Selena Gomez & The Scene - Love You Like A Love Song

27 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Selena Gomez........ I'm not sure what I think of her, she's followed the same route as Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and so many more, but is this a habit that will soon die? Out of the above lot Miley Cyrus is the only on capable of hitting worldwide charts. Others are trying to follow in her footsteps and failing, the only person who comes close is both Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, but still, could their downpour be their future? We'll just have to sit it out and find out.

Selena Gomez & The Scene is a five-piece Electro-Pop band consisting of: Selena Gomez, Greg Garmen, Joey Clement, Ethan Roberts and Dane Forrest. I have to admit, I really don't like it when bands decide to use the female celebrity singer to push their career as a band. I can think of quite a few bands that have done something similar such as Florence and the Machine (it took a while but they managed to get their status), Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (who I still haven't made my mind up about) and Noah & the Whale (which sums up their music which I'm not a big fan of). So it's surprising to see that band with "and the" in really don't sit well with me. And there are quite a few bands that, even though is fronted by a celebrity female vocalist, have a band name such as Paramore (fronted by Hayley Williams), The Pretty Reckless (fronted by Taylor Momsen who is a well-known actress) and Sugarland (fronted by Jennifer Nettles). HOWEVER!!!!!! This song is infinitely catchy and has definitely brought this band to my attention. I am very interested in hearing more of them, and I don't really understand why only one of their singles ("Naturally") has managed to get into the UK top 40...... Maybe it's not the sort of music we Brits appreciate. Or maybe Selena Gomez & The Scene has some promoting to do.

Now the song lyrics paint the most perfect picture of being in a relationship, that is probably been going on for a while and they are all loved up. I love how the lyrics start off by saying that "Every Beautiful thought's been already sung", which is a highlight in the lyrics, as it shows that she can't express what this person means to her because every thought is already out there, and there's no thoughts that could possibly express what she's thinking and feeling. It's such a beautiful line in the lyrics and it really stands out. Further on, the song continues perfectly which is both gripping and hypnotising, and on first play leaves you unsure what you think. The music helps with that and works perfect with the lyrics to give and amazing song which is in between a ballad and a pop song, which is probably the reason why it's not hitting the UK market that well because we either like a weird song (such as Cher Lloyd's "Swagger Jagger") or we don't, and if we are unsure, it goes straight into the don't pile. But maybe Selena Gomez & the Scene can force their new music into the UK......

The song is VERY Japanese Karaoke themed, which can easily put someone off from watching and listening, and what's most surprising is that the song was never released in Japan. So my question is: what the hell is with the Japanese Karaoke themed music video? And also what was the point in adding the song in Japanese at the bottom like you would in a karaoke club/bar? Anyway, I like the link right at the start, because a man is singing "Naturally" (one of Selena Gomez & The Scene's first singles) really off-key.

Anyway.... Once you finally get over the fact that it has a Japanese karaoke theme to it. You may find it entertaining to an extent with the costumes and the different scenes, but they aren't that surprising, and it looks like a cheap music video, however you can tell it isn't by the use of the karaoke at the start which is then implemented throughout the music video. But maybe that's what you should expect at a Japanese Karaoke place.... Or not...... And why bother if you are not going to release in Japan?

This music video hit controversy even before it was released, after singer and PETA supporter: Pink (styled as P!nk) hit out at the music video calling it "stupid" for containing painted horses. Selena Gomez was first presented with the idea, but was unaware that there would be painted horses on set, she had merely assumed that they were going to be coloured in post-production. Selena Gomez's representative was quoted saying: "no animals were harmed and all proper precautions were taken" during the shoot and that "a nontoxic, vegetable-based powder paint was applied via an airbrush and removed with water. An official from the Humane Society was on set supervising." The horses were then cut from the music video, leaving fans unsure if there was more to the music video that what was released. Was there more? Could it have been a good link and tie-in with the lyrics and song? Maybe we'll never know.

Overall I really like the song, it's catchy and identifiably different, "And I keep hitting the re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat", I really do. The music video however, isn't up to scratch, maybe it was a lot better before the horses were cut, or maybe it was just another scene. But I'm not sure that the music video could have been better, I have no idea how I would have done the music video. So to be honest they did well with what they were given. Hence my rating.