The All-American Rejects - Walk Over Me

September 29, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Yesterday I was listening to my iTunes on shuffle and this song got played twice, I believe I've already listened to it today on shuffle too, clearly iTunes wanted me to review it, so here I am, and here it is.

The All-American Rejects have been one of my favourite bands for ages, they never fail to disappoint and they are evolving better and better, I wouldn't have thought they would release a song like this, but they have and they have made it their own. They are a four-piece band consisting of Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler, Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor. They have had a number of hits and a number of songs that should have been, they are getting a bigger and bigger UK fan base and it won't be long before they are on a lot of people's playlists, in my opinion the sooner the better, this band needs to promote a lot more.

"Walk Over Me" was written by Nick Wheeler and Tyson Ritter, it is potentially their 3rd single from the amazing album Kids In The Street, the first being "Beekeeper's Daughter" and the second being "Kids In The Street". Only the first single has been released in the UK so far, with limited success, however the album is currently their highest charting album to date, so clearly they are getting more and more fans as the years go by.

This music video is the sort of video I hate. I don't know why, but it really grates on my nerves, and seriously I cannot be the only one who feels this way. I think the main thing is that it has been done so many times before that every time I see a new video using this concept I cringe away from it. However, The All-American Rejects has gone all out on it. At the end of the day if you're going to do this sort of video you HAVE to take the mickey out of it and break as many boundaries as possible with it, otherwise you will get a low rating from me. And well done, The All-American Rejects have managed to make this video good and a lot more watchable.

I cannot help but laugh at this, the fact that it's a bit scary with fish munching heads off and a knife stabbing people, makes this one of my favourite music videos in this style, if not, the best. How can you not crack a smile at this, and the fact that it looks like it was extremely difficult to make and the fact that there was obviously a lot of thought going in is exactly what I want from a video like this.

There are a few things that I'm not sure on such as there isn't an overall link, just subtle links with some of the lyrics, but they've made this video really work and I can't help but be happy that they have managed to change my opinion of this video within the first few seconds.

Overall a great song that may not be officially released but if it is I hope it does well as it clearly deserves it. The accompanying music video is not something I'm happy with, it's not a style I like to see in music videos, however The All-American Rejects has pushed the boat out and made it much more enjoyable, will I be watching more of this style of music video? Probably not, but I shall be a lot more aware of it. And I doubt I'll find a video in this style that will beat this one.