Amy Studt - All I Wanna Do

July 02, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

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This is the 4th Single to be taken from Amy Studt's 1st studio album: "False Smiles". She was a big hit back in 2003 with most people knowing her name, and yet she was only 17. She came back in 2008 with a new album (called "My Paper Made Men" which did not chart on the UK chart, failing to pick up enough interest, and the singles that spawned from the album did even worse) it was one of the worst comeback's I've ever seen, and I felt so bad for her. However she's apparently on her way back again, and for some reason has set up a facebook page under an alter ego, I presume, I hope she does well this time around, I've been a fan of her's since I was young, and she should get the credit she deserves!

This song "All I Wanna Do" is a cover version of the old song, originally sung by Sheryl Crow. It was a big hit for Sheryl Crow, however it wasn't too good for Amy Studt, who ended up releasing this song along with a re-release of her album (and although the song got to No. 21 on the UK chart), her record label decided to drop her. This is most definitely my favourite song, and although it is a cover version, she manages to make it seem as if she wrote it herself. And you truly believe that she feels this way when it comes to this song.

The songs lyrics describes working in a bar, and a man says "All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die" (first line in the lyrics), she sings on, talking about this man who probably "has never had a day of fun in his whole life". There's a big mention of the fact that they're in a bar facing "a giant car wash", and the fact that people out there are doing something, when they are being bored in this bar. In the second verse, it's pretty much the same, but I love the bit when she sing "a happy couple enters the bar, dangerously close to one another", I love this bit because Amy laughs, as if she's seeing this happen right before her eyes (whereas the Sheryl Crow's version is just plain and simple singing). The song keeps on going and you truly believe Amy has started having a day of fun, and turned things around. In my opinion Amy Studt's version beats Sheryl Crow's any day, but I know a lot of people will probably disagree.

The music video is pretty good in general. I think the people who created the music video failed to find a "bar that faces a giant car wash", although there is a petrol station opposite (or should that be gas station? Since it looks like it's set in America) but that is shown later in the video not when she talks a lot about it, which makes me wonder whether it is actually opposite... So just hen I think they might actually pull this off, there's a problem. The song includes a man called "William" but she's sure "he's Bill, or Billy, or Mac or Buddy". This man is not around, which kind of ruins the video. William or whoever his name is should be in this video, but then again, maybe they didn't want to copy the Sheryl Crow's version, who actually had a William.

I like how Amy has done her hair, it's in the style of Sheryl Crow, which could reflect that Sheryl Crow is a major influence in her first album, and I bet she is happy she was able to re-release the album with this song on. It is definitely my favourite song by her, although her new songs have a lot of emotion in, and hopefully her third album will totally grip me.

We see Amy playing a piano for a few seconds, it shows she is musical, and with her second album it just shows she can play. I think it shows that someone who can play an instrument is destined to be in music, and I know there is a lot of talent that doesn't get very far and that Amy has done pretty well for herself, but I think she deserves another shot, and I'm sure she can get far enough in the chart to prove to the other critics out there that she can do well.

Overall the song is amazingly catchy, and I don't think I'll ever dislike it (unlike the Sheryl Crow's original). And trying not to be too biased, I think the music video follows the lyrics to an extent, but only just, whereas they could've done a lot more, and it probably wouldn't have cost a thing, or maybe just a little extra, but it could've been worth, because at the end of the day, if the music video was that slight bit better this song could've been higher in the chart, but I guess we'll never know. But hurry up and come back Amy Studt, we all miss you!