VS - Love You Like Mad

March 25, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

VS is my revisit this week, I chose this band for my revisit as I doubt I'd get another chance of doing another VS music video, and because I like seeing how much Marvin Humes has changed. VS was an R&B group that started in 2004, they consisted of Jaime Summerz, Chinyere McKenzie, Blimi, Ryan Taylor and Marvin Humes (who is now of JLS fame). I have previously reviewed "Call U Sexy" this week.

This was their first ever single, and I still remember the lyrics off by heart, surprising how long your memory can last. I was obsessed with this band back in 2004, and while they are good, it's unlikely they will get back together, due to Marvin being in a well-known band. But there's always hope, right?

The music video isn't that great to be honest. I was kind of expecting another big choreography number, but since it's more of a Ballad than an R&B song, and so if they subtly added in something about love then I'd be happy but they haven't.

This is possibly a typical mixed group's first music video, there isn't a lot in the storyline and more or less shows off the band, rather than anything else. I don't know whether they are trying to show that they love each other in a band kind of way or what? But it's not as interesting as their other music videos.

Various band members do various things, but they aren't connecting that well, and it surprises me that they were able to have their biggest hit with this song. Especially since this is the music video, that would've been shown on a lot of the music channels during that time.

Overall, I do like this band, and the song is quite catchy. However it's accompanying music video could have been a lot better, but obviously low-budget played a big part in the video, and it was incapable of being a great music video. This rating is deserved, but wouldn't be surprised if others think it is too high.