The Band Perry - If I Die Young

13 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The Band Perry is a new country music band from Mississippi in America (where a lot of country stars start up, but now they're making an impact over the ocean too). This band consists of Kimberly Perry, Neil Perry and Reid Perry. I find them quite exciting, and country is currently becoming more popular here in the UK. Thanks to the likes of Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum and Sugarland, we are now able to have our own Country chart, not only that but country stars such as Blake Shelton, The Civil Wars, and of course The Band Perry, can now have a crack over here. If you would have told these people last year that they'd be releasing in the UK with a bit of chart success they wouldn't have believed you.

There are two music videos to this song, the one released in the UK is the one I'm reviewing (see above) and is also titled as the "Pop Version". Whereas the one that has been released elsewhere can be found to the right. Personally there isn't much difference, but some important scenes have been cut. However the pop version is much easier to promote here in the UK as there are certain instruments used in replace of others, such as the guitar for the violin (yes I did take quite a few minutes trying to find the difference). Although I think they didn't need to change it, as it still would have interested the UK audience using the original version.

The song "If I Die Young" was written by Kimberly Perry. She really connects with this song, and you can tell she means everything she's singing. Some of the song lyrics are quite surprising, although you have to kind of expect that from a title like this one. This band is quite new and so I was quite surprised to find out Edges hadn't caught onto the band as strongly as other country stars. However I've only heard this one song so I should really listen to others before passing judgement on them as a whole.

I really liked this music video when I first saw it on the music channels. It felt as if the band knew what they wanted to portray and they did it exactly the right way. However, I've now watched the original one and again the cuts have annoyed me. Original has her waking up, half-drowning, and although that can be quite disturbing, it's understandable and fits in with the song. So why they took it out for the "Pop Version", I have no idea.

There's some great bits, like the chasing through the plants, a suggestion of young love that the lyrics mention how she never got to really experience it (if she were to die young). And telling her family not to shed a tear as there may be a time when they're going to really need it. However I would have liked to have seen the river filled with roses as the lyrics suggests to "lay me down on a bed of roses".

Overall I love this song and I hope to hear more from this band, along with their amazing music videos. I also have this feeling that they'll hit it big here in the UK, just like Taylor Swift has, and who Kimberly Perry looks quite similar to, although that might be done to draw our attention in. But because I'm rating the top music video (as that's the one shown in the UK), I have to give this star rating, however if there was a bed of roses and/or the full version was shown in the UK, they would have got 5*'s from me.