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25 July Critic Jonni 1 Comments

Skyla, real name Lucy Batty, has been going for a few years, first signed up with 3beat records and All Around The World Records (who are known for Inna, Alexandra Stan and various other artists), but now it looks like she has a new record company under the name of nine planet records. Could it be the right move, or the wrong move? We'll have to wait and see, she has a new single coming out called "Disco Drum", and it's been on YouTube for way too long, and the music channels haven't picked up either, however I did hear it in Turkey a couple of times, maybe more. But will it be released? Hopefully it'll get the credibility it deserves. This song is probably her most known song, 2nd being a cover version of High School Musical's "Breaking Free".

This song is also a cover version. It's originally a hip hop song sung by 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. It has been covered a couple of times, the covers include Milow who got successful number ones all over Europe, but never brought the version to the UK, and Belgium singer Katerine Avgoustakis who made the song well known in Poland. Skyla's version is well known in the dance genre, and it was set out to be a hit, but it didn't chart at all in the UK. The song was written by Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), Justin Timberlake, Timothy Mosely (Timbaland) and Nathaniel Hills (Danja). The latter being a record producer who has produced a whole range of songs, from Britney to JoJo. This song confused me when Skyla sang it, and it still confuses me, why is she thinking of sexual fantasies with a girl? Lyrics such as: "She Wants it, I got to give it to her" implies that she is lusting after a girl. However a few lyric changes will make it sound like she's singing to the guy who lusted after some other girl, which would have made this song more pleasant to hear... So why did she and her team not change the lyrics? Who knows...?

This music video is quite sexy, it reminds me of Inna's "Amazing" because of the beach and the surfing, but I like how it's very different as well. There are a lot of different references that match with the song, such as sexual references like the bed on the beach, along with the clubbing as the song does mention a club. And what about the social networking references, she's using technology which she is tired of when someone sits on top of her, according to the lyrics.

I like this music video, of course I do. But it's not just that... It links in well with the dance genre, it's not a copycat from Inna, who, might I add, has had a successful career being sexy, and this is why it also appeals to a lot of Europeans, and it's exactly where some of the 2 million hits on YouTube are coming from. I like how, at the end, she is the one who finishes watching the video, it makes it feel like she is watching it with us which makes it feel more personal.

Overall it's a very catchy song, and I really do like this version. The music video links in pretty surprisingly, I'm glad they didn't go too far and make the songs lyrics literal; I would've had a problem then. So I'm in two minds with the rating, it is quite a performance piece, with a little bit of a narrative to it, however I have nothing bad to say about it, except that when this was being shown on the music channels, they would block out something in the chorus, which I never understood, there's no swearwords or anything that offensive... Anyone know? If so please comment below.

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  1. Please tell me who that guy is in her video???!