Cover Drive - Sparks

April 23, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

After the success of "Twilight", not only by reaching number one on the UK chart, but also gaining a lot of views on my blog. I have decided to review this music video. I was planning on doing it as New Release, as it's released next week. However Tulisa's "Young" is released as well, so I had to choose between the two. This band is from Barbados (same place as Rihanna), and has already released 2 singles, the other being "Lick Ya Down". The band consists of Karen 'Amanda' Reifer, Thomas-Ray 'T-Ray" Armstrong, Barry 'Bar-man' Hill and Jamar Harding. This band will get better and better, they already have 2 top ten hits out of two. Will this get them a third? It will be released on 29th April.

This music video is lacking somewhat, it's quite similar to "Twilight", which is quite disappointing. This could easily be a music video for "Twilight" and I just hope that their next single, they'll pull something better out.

So what shall I comment on? The fact that Amanda looks pretty in the video? The fact that I like how they've included T-Ray's voice as well? I just don't know where to even start.

Do they attempt to make a narrative piece? It kind of looks like it, from where Amanda is left on her own after a performance piece and everyone else is talking, so she walks off... It feels like it's separate as if they may have been planning on making a storyline, but it didn't work out... Besides, I would've included myself within the conversation, and just barged in.

Overall I'm pretty disappointed, this could be "Twilight" all over again, and I hope they manage to create different videos in the future. No matter what their videos are like, they will always do well on the chart, and I'm interested in what new singles they will be releasing.
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