Lady Antebellum - Need You Now

16 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Lady Antebellum is another country band that has started releasing in the UK, and they've been doing extremely well so far, and their helping to bring Country back into the UK, and it's working just fine. The band consists of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood. They joined forces and their name Lady Antebellum comes from when the band was taking photos of Antebellum Houses which are the large plantation homes in the American South. Antebellum commonly refers to the pre-Civil War America. Edges is quite a big fan of theirs and knew about this band way before me, it's definitely the sort of songs he enjoys.

According to an interview with Sirius Satellite Radio, Hillary Scott claimed that she had been rejected from American Idol twice. Simon Cowell has sure missed someone great, this band is exciting and new and their voices fit beautifully, they will be around for quite some time, mark my words.

"Need You Now" was written by Dave Haywood, Josh Kear, Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott. So basically the band wrote the song along with Josh Kear, who is well-known for writing quite a few country songs. You can almost tell this band wrote the song as they connect magically with the song, and you just feel every word go through you. The song is about needing your loved one and not wanting to be without him/her.

The music video is deep and thoughtful and just flows perfectly with the song. I love the use of the love interests and the fact that Dave Haywood hasn't had an argument or anything with his, and they're still going strong (there's always a friend who's still in a relationship). And this is sort of what makes Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley to go after their love interests.

I like the start, it makes you think that Charles and Hillary are the ones that are together, or was together and they're singing about one another. Then when they both rush to the masked ball, you think they're finally going to get back together, but then they find the ones they've been after... Well it's just a little disappointing, you build up all this hope and then you realise it's for no reason at all as they weren't together in the first place, however this is what makes it so great.

I love the piano with Dave Haywood, and the fact that they add those few key notes at the end, it's like it's settling everything back to the way it was.

So I have no choice but to give this music video this rating, it's very well deserved. The song managed to get to number 21 on the UK charts, which is a great chart position for a country band. And I'm sure they'll get higher than that in the future at some point.
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