Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us

July 01, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Taylor Swift has quickly become one of the world's leading Country artists. She is the one stepping up to the plate every single time, with hardly anyone fighting her for the role she has in the whole world. With the release of 3 albums, and several singles she has become a phenomenon, that no one can compete with. She is leading the way for country artists, with Lady Antebellum, and Sugarland, both hitting the charts in the US, they are attempting to get to the UK, but the UK are not taking it, and only allowing Taylor Swift to climb up the charts. Maybe it's about time the oldies come back, people such as Billy Ray Cyrus, and Shania Twain, all of who did really well in the UK chart, could their return's make country popular again? Maybe we'll never know. I heard her sing this song at her tour when I went with Edges, it was really good and we both enjoyed it!

This is Taylor Swift's new single and it's called "The Story of Us", it is her 3rd UK single from her 3rd album: "Speak Now". (The First single was "Mine", which got to No. 30 on the UK Chart, and 2nd was "Back to December", which unfortunately wasn't promoted enough, and failed to reach the top 200). So the Swift is back with a catchy sing-a-long song, that after a few plays are guaranteed to keep your heart pumping, while you sit there watching it full of different emotions. Okay, yes I agree, I am being a bit biased, and that may be because I saw her live when she did her world tour, and so I do know this song, kind of, by heart, but I liked it before hand as well, so maybe I'm not completely biased.

The song was written by Taylor Swift, and describes seeing her ex-boyfriend at an event and they both put up silent shields around themselves and pretending they didn't care about the other being at the event. Taylor said that it felt like "being alone in a crowded room", which is one of the lines in the lyrics of the song. But does the music video reflect why she wrote this song? Does the music video link in with the lyrics? Well that's what I'm going to find out.

I like how it relates to a book, the lyrics do, and in perfect timing the music video shows it. such as the extreme close-up of "killing me" which is a really clever idea. I like how Taylor Swift is the main character, she looks vulnerable, which really works since it shows that she's not the in-your-face kind of person, and she doesn't want to make the first move.

I like, also the way it is acted out as he ignores her, and when they both look at each other at different times, it must have been difficult to have filmed that. I love how the music video can relate to people's experiences and I bet a lot of people will agree, that they've been in similar situations with friends.

The one thing I don't like about this is the end, there's so many different barriers that break down between external characters, but the fact that all they do is shrug and turn away, proves that they are really similar, and don't want to break the silence barriers that separates them. If it was me, I would've said something, whatever happened in the past is never too big to forgive and forget, so why can't they do it too? Okay so maybe I haven't been in a proper relationship yet, and is unsure how things affect people, but I do think that I'd still feel the same way. What do you lot think?

Well overall this is a really good music video, and I can't help but sing a long to the song, even though I am unsure of all the words, but I'll eventually get the hang of it :O)
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