Cascada - San Francisco

06 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Cascada is a Dance music band from Germany. The band consists of 3 people, Natalie Horler, who is the front woman, and 2 DJs which are Manian, and Yanou, who prefer to be hidden, although they are the ones who create the beats behind along with the song itself, where as Natalie sings the song and also helps with writing the song.

This is their third single from their fourth album: "Original Me", which is probably one of the best albums they have ever released so far, and I tend to keep playing the album as it is really good. But there are far better songs that could have been chosen as the lead single, which may also reflect why they only got to no. 64 with this song. Their next song is supposed to be "Au Revoir", which will surely end up in the top 40, as this song sounds like a classic Cascada song.
When I first saw this video, I thought it was really catchy, and looked it up on YouTube. After a few days of constantly playing it I quickly learnt all the words, and although I still like to watch the music video on the music channels, I feel that I've gotten a little bored with the song, which kind of happens when you learn the words to a specific song. The song is about having the freedom to do what you want when you want, and in San Francisco, you can do just that, and you don't have to worry about anything. I like the idea of "where we crash at the beach and watch the sun rise", and "And we both giddy up to the roof top to watch the city lights". It definitely puts you in a good mood, no matter how ever many times you have heard this song, and I bet that it is a big hit in the clubs, but poor Cascada needs to pull something good out of the bag, their last 4 singles have not made the top 40 in the UK, one of which didn't even reach the chart. So I'm really hoping that "Au Revoir" gets promoted as it is definitely one of the best tracks on the album.

I think the music video reflects the song really well, and although there isn't anything that specifically relates to the song, it shows freedom, and they are in a club in San Francisco, and people are just enjoying themselves without a care in the world. There's people doing dance moves, some really funny, some disastrous, some look pretty cool, but then again, they could of got better dancers. But then again it relates to not having a care in the world, and doing your own thing.

The one thing I hate about the music video is when the music just stops an that woman comes out the bus. On the music channels, they cut the silence so we don't have to endure it, but it still is annoying when it comes up on YouTube, I really don't understand that bit, and it's not needed and doesn't relate to the song what-so-ever.

Overall the song is okay, but there are far more better songs on the album, that they should've used. Furthermore the music video could've been a tiny bit better, relating to the song more, but it's okay. So my rating is in the middle, as I'm not sure it's to everyone's taste, and whether it actually works with the song.
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