Abi Phillips Featuring Fugative - Summer Sunshine

September 01, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Abi Phillips is an upcoming female singer, and her voice is amazing, and if he manages to get enough fans and promote herself more, she is bound to easily compete against the UK female stars of today, such as Jessie J and Pixie Lott. She has a very unique voice which is different to anything that is out nowadays. She looks a lot like Ke$ha, answer to Ke$ha, however Abi's not getting very far and needs to do a lot more promoting as she has an amazing voice, but she is failing to get fans and even this collaboration has failed.

I was surprised to find out that this song has already been released on the UK iTunes. The music channels are in favour of the song and play it quite a few times a day, but she didn't promote the song and so it failed to make the UK chart, which is a little disappointing since the song is one of those songs that easily gets stuck in your head. Abi Phillips will be recognisable by the fans of Hollyoaks since she plays a girl called Liberty Savage. She's from my hometown of Birmingham, West Midlands, and wrote a song called "Missing You", she sent it to Hollyoaks who liked the song so much, they ed it in some episodes, this enabled Abi to gain a character in the popular soap. Now she is trying to make it as a singer/songwriter, but she is still filming Hollyoaks, so it'll be unsurprising if she'll end up having to drop one of the things she wants to do.

This song should have definitely made the UK charts, as it is really catchy, and I usually can't get it out of my head. I also thought that the collaboration with Fugative would have helped, but clearly it did not, and this is represented through the amount of YouTube views, which is just a little of 100,000 at this current moment, which is nothing, if compared to other artists. Fugative's real name is Harry Byart, no wonder he decided on a star name for his singing career. He is only 17 years old, and has managed to have 5 charted singles so far, however only 2 of them has ever made the top 40. He is a rapper (as you probably had guessed) and has toured with the likes of Basshunter. He is definitely someone who's bound to have a hit record sometime soon, and I definitely thought he wold have been able to help Abi earn some fans, but looks like that failed to. These are two artists that are stuck in the middle. You are not entirely sure if they are going to succeed in the future, or they are likely to fail and go back to being an everyday average person. But I hope the latter doesn't happen as they are both really good, they just need to do a lot more promoting, and hopefully we'll be able to cast them out as two of the great UK singers.

This song is definitely a feel-good summery song, as the title suggests. Abi's voice works perfectly with the song, and she wrote this song herself. Also she is currently writing her debut album and so she is definitely very busy at this very moment. This song, if it was a collaboration by two world-wide singers, then this would have definitely made the top of the charts, however the fact that it's a collaboration of two young upcoming artists proves why this song failed to get the attention it definitely needed. However I love the song, and it's so catchy, it gets stuck in my head every now and again, and it's very addicting.

The music video works perfectly with the song, and it is kind of expected since summer sunshine kind of music videos are all similar, and it needs to get people in the mood for enjoying the summer sunshine, so how else are they going to do that, other than showing a really hot place where some people can only wish of? I don't think this music video would stand out at all, it's pretty basic and simple, and it's pretty much similar to all the other summery songs that are released in summer time, so it's nothing we haven't seen before.

Overall it links well with the music behind the song, and fits nicely with some of the lyrics, as it's a feel-good summer song. I hope Abi Phillips will soon become more known and I can definitely see her crashing the charts sometime in the future, but will her fans from Hollyoaks help her? Or is she at a loose end, and will have to give up music for good? We'll just have to sit back and watch this unfold.