Loreen - My Heart Is Refusing Me

27 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Loreen, real name Lorine Talhaoui, won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, which brought the most recent contest to Sweden. She has since gone on to release an album and a few singles, along with a re-release of her album, but is she following in the footsteps of all the other winners before her, failing to keep charting in the rest of Europe, and will she just end up releasing in her own country? I surely hope not. I'm expecting a new album at the end of this year, or the start of 2014, with a smashing new song that will chart globally. She is a superstar and deserves credit for it, she deserves to be heard all over the world and not just in Sweden. She has the passion for it, so I hope her fans do too.

"My Heart Is Refusing Me" was written by Moh Denebi, Björn Djupström and Loreen. Loreen performed the song on Melodifestivalen 2011 in attempt to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, but she came fourth overall. The single then got released as her first single in Sweden. Next year comes and she once again competes to be in Eurovision 2012, and she wins with "Euphoria". Then she wins the entire contest, and this song becomes her second international single. Which gained moderate success in Europe. She has gone on to release "We Got The Power" which she performed on Eurovision 2013, which also got moderate success. These songs are amazingly catchy, and I hope she gets her credit and success in the next year, as she definitely deserves it.

The music video is both narrative and performance. It is highly emotional too, and makes you wonder what Loreen has been through. Clearly that girl is Loreen at a young age, and she has definitely been through the wars.

A hard life is something that is shown in this video, and it definitely is what the song is about. Her vocals out stand me, and it is clear that Loreen means every word of it.

The song and it's video is on the dark side, and dancing really is the uplifting moment of this video, it's where Loreen releases her anger and everything else that has been building up. The inclusion of the slow motion effect really makes her iconic moves look incredible. And although it is similar to "Euphoria" it is also not, at the same time.

The ending is inspirational, it shows that she is still in her dark place, even though she is globally known, and it's like she hasn't moved, and she has just got older. Basically her problems haven't gone away, they're still there but maybe not as prominent as they used to be.

The song gets stuck in my head easily, and it should've been Loreen's second international hit, yet it only did moderately well. It's accompanying music video relates to the song and is highly emotional, just like the song. I feel there is more background to the narrative, which I would've liked to have seen, yet leaving it out was also a good idea, making us want to know and making us want to understand.