JoJo - Disaster

July 17, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

JoJo, JoJo, JoJo. Real name Joanna Levesque, JoJo was at the height of her career back in 2006, with hits like "Leave (Get Out)", "Baby It's You", and "Too Little Too Late", how could she possibly have disappeared? But of course it's down to record label, just like previous artists Avril Lavigne and September. Now JoJo is back, or so we are told, but so far in the UK, no sign of any new releases... She has released this song in the US and mainly all around the world, but has she forgotten that she has a big fan-base in the UK? Or is it, once again, down to the record label? I have been waiting for this release since Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper", and this single even got a remix EP which I was expecting to be released in the UK, but how wrong can I be... Will it ever be released? Or will the UK be waiting endlessly for the JoJo comeback that might never happen here?

"Disaster" is definitely one of my favourite songs at the moment... But I think I've been saying that for the past 8-9 months. It was written by Joanna Levesque, Gino Barletta, Mario Marchetti and Marc Himmel. Again another artist who has written most of the song, making it personal to her. This also explains why the song is so emotionally based and is another reason why I like it so much. However it hasn't impacted the world the way JoJo wanted it to, although would it do well in the UK? Well JoJo will never know until it gets released... With the right amount of promotion, it could chart quite high. The song has been spotted a number of times on UK music channels, and some rumoured release dates have been popping up in the last 6 months, but still no sign of this song on iTunes or anywhere at the moment, I will keep hoping for a release date soon!

Rant over, now to the music video. It links in emotionally well with the song, you can tell how strongly she feels about the song, which is exactly what we need in the performance based side of this music video. The narrative side is top-notch too, it has Rafi Gavron in, I know him mostly as Bug from Life Unexpected, but he has been in Inkheart, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and many other films and TV series. JoJo and Rafi build a great emotional relationship that ends up as a disaster which is exactly what they wanted to portray. Their acting skills are amazing to watch, and shows that JoJo is a triple threat, great singer, great actor and great songwriter.

Overall this music video has everything we need. JoJo used to be very innocent when she was younger, and I remember she was the talk of me and all my mates, now as we've grown older and she's grown older, she has a sultry, sexy, confident look, and it's great how she's grown up and her music has grown with her, it's rare to find an artist like that. The video is amazing and I haven't got one bad thing to say about it. Apparently there was meant to be a bike crash that Rafi Gavron is in, but obviously they cut that scene out, and I'm glad they did, it keeps it simple, neat, and all-so-perfect.
Not released in the UK