David Guetta Featuring Sia - She Wolf (Fall To Pieces)

22 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

David Guetta, real name Pierre David Guetta, is a name that is on everyone's lips and will be until the end of time, he has made such an impact on the music industry, that it's difficult for him to disappear, and for him to get better, that's just as impossible. But if anyone can do it, it's him. This song is his second to most recent, the latest being "Just One Last Time" featuring Taped Rai. So where is he now? My guess is that he's touring in some place or another, or he is working on a new album, maybe he is doing both... This song features singer Sia, full name Sia Furler, who's been working on her career for quite some time, however she is finally scoring the success she is definitely entitled to. Will she continue to be the next big thing, or has she already soared past that, and will disappear once again? I am hoping it's the former and not the latter.

"She Wolf (Fall To Pieces)" was written by David Guetta, Chris Braide, Sia Furler and Giorgio Tuinfort. It's not one of those instantly catchy songs, and it fails to meet my standards, it's more of an album tack (in my eyes) than a single, however each to their own right? The song managed to get to number eight in the UK, which is pretty good considering.

The music video is narrative, reminding me of similarities with "Titanium", in which both artists previously collaborated on. It is yet again part of the supernatural, involving Werewolves, this time, hence the title 'She Wolf'.

Hands up I don't like this video, however I can appreciate what it is. They have made the storyline more life like and surprising. The thought that cavemen used to go out and hunt wolves is surprising, but it even happens nowadays and yet we pretend it isn't.

The thing that sets this out as something for me to dislike is the editing, and the use of the Werewolf's supernatural powers, everything goes pixelated, so much so that it becomes obsessively so, and turns me off. However this can totally been seen a different way and people actually like this sort of thing.

Overall a song that isn't that amazing, along with a video that coincides with the song in it's amazingness. It's just not my thing, on the other hand it's other people's thing, and taking that into account compared to the bad music videos I have reviewed in the past, they are far worse. And so this rating is based on an overall concept and not my personal feelings.