Lady Gaga - Applause

26 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I cannot believe I'm reviewing this. This song is one that doesn't necessarily get stuck in my head, but it is being played too often on radios here in the UK, so much so that you recognise the song whenever it is being played. Lady Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, is finally back. It has been quiet for the last year, but she hasn't disappeared, hell no, and this song proves it. She is iconic in her own way and she'll never be forgotten.

"Applause", which fans are reading it as 'Applesauce', was written by Lady Gaga, Paul Blair, Dino Zisis, Nick Monson and Martin Bresso. It charted here in the UK at number five. But it wouldn't surprise me if it climbs higher in the next few weeks, since it is definitely being over-played.

This music video is extremely artistic, and that is what Lady Gaga is all about. She's intricate and involved in every aspect of her career, she knows what she is doing, even though at times we don't think she does. She's become what she is because of how involved she is, and memorable is what she aims for.

This artistic video plays with colours, costumes, some things unbelievable and some things shocking. And even though you may think: 'What is she thinking?', she clearly is thinking, and this video has made me watch again and again purely because of it's unusuality as well as the half swan half Lady Gaga.

There is no narrative, but this leaves very little to the imagination. It is in both black & white and colour, and although the black & white is used to dramatic effect, which is artistically great, I can't help but dislike the use of it. Lady Gaga is such an incredible performer and this video (and previous videos) shows it, so why did she need to experiment with colour, it's like taking a step back, in my opinion.

On the other hand, ignoring the colour overall. Her dancing is on point, the complex choreography is too easy for her, she pulls it off like it's something she does everyday, the only other artist I can come up with who dances that great is Britney Spears, yet that is a collaboration we would all love right?

Overall a song that exudes perfection and the accompanying music video exudes artistry, but do we really want that in a video? It may well be entertaining during first and second plays, but after seeing it a couple of times, and not being able to throw that image of the gaga/swan hybrid that is embedded in your head for forever, enough is enough, and your more interested in watching a video you'll enjoy watching.