New Release: Cascada - Summer Of Love

July 23, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So last week I stopped blog posting, unfortunately I got the cold that everyone else in my house has got, so I'm kind of not happy about that, I am feeling better now, well sort of, but not fully 100% yet. However nothing was going to stop me reviewing Cascada's Summer Of Love, and hopefully promote this song, and get a couple more sales for it, as this song is definitely chart worthy. I bought it yesterday and I cannot get enough of it!

Cascada is a dance band from Germany, I have reviewed their music videos again and again, so you can probably guess that I'm a fan. The band consists of Natalie Horler, Manian (real name Manuel Reuter) and Yanou (real name Yann Peifer). They have had quite a few successful hits in the UK, and managing to score those all-important number ones a few times. They have released quite a few new singles over the past couple of years, but they have failed to chart, or they charted low. The reason being is little promotion in the UK, and this is usually extremely important, since some radio stations aren't giving this song airtime, and so all this song has to go on is the music channels playing the music video, and although I have seen it a couple of times, I just don't think it'll be enough to help this perfect song. Will it chart? Well it's climbing up the iTunes chart it's currently at number 422 & 888 at this current moment.... Let's hope it climbs much higher in the following days.

"Summer of Love" is probably one of my favourite songs by this band (I bet I say that about every song of theirs), but I find it uniquely different to what is about at the moment, but it also keeps the Cascada sound and you can't prevent yourself from enjoying it. I just don't think enough UK people know about it, and I'm fearing that the song will not chart and instead be known as their fourth song to not make the UK chart. Fingers crossed that it will gain a lot of sales in the next few days.

This music video is pretty interesting. Again it's different, which links in well with the song. It is performance based, but also has a narrative side to things. It also has scenes where Natalie Horler is dancing, now hide that shocked face! She has danced in previous music videos, but this one seems more relaxed as if she danced unintentionally, which makes it all the more perfect.

Some of the dancers and the dancing in this music video makes you go WOW. There's 2 guys throughout who do amazing back flips. There's also a lot of choreography along with many other dance moves I can't even name, I love some of the vivid images you get from them too, there's one which I can only describe as the "butterfly" that looks quite tranquil. But I do have one bug-bear... Natalie Horler, right at the end, does "heart hands" I know they look good now, but 10 years from now we would have stopped doing it, and we'll look back on it and think "oh no".

Overall, an amazing song, and it's remixes are even better, so what are you waiting for UK people, go and buy it now! The music video is great, got lots going for it and it leaves you amazed. My favourite bit is when Natalie Horler texts: "Free drinks at La Caleta!" so that they can skip the queue, hahahaha it always makes me laugh. This is a great music video with scenes reminiscent of "San Fransisco" and DJ Fresh Featuring Rita Ora's "Hot Right Now". I just hope this song charts on Sunday!
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