Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

28 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Franz Ferdinand are another band that I both like and don't, the main reason is because they disappear for too many years and you eventually get bored of playing all their old songs and then when you give up hope on them ever returning a new amazing song pops up that you can't help but like, which is really annoying. They are a British band from Glasgow, Scotland and they consist of Alex Kapranos, Nicholas McCarthy, Robert Hardy and Paul Thomson. They are working on their fourth studio album and it is supposed to be really good. However they have been gone since 2009, and 3-4 years is too long for me to wait, I have already given up on them, however I will be blogging about them and their new songs if they are up to scratch, and I bet they will be.

"Take Me Out" was written by Alex Kapranos and Nicholas McCarthy. It is their best hit in the UK thus far managing to get to number 3 on the UK chart and just missing out on the top spot, it also did well internationally too, and it's definitely one of a few of their signature songs, but I think they will have a hit fairly soon and everyone will know who they are.

The music video isn't my sort of thing, it's very 1930's and that is exactly what the band wanted to do, so they get 10 out of 10 for effort from me. There is a lot of imagery and I definitely like how they have used things they have seen and discussed and put them all together and spun it up in their own little way. I shall not list everything they have managed to incorporate as that can be found easily on the Internet. But the fact they have managed to do exactly what they wanted to do is definitely worth the stars I'm giving the video.

The downside is that it didn't grip me, it's a typical performance piece and although it is different to what is about, there is nothing to keep me entertained and involved. I feel like I'm watching some old film at the cinema, and I cannot stop fidgeting as I wait for it to finally end.

Overall a great song that is actually worthy of the chart position, but a music video that doesn't seem to involve the audience the way it should. I am balancing out my rating as this is what the band wanted to make and they have thought about the video massively, so much so that they didn't want to make a typical pop video, and that makes it go up in my books, even though the video didn't suit me.