Britney Spears - I Wanna Go

July 22, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

As you may be aware of (if you've read any of my other posts), I have known about Britney ever since she released her first single: "...Baby One More Time". And I have to admit, this music video is probably one of my favourite yet. She has had lots of critical responses and a lot of difficulty in her life, but it definitely looks like she's taking control of it, which is really great.

This marks Britney's third single from her fifth studio album: Femme Fatale. And is probably the best single to describe her whole album, although, the album is quite a mixture of everything, and together it is blissfully one of Britney's best albums. I think this song is probably my 2nd favourite song from the album, and I really hope that her next single will be "How I Roll", but if it isn't I don't mind much since I really like this song. As for charting, it is currently climbing up the top 200 in the UK chart, however it is officially released next week, so hopefully the single will make an impact (I'm hoping for No.1 since the last time she was there was with "Everytime" and that was in 2004). As for her albums, she has never ever had a No.1 album, which really surprised me when I found out, I just hope that in the near future she'll get a No.1 album.

This song was written by Max Martin, Shellback and Savan Kotcha (Max Martin and Shellback helped Avril Lavigne write her whole album, and they also helped with Britney's latest album so it shows how interesting their songs can be). This song again hits out at the paparazzi, although many have complained that she is attacking them again. But in my opinion, they're the ones attacking her, did anyone not see the video footage of them following her all over the news? If she is constantly followed how can she have a life? The paparazzi are to blame for many deaths from Princess Diana to Amy Winehouse (possibly, this is all what I think and I could be completely wrong). So if everyone decided never to read a newspaper or magazine ever again, if everyone decided to never tune into the news, either on the radio or on the TV, would people (famous or not so famous) still be alive today? I personally think so.

The music video is AMAZING! It is one of the best Britney videos for a long time, and I really like the funny side of things. I love how Britney is styled, people say she reminds them of Avril Lavigne, especially with her different coloured hair extentions, however she reminds me of when she was younger and just starting in the music industry, I really like her looking this way and you really wouldn't expect her to do the things she does in the music video, which is what they wanted the impact to be like. Also, I think she looks really well, compared to her music videos when she was a little off her head and not quite right, she looks well on track and it's really nice to see her this way.

I love the start, it is a similar take on the old film: Half Baked, and it's really funny when she says "you're cool", it makes me laugh every time. I also like the t-shirt she is wearing, which is a cropped t-shirt of Mickey Mouse, which relates to when she was in "The New Mickey Mouse Club" which I never watched. I cannot believe the journalists would ask those sort of questions either and to be honest what sort of questions are they actually asking? Who would ask anything so stupid? So she walks out wearing studded combat boots (that I didn't think Britney would ever actually wear, but I really like them), and signs her album and grabs the guys ass, I like how he is so happy that he jumps in the air, to be honest I think anyone would be happy.

I like how she blows a kiss to a baby who's whistling along to the track, and then the amazing bit when she flashes for the policeman, only the whole street sees, and I love the shocked faces, especially the ginger kid as if he's never seen anything like that in real life hahahahahahaha. The policeman, who looks like Britney's Ex-Husband Kevin Federline, then decides to search Britney up and down her legs while she's bent over a car, then we get a flash and we see Britney walking away spinning handcuffs on her finger, while the policeman is buttoning up his shirt (I wonder what they've been up to..... And surely not in the street! That kid would have a heart attack!)

She is then surrounded by paparazzi, which must relate to her everyday life, which is kind of surprising as there is quite a few of them snapping photos without her permission (and yes I know that if you are a celebrity you're bound to have the paparazzi following you and taking pictures, but still...). So she smashes one camera, which I think is good for her, and then she runs away and climbs up onto a yellow taxi. Which is a little dramatic but then again.... And she swings her mike around and hits the paparazzi, which is obviously done by using special effects on the computer, but it is done well, and I can't help but watch again and again. I really like the idea of the cinema behind, which is showing "Crossroads 2: Cross Harder" which is such a good idea, and represents Britney's first debut film, "Crossroads". I like how it is similar to "Die Hard 2: Die Harder" which has to be the best sequel name ever. But does this suggest what everyone is thinking? Will there be a sequel to Crossroads? I sure hope so, I loved that film and have probably watched it too many times by now, but will there be a sequel? If they do decide to, then it's not too late, it could mark the decade anniversary of her first film debut......

I like how there's a link with "Terminator 2: Judgement Day", with the paparazzi creeping back up showing that they are robots and are prepared to get every shot possible. This is a super nice twist and sort of explains the paparazzi to people, it shows they don't care about anyone and so will do their best in their interests and not anyone else's. Then guess who comes along.... It's Guillermo Díaz, who starred in "Half Baked". He drives alongside Britney and tells her to jump in, to help her escape the paparazzi, she is then dressed in a pink bikini top, and dances while standing up (if you look into the background you can tell that they are in front of a "blue/green screen". While Guillermo drives he decides to pour milk over his head. THIS I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! Why do such a thing? If someone could help me I'd be happy to know the answer. Anyway.... Britney is a little turned on that he does such a thing, and then sparks fly from his chest and she realises he is a robot too.

I like the ending particularly, you are taken back to the interview with the journalists screaming at her, and so she thinks she has been day-dreaming. Then Guillermo says "no more questions" and Britney tells him about her dream, and he pretends to be stupid, and then, in a link to Michael Jackson's "Thriller", as Britney is lead away, he turns around and his eyes glowers red, and he laughs hard....... It is a brilliant ending, to go with one of Britney's most iconic music videos.

Overall I cannot fault this music video, except for the milk bit which I do not understand at all. This music video will probably be remembered again and again, and I can definitely see the music channels using this loads more times in the future. I hope you all agree that my rating is fair, and this music video definitely does deserve it!
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