Alex Saidac - We Shine

November 25, 2011 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Alex Saidac is a new and upcoming Swedish singer, who has already had a hit with this song in a number of countries. I did kind of wonder who it was when I watched it on the music channels today, but I can't stop listening to it, I can definitely see it being big! But which way will she turn? We've had a number of Swedish singers attempt to get on the UK chart but will she be amongst the Basshunter and September, who have had great charting numbers, or will this fail like Ola Svensson's "All Over The World" and Eric Saade's "Hearts In The Air". I reckon it will be a hit, but I've only seen it once on the music channels so we may have a little while to wait and find out.

Alex Saidac grew up as a typical 'tomboy', turning her back on girlie toys she turned to the 'Stockholm underground scene', she became a break dancer performing here and there. She has a love for graffiti art and she is a successful DJ. But when she was 13 she was sent to Argentina training to become, at the age of 17, one of the leading female Polo players in Spain and the men's team. Instead she returned to Sweden and entered 'Musikmakarna', and she reached her goal becoming on of the lucky few to gain an internship at Los Angeles. Now she is ready to take on the world by storm, and this track is the one to do it!

This song is really catchy, I do believe if you only listen to it once you may not enjoy it, so I totally recommend you to listen to it about 2 more times and by then you'll love it as much as I do. The lyrics pronounce that the song is about go out clubbing and enjoying it and letting the night be your own, and just enjoying life. The song's meaning kind of reminds me of Pixie Lott's "All About Tonight" and although the songs aren't similar, their messages are alike.

The music video is very clever. I like the fact that Alex Saidac is on a mission and is trying to rescue someone. The use of the searchlight links in perfect with some of the lyrics, and although people might think it doesn't link, I personally feel it works perfectly, since there is a few links and a few more links.

I really like the start with all the words that pop up, these are as follows... "Location: Stockholm, Sweden; Operation: Rescue; Searchlight: Off ---> On; Codename: We Shine; Password: Le Monde De Leo". The mission is taken place during the truck scene. I like this bit because it suggests war at times but instead of a gun, it's a spotlight, and Alex uses it to identify people, as she is trying to rescue someone.

The other scene is that she is in a club with spotlights and this really great glow in the dark, spotlight, rope thing that I so want! This makes the music video look really good and definitely makes it stand out from the many music videos being released today.

At the end of the music video, we find out that she found who she was looking for and the mission became complete, but I think through editing we lost the narrative since we are unsure of how she got there and figured it all out, but maybe we are supposed to fill that in...

Overall, the song is really catchy and her vocals are really good, this is definitely a hard song to sing, and Alex does it so effortlessly. I can see it being a hit here in the UK if the music channels help to promote it. The accompanying music video is a joy to watch as it clearly stand out and I so hope she gets far in her career and releases more here in the UK.