New Release: The All-American Rejects - Beekeeper's Daughter

March 26, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Been looking forward to doing this for a few weeks now, been eager to review it sooner, but thought I'd wait for new release.

The All-American Rejects are one of my favourite rock bands along with Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, Evanescence and Lostprophets (amongst others maybe). They just become addicting after just a few minutes and I'm totally in love with this song as I was with all their other songs. The band consists of Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler, Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor. They have had many hit singles such as "Gives You Hell"and "Dirty Little Secret". But this has the potential to do even better, but interest hasn't sparked up enough, and here in the UK it's rarely been promoted.

This song was written by Nick Wheeler and Tyson Ritter, In a press release Tyson said about the song:
"'Beekeeper's Daughter' is a story about a guy who thinks he can get away with anything and always have a girl there waiting for him, he never backs down from that opinion. At the end of it, he's even stronger and more snide and thinks he's invincible no matter what. He's an asshole, but at that point in my life, I was kind of an asshole. As we were making Kids in the Street, I went from that to being a completely humbled guy who's looking at his reflection saying, ‘Wow, what have I done?' It may make me not seem very likeable, but it was important that I be truthful and really open up on this album about what I've been through."
I like the relaxed lyrics of the song and the way it's sung makes him seem like he doesn't care anymore, which is basically the guy he's singing about. It's quite clever. For those of you wondering what the connection a bee has to a flower.... Well (a little science for you), a bee travels from flower to flower collecting nectar, the flower sticks pollen onto their hairy bodies, then on the next flower the bee rubs a bit of pollen off, helping to create seeds so the flowers can reproduce. So it does relate...

I think this music video is really good, I like watching it multiple times as it's really engaging, and quite funny a lot of the time. I just want to walk down the street and then everyone I pass starts to dance, except that would never happen unless in a dream.

I like the devils, it shows what Tyson thought of his girlfriend when she shut him out, except really wasn't he the devil? I also want the massive bee in the parade. There's a lot of things that don't quite make sense, but apparently they just tried to include rejected ideas from previous music videos, and so somehow they've ended up with this which is pretty surprising. But don't quite understand why Wayne Newton makes an appearance...

I also agree with a lot of people on the fact that it seems like it's the Tyson Ritter band, as the other guys in the band hardly get a look in. However this song is about Tyson's life, also he is the vocalist, if this was compared to other bands' music videos, the vocalist is usually the only person to appear in the music video, so they're quite lucky to be honest.

Overall, I love this song, it's really catchy and worthy of getting a high chart number, however it seems unlikely to happen as it hasn't been promoted much. As for the accompanying music video, it's brash, out-standing and surprising all at the same time, and although some bits may not fit, such as the old men with the black contacts, there's bound to be a connection somewhere, and so some may think I'm being generous, but I do love this music video, and this star rating is well-deserved.