Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time

September 03, 2011 Critic Jonni 2 Comments

This is totally CLASSIC Britney Spears, you cannot get older than this (well apart from when she was in the Mickey Mouse Club). This was Britney's first ever release, all the way back in 1998, it seem so long ago now, and so many cheesy pop songs was being released around that time, and only a handful of artists managed to be propelled into stardom and fame. And Britney was one of them. She managed to get a number one with this song in every single country she released it in. Furthermore, at year-end charts she smashed it around the world, with this single managing to get high in the charts, as for the UK end charts she got number one, and it turned 2x platinum, her best selling single to date. Lets hope that someday one of her new and future singles can do just that, or at least get a number one, it has been an extremely long time since she managed to do just that.

This song was written by Max Martin, again he pops up in the world of Britney. She has used his songs quite a few times over the years, and he is becoming a well-known songwriter and producer. Britney is so flawless in what she does but over the years her fans have dropped and although she has gained many more, she has been unable to grab the important UK number ones. Max Martin co-wrote Britney's most recent single "I Wanna Go" and the music video definitely revisited the Britney we see in this video, only she shows how grown-up she has become. This music video kick-started her career, so it's only right if I review this right now.

It was Britney's personal idea for the music video to be the way it was, and the original idea (which was all centred around a cartoon) was scrapped. I like the whole idea of the fact that all of the clothes Britney used were all from Kmart and none of the costumes were over $17 (around £10.47), which makes it true and definitely interests the younger generation, and will constantly be interesting them, as the music video is probably the most played video of all time on the music channels. And it has been viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube.

I like the back flips and the other "gymnastic" moves, which I'm not sure if Britney did them or not..... I have questioned this ever since I've watched it. My other theory is that she did a front-flip and they reversed it as the people in the background are a little weird. However no ones going to tell us, so that is all my thoughts.

I also like the bit in the gymnasium where everyone creates a circle and do some dancing, which really looks amazing with the aerial camera. But what I like the most is the ending, where it flips back to the start as if she's just imagined the whole thing. This has been used (once again) in Britney's most recent video which was "I Wanna Go" as the exact same thing happens, how she day-dreamed everything that goes on. ALSO there is a tribute to this music video in another video of Britney's which was "If U Seek Amy" where she walks out at the end, and she's a house wife, and her "daughter" is wearing a similar school outfit. NOTE: All three songs and more was written by Max Martin. I hope to see more links in the future.

Overall this music video is great and works well with the song and lyrics. I don't understand why people would dislike it, but I presume everyone doesn't like the same things as everyone else. So I hope you all agree with this rating, as I'm pretty sure it definitely deserves it!
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