Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe

April 07, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So my randomiser chose Dolly for today's special, and I was really interested in what Dolly would choose, but then she put this one. I have not seen the video before, and then I got a reason from Dolly who said it was one of the worst songs and music videos she's ever seen. Now that really scared me. I have not had a friend request a music video they hate, yet. So this marks the first one and I'm worried...

Nicki Minaj, real name Onika Miraj, is a world-wide star at the moment, but I have to say that if she releases any more songs like this one she will disappear forever and ever. She has never had a number one here in the UK, and I wonder if she ever will...

Stupid Hoe was written by Onika Miraj, Tina Dunham and Safaree Samuels. It is described as an anthem to Nicki Minaj's female haters. Apart from referencing her performance at the 2012 Superbowl she also includes names such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. And she also takes a stab at her long-time rival Lil' Kim. But even with all these references I'm only able to listen to this song once, and even then it was painful. It's just something I wouldn't listen to again voluntarily. Maybe they should use this song to try and get information out of people. Definitely a great song for punishment or torture...

The music video is equally as bad as the song, so it is relatable in an unbelievable kind of way. There are a few references to other music videos as well, which makes it quite clever, however what it has to do with the song I have no idea. Not only that but the flashing and cuts between different footage are really annoying.

I don't even know where to start with this... It just has everything that could possibly be bad in a music video all rolled into one. There's a lot of things happening, such as her makeup changing, and various other things. The bit I really don't like is when her eyes are extremely big in the last minute, it kind of scares me.

As for the references of other music videos, there is Shakira's "She Wolf" which is where the leopard in a cage comes from. Then there's Jessie J's "Price Tag" which is where the big chair becomes involved. There is also a reference to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" when her eyebrows wiggle in an animated way. There may be others, if you know of more don't be afraid to comment below.

Overall, one of the worst songs I've ever heard, and although the music video links well because it is just as equally bad, it has no common factors with the song whatsoever, I don't even know why they chose this idea, surely better ones had been suggested. The song reached number 64 on the UK chart, and I don't see it making another appearance ever again.