One Night Only - Just For Tonight

27 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It looks like it's indie week on my blog this week, so think I'm going to stick with that genre. One Night Only is one of those bands who you don't really want to like but they seem to record songs that are irresistible for some very unknown reason. The band consisted of George Craig, Mark Hayton, Daniel Parkin, Jack Sails and Sam Ford. Since 2010 Sam Ford has left and was replaced by James Craig. They have since disappeared off the radar, but they will probably pop up again out of nowhere with a cracking new song and album, it's to be expected.

"Just For Tonight" was One Night Only's biggest hit and managed to secure a place in the UK top 10 at number 9. They have released better songs since, and I'm surprised they have yet to beat that chart position, let's hope they can in the next few years.

This music video really doesn't have much substance to it, compared to their other videos it makes you question what they thought of the song, clearly they didn't think it would do well or they would've made a much better video, this is lacking a lot and although it is a typical One Night Only music video, it's missing a lot we like from this band.

It looks like they are just strolling around Scarborough and although we have seen this happen a lot in their other videos, at least there is a hidden narrative, in this case there's nothing, it's just showing their typical strolling and that's just something I'm not interested in watching.

Overall the song isn't as catchy as their other songs, the music video that goes with it is lacking and doesn't draw me in at all, the only reason for watching this video is for the song, and maybe to find out how to stroll around Scarborough. However it's expected from this band and so it's on the way too safe side and at least it's not something worse.