Cher Lloyd - Swagger Jagger

July 07, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've been aware of who Cher Lloyd is when she first auditioned for The X Factor. She blew the audience and the judges away with her rendition of "Turn My Swag On", which also split the people at home, some liked her, some hated her. She ended up coming 4th in the show, and now she's back with a new track, which again has split the audience, but with the amount of controversy about the song, she might actually nail the charts, weirder things have happened.

This is her first single from her forth-coming album due to be released on the 7th November 2011 (1 week before Rebecca Ferguson releases her new album. Rebecca came 2nd in the competition). I also went to The X Factor Live Tour in February, and everyone there did really good, their vocals were perfect (except for Wagner), and for this opinion I am going to do my best not to be biased, just because I've seen her live doesn't mean everyone should like her. Although she was good live.

This is a song that hits back at the haters, and the paparazzi. Yes, this is ANOTHER song that talks about the paparazzi, how many times has Britney done that? And I guarantee there will be more in the future. Cher sings about people should stop saying things about her, and leave her alone, she is doing what she wants, and she is loving the songs she's singing, so why should it matter to anyone else? But to be honest, she's the one who's putting herself in the media's eye, especially since she seems to have a new look every month, first she was normal Cher Lloyd on The X Factor; then she went Rihanna-ish, with red curled hair; then a bit Cheryl Cole-ish as she is in the music video; and now she's shaved some of her hair off as people saw at T4 on the Beach, people have said it's a bit Jedward-ish. I wonder who she will follow next month.......

The music video, looks a bit cheap to be honest, maybe they used the budget on Cher's jacket...... Anyway, there is a lot of computer changes that were made to this which may also be a reason why this video has got more than double the amount of dislikes than likes on YouTube. And even though she was obviously given some choreography, it doesn't stand out and it looks like she's just standing there doing a few dance moves. However, it's not all bad, you get to see some other people dance, doing some moves such as a back flip, and standing on their heads. The video has a good feel to it, and will probably interest children especially with the amount of bright colours that appears.

So is it as bad as Rebecca Black's "Friday"? Well I don't think it is, I think people are just saying that as a joke, but we'll see won't we, if it doesn't make the charts then it's definitely worse. Anyway, I think this whistle bits in the song reminds me of another song DJ Alligator's "Blow My Whistle B****", and there are various other songs that are similar to "Swagger Jagger", it basically just sounds like a mash-up of lots of different songs.

Overall I prefer the song over the music video, which kind of explains my rating, I hope Cher Lloyd's next single will be better than this one, well depending on how well this does in the chart. To be honest I think I've been as fair as I can be, and I really don't think I've been biased, I hope you agree with my rating.
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