Amy Studt - Nice Boys

November 26, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Amy Studt "Nice Boys" from Logan Hefflefinger on Vimeo.

I have been a fan of Amy Studt since she first came out, her first album "False Smiles" did really well and the singles released from the album did even better. I even remember her performing on Top Of The Pops all those years ago. Unfortunately she was dropped from her record label, which was definitely uncalled for since she got really high charting positions. After a very long wait, she finally returned with her second album "My Paper Made Men", however the album failed to chart and the spawned singles charted extremely low. The album was definitely a different sound, and it did take me a while to finally enjoy it, and realise that this showed off her amazing vocals. On the other hand, she had little promotion and I bet that was the reason why the album and singles have failed. "Nice Boys" was the third and last single to be taken from her second album. She has cited on social networking sites that she has a third upcoming album and apparently it's taken a new direction, and will probably be released in 2012. I just cannot wait for it to be released, let's hope this second attempt at a comeback gives her the popularity she definitely deserves.

"Nice Boys" was written by Amy Studt and Andrew Crutwell-Jones. I like the fact that Amy Studt likes to write her own songs, it makes them more personal and much more easier to connect with the song and the fans out there. There is definitely different perceptions of what this song means, and I don't think I can be persuaded differently, I personally think that Amy Studt has fallen for all these nice boys in the past, and she has finally come across someone who isn't just nice, he's more and he is special. This song suggests that she has found the person she wants to be with for the rest of her life especially since the opening lyrics are: "Never had a man who can, Always had to do it for myself". It's written in past tense so therefore she must have found "a man who can". However other people hear this song and think differently to me, they might think that she's going alone and that she's brushing away any "nice boys" that want to go out with her. Others say that it shows how much she has grown up, she was slightly vulnerable in her first album but now this second album has more of a grown-up style that proves how much she's been through and because of her life she doesn't believe that "nice boys" are nice at all. I like the fact that this song can mean different things to different people, and I'd like it to stay that way so that more and more opinions can be made (Post below if you have a theory on what the song means).

The music video is low budget, that much is obvious and I bet it took some money to afford the models/dancers. But I like how it links in with one of the theories I mentioned above but you aren't aware of that until towards the end. I wouldn't say it's one of the best Amy Studt videos I've seen, or one of the best low-budget music videos I've seen, but the style and calmness of the song and it's music video is definitely what makes this different.

I like the start, it's simple and it focuses a lot on Amy Studt. You can tell she really means what she is saying. I like how the guys are watching her, and when they come around her too, and I always laugh when she pushes the one person's head away. Also the music video tends to focus on that single guy more than others.

The dance sequence is clever. Not quite sure why Amy doesn't do much, but maybe that's the link to "Always had to do it for myself", whereas now she has 5 dancers moving for her and she doesn't have to do much at all. Also when the camera is in the right position it looks like she's doing all the dance moves.

I like the ending and the fight scene, I do wonder how many takes it took for Amy not to start laughing, hearing all those chairs smash, and I bet the guys enjoyed the fighting scene. I think it proves the "nice boys they don't last" lyric as they are obviously not that nice if one little thing could set them off.

Overall I like this song, it did take a while to grow on me, but it did that pretty easily. The accompanying music video has been shown on the music channels a few times and still is. And it has this "nice" charisma about it that links perfectly with the song. I know some of you may think I'm being biased by giving this video this rating, but it just gives me this feeling, that just makes me think this is a great music video.