Within Temptation - Faster

September 02, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I first came across this amazing band back in 2007 when the rock music channels frequently played "What Have You Done" which featured Keith Caputo, and this song is their best-selling UK single so far, and it looks unlikely they will ever beat it. They have now been going for 14-15 years, and although I had heard of them every now and again, it wasn't until they collaborated with Keith Caputo, that I discovered them. I admit, I'm not a fan, I'm a fan of the UK chart, and so I buy singles from bands/artists that I like, and who manages to make the charts, so unfortunately Within Temptation fails to meet the latter criteria, and so, although I really like their music, I fail to buy it because it doesn't gain enough interest to make an impact on the charts. Back then I believe they were really similar to Evanescence, however now they've definitely changed the way they are and I have to admit they have definitely outgrown the Evanescence similarity, and if this band gets the popularity they deserve, maybe, just maybe, they might become bigger than any rock act that is still around today.

Within Temptation is a unique and very different rock band. The six-piece group consists of Sharon den Adel, Robert Westerholt, Jeroen van Veen, Ruud Adrianus Jolie, Martijn Spierenburg and Mike Coolen. This music video was filmed in January 2011, and at that time Sharon den Adel was pregnant with her third child, the father being Robert Westerholt, she gave birth to Logan in March 2011. And I have to be totally true about this, you cannot tell she is pregnant, and I only knew because someone on YouTube said so. And she still looks really pretty, so I have to congratulate her on the music video.

The song is amazingly catchy. I usually catch it on the radio now and again, and I always wonder who sang it because they manage to show the emotions in the song, and it's so powerful. And works really good with the music video.

There is a lot of talk about this music video, because it looks a lot like it's a song that is for a soundtrack, and the implemented bits of the clips really gives that theory. Then you discover that a short film was made to coincide with the song, and this short film is really interesting and engaging and I can't help but watch it again and again. As more singles are released more short films are released which makes it even more interesting, however I have sworn to myself that I won't go exploring until I decide to do another review of Within Tempatation's new songs, and hopefully you won't have to wait too long to read those reviews.

The video that can be seen on the right of this paragraph is the short film that coincides nicely with the song. Again Within Temptation has managed to shock everyone with a unique twist in the way they present things, and I feel a little bit sad for them as they have been unable to make the UK chart with their new singles, although I am unsure if they actually released the song on the UK iTunes. I very much prefer this video/music video over the one that I displayed at the top, because it has a better narrative and explains it really nicely and works perfectly with the song. Whereas the one at the top is cropped and cut-up into bits, which is a little sad as you don't get the full-on effect. However I'm pretty sure the music channels are unable to show a nine minute music video, and so I totally understand why they had to create the chopped-up version.

Overall I really like the whole new idea that Within Temptation has created and I really love the instrumental bit in the song. I am getting more and more obsessed with this band and I hope they find the worldwide popularity that they most definitely deserve. I think everyone has to agree with my rating, as I certainly cannot give this music video anything less.