New Release: Aiden Grimshaw - Curtain Call

August 13, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Well you all knew this was coming, I had to make a choice, it was between Rita Ora's "How We Do (Party)" Vs. this song as both singles have been released this week. I had a big feeling that Rita Ora's song will chart well, and I'm right as it is currently number one on the UK iTunes chart, and that is why I reviewed it last week. This song, on the other hand is currently in the top 100 and is climbing higher and higher, but I thought it might help if I reviewed it as my new release.

Aiden Grimshaw first became known on the seventh series on the UK's The X Factor. He was stiff, nervous and just looked like he wasn't comfortable. Now we know why, it was all down to the song choices, there are no songs out there that's right for him, hence why he hasn't released any covers, instead he has his own songs and they are so different to anything I've heard of before, and he's the only one who could sing such songs. His album is released soon and I cannot wait to listen to it, as I can see it being perfect in every way. It will also have his brilliant first single on there "Is This Love". The seventh series of The X Factor produced quite a few artists who are: Matt Cardle (winner), Rebecca Ferguson (second), One Direction (third), Cher Lloyd (fourth), Mary Byrne (fifth), Katie Waissell (seventh), Paije Richardson (eighth), Aiden Grimshaw (ninth), Belle Amie (eleventh), Storm Lee (fourteenth) and Nicolò Festa (sixteenth).

This music video is much happier than the first single, however it's more of a performance piece than a narrative video, as there is not much to the storyline, instead we have people having fun and doing exactly what they want to do. Which doesn't exactly link in with the song as the song is about loving someone and them loving you back.

I like some of the things you see like that biker jumping off the bike. I love the bit where the couple is lying down on the car and the plane flies over the top of them, that must give you a high adrenaline rush. However I do not agree with the scene where the bikers are setting off fireworks, fair enough it's part of the video, but it can be considered to be encouraging kids to do the same, there is no warning that it is highly dangerous.

Overall a great song that I could listen to again and again, it's accompanying music video, on the other hand, is simple and clear, but it's missing quite a lot that could potentially make this video great. The rating would be higher but there is dangerous things going on in the video that could influence other people to do the same.