas wins. At the end Jonas impresses Aylar by singing at a party, there they kiss and sparks off the thought they will get together, where Lucas is forgotten...

I like a lot of things about this music video, I like how much a great couple Aylar and Jonas make, and I really enjoyed the street race the first time I watched it, now I know what happens it's less interesting. I cannot help but laugh at the start when you can see that chemistry flit between them in that café.

Overall how can I not give this a full rating? It clearly deserves it and I like how it also interests other people, especially with the car racing, which kind of reminds me of Rihanna's "Shut Up And Drive". The song's great and should have charted higher, and I cannot wait for "Northern Light" to be released.