New Release: Misha B - Home Run

16 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Well, I was going to do Lady Antebellum's "Wanted You More" for my new release, as some sources have announced it was to be released this week, however after looking on iTunes and other downloadable sites, this isn't the case. So yet again I am doing another X Factor star for my New Release, but that's okay since Misha B is climbing the charts, I don't blame the British public for buying this single as it is simply quite catchy (after a while).

Misha B, real name Misha Bryan, first found fame on The X Factor UK 2011. That year had a lot of talent and I bet a lot more of those finalists will be popping up here there and everywhere. At the minute we have: Little Mix (Winners), Marcus Collins (Second), Amelia Lily (Third), Misha B (Fourth) and 2 Shoes (Thirteenth). But I bet there will be more to come. I have to admit I didn't think much of Misha B, I believed she didn't have a strong enough voice for the songs she was given, however now, with her own releases; we might get the real Misha B.

Home Run is her first solo single release, it was written by Misha Bryan and MNEK. This is exactly what we wanted, we don't know enough about Misha B as we could, and songs written by the artist who performs it, is so personal that we are able to understand that artist.

This music video is an expected first music video, it isn't WOW, but it's not rubbish either, and it's usually what artists release as their first music video, it's typical because they want a good reaction, rather than trying to push the boat out. As for this music video it's intricately great, and kind of reminds me of a Nicki Minaj music video... I very much doubt Misha B will shake that comparison any time soon; she definitely is a young British Nicki Minaj, and a pretty good answer to be honest...

I like the use of silhouettes at the beginning and at the end, and the neon paint is extremely clever, however I think the colourful images on her face allows the Nicki Minaj comparisons as it is a little over the top, and I really don't see how it links in with the song, although it could be a way to interest the younger audience into buying the single...

Overall a great song that took it's time to grow on me, it's accompanying music video is a bit on the safe side, and is missing a few things, however it's a good first music video and I can see this single performing well on the UK chart. I can also see Misha B becoming an international star sometime in the future; I can't wait to see where her career will take her.