Jedward - Bad Behaviour

30 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Jedward has become well known in Europe, and their fan base has grown massively thanks to Euro vision (a music competition where countries submit acts to help win them the competition). Jedward backed Ireland in Euro vision, and manages to get top points from the UK, Denmark and Sweden. They ended up 8th, and did better than the UK.

I've known about Jedward for over 2 years now, they appeared on a talent show called "The X Factor" and that is where they gain popularity along with hatred from the general public. However they overcame that and after storming Europe they have a new release called: Bad Behaviour, which will definitely put them on the map, and hopefully get a number one somewhere in Europe. Which I can see happening with this amazingly catchy song.

This song is the 2nd single that will be taken from their new 2nd album. (The first single being "Lipstick", which they sang at Euro vision). This song is really catchy and even though I'm not overly happy about Jedward, this song has got me singing along none stop, so I had to put my thoughts on here and tell you what I made of it!

The song and the music video doesn't really relate to one another. The song is about going out with this girl, and after a while she realises he (or they) have got bad behaviour, and there's nothing they can do about it, and they're having fun, so what's the problem? And they do say that they told her about their bad behaviour from the beginning. On the other hand the music video is about their parents leaving Jedward by themselves, and instead of being good, they decide to be bad and have a party. Both of which are not at all similar. But if they get a hit with it, well done.

The very start is extremely cheesy, but what do you expect from twins who have blonde quiffs? Then when they are sliding around, and are in the shower (together? Hmmmmmm..... Wonder what they've been up to...) shows that they are free to do what they want, with their "parents" away, they don't have any rules. I wouldn't really class it as "Bad Behaviour" but it'll do.

The tweet is quite good especially the use of "Jepic", but then when Perez Hilton appears, it's quite annoying. But it could suggest that Jedward is attempting to release this worldwide, as America knows distinctly who Perez Hilton is, whereas I only know bits and pieces about him, but they could have cut him out and just included him when they release the music video elsewhere. But it's something I'm going to have to live with right? Also he says "I'm coming over", but he actually doesn't, they could have edited that bit out!

This song has an energetic "jumpy" feel to it, and definitely could be played in clubs (maybe at the time everyone is drunk and don't care what they are dancing to). There is choreography that is given to Jedward, and it would be a really good idea if they released this choreography to kids and others who will then know how to dance to the song. Although there is a lot of jumping about, so old people better be careful, we all know you're a fan of Jedward :)

The Tiger is so funny when he/she dances, I always at least crack a smile when I see him/her. The mini wrestler is a little disturbing, it has nothing to do with the song, and it's not even funny, he isn't dancing or anything :( The whale or dolphin or whatever it is, is really cute, I want it!

The ending is really good and clever, and although it has been done a million times, it's still good and also interest teenagers into the music video.

Overall, I LOVE the song, it's very catchy and can easily get stuck in your head, with no problem, but the music video should reflect the song, rather than just focusing on the chorus.