Eric Saade Featuring J-Son - Hearts In The Air

October 21, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

After watching Eurovision 2011 in Dusseldorf, Germany. I voted for quite a few people to hopefully win, and Eric Saade was one of them, back then he sung "Popular" and I had a feeling I was going to like Sweden's entry. With the likes of Basshunter, September, Swedish House Mafia and most recently, Ola Svensson, I am looking forward to see how Eric Saade performs on the chart. He has been signed to All Around the World Records, who has a number of European artists such as Inna, Alexandra Stan and Sak Noel. With promoting and radio and music channel play I can so see this song being big, but I am wondering if he can manage to get on the UK charts... we'll just have to wait and see.

Eric Saade used to be in a boy band called What's Up!, they gain moderate success in Sweden including providing the vocals for the Disney channel's film Camp Rock for Sweden, changing the lyrics to Swedish and dubbing the voices of various cast members in the film. They've been going since 2007 and they are still going today. They have only released two singles before Eric Saade left to pursue a solo career. In the case of J-Son, real name Julimar Neponuceno, was originally born in Brazil, but moved to Sweden when he was 5 years old. He is a new rapper and if this song is a hit here in the UK, then he has a big chance at doing well here, since rap seems to be in lately, but with so many artists going down a similar route, it will be difficult for J-Son to make a name for himself.

The song was written by Eric Saade, Jason Gill, Robin Fredriksson and Julimar Santos (J-Son). I'm happy that Eric Saade is also a songwriter I always think it is great if an artist sings their own songs because that way they can show who they really are, and what's gone on in their life. However this song does come across a little cocky especially "do it like I do" and "because I'm the king of my own life". I do agree with what he is saying, you do make your own life, and although some people push you to follow a certain path, there comes a point when your own decisions should be yours and no one else's, you should make your own mind up on things rather than letting others choose for you, otherwise you'll have to face the consequences even though it wasn't your fault.

I really like this song, it's not your typical Swedish dance song, and I think that what draws my attention to it. I think it was difficult to come up with ideas for this music video as the lyrics don't give enough away to create a narrative, and in theory, I think this music video is pretty good considering the song, as it they both coincide nicely.

First up, I like the use of the plane, the plane could represent a heart therefore putting it up in the air. Also Eric Saade creates a heart using his hands at one point, he does this frequently, and it is something a lot of people have been doing recently. I think it's funny how in about a decades time we'll come across music videos such as this one where "hand hearts" are used and we'll all burst out laughing, remembering that that was the "in" thing to do back then.

All the other bits such as the driving the car and the party, could be considered irrelevant, even though they are prominent in the video they don't link in that well with the song. I like the fact that Eric Saade comes across quite arrogant, which links in perfectly with the song. Do I believe he is conceited in real life? Maybe a little bit, but he did thank everyone who voted for him to win Eurovision 2011, so I think he's in between.

Overall I feel like this song is going to turn out to be one of my favourites if I listen to it a few more times, the music video has some good cross-references. It doesn't stand out from the crowd, but it links well with the song. I hope Eric Saade becomes the next big Swedish artist, as I'm interested in where his career might take him.