Cassadee Pope - Wasting All These Tears

19 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Cassadee Pope, lead singer of a band called Hey Monday, who I was obsessed with not long ago. When they went on hiatus I was surprised and a bit sad, but knew that it was for the best, what with them not doing as well as I had hoped, plus they didn't release much here in the UK. So then I heard Cassadee Pope had auditioned for The Voice US. I was excited and tried to follow her but since the show is not shown here in the UK, I found it difficult to remember, but when she won I was once again obsessed with her and her music, this song is so good that I couldn't help myself but buy it, now I can't stop playing it, on my laptop, on my phone, wherever and whenever I can, it's so good.

"Wasting All These Tears" was written by Caitlyn Smith and Rollie Gaalswyk. The song was unusually first released here in the UK, but with no promotion behind it, it failed to chart at all (which we expected), and later released world wide, charting well in the US. If only she were able to promote herself more, the world needs to see how brilliant she is.

The music video has everything I expected and more. The song is about hearts breaking as her boyfriend has cheated on her, and how she doesn't want to waste any more tears on him. The visual of this story is fantastic, and the narrative, which is short, works so very well.

I like the use of the photo book as well as the swing, it's part of reminiscing about past events that is now seen in a different light. She realises that he never really felt much for her compared to how much she felt for him. I love the shower of rain as she is on the swing, it's suggestive of the amount of tears she has shred. I just wish it would stop as the music video finishes.

The performance side is beautiful, as ever. It kind of reminds me a bit of "Candles". The way she performs is the exact same way she used to perform, only her voice has improved since then. She has emotion behind every single word, and she also had that in the Hey Monday videos too.

Overall a song I'm in love with, and I cannot wait for the album, it's going to be one of the best, I'm sure of it. The accompanying video is perfect, it is the only word I can possibly come up with to describe it, and we all know I'm into banjos in music. I can't wait to see what the next few years will give to this superstar in the making.
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