Darren Styles - Holding On

15 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This has to be my favourite Darren Styles music video and since I've already referenced this song in Tyler James' "Single Tear", I just couldn't not review this video.

Darren Styles, original name Darren Mew, is one of these artists who does get into the charts but not as much as he should, and thanks to some really good songs he keeps releasing again and again. He's highest charting position is number 16 with "Heartbeatz" which was a collaboration as Styles & Breeze. He deserves higher charting singles, it just looks like he might never beat that position, which is really unfortunate. "Holding On" was released in 2010, and I thought it would chart, but guess it didn't, although it is really catchy.

The music video is a narrative piece, but Darren Styles exudes this amazing performance side whenever he sings, and it's always made me wonder what he would be like to see live. I'm sure his tours are always energetic and fun.

The storyline shows Darren and his girlfriend, only Darren has received a parcel with pictures of his partner cheating on him. He goes mad and storms out of the house. He goes clubbing and catches the eye of one of the girls, she comes up to him to dance and as they are about to kiss his girlfriend pushes him, then she has shock-horror when she recognises who the girl is. We then flip to a scene where we see the photos and there is a photo of Darren's girlfriend and the person who was in the club and made a pass at him. It's quite a triangle right? A lot of people thinks it continues with a ménage à trois, and it might do that, who knows?

I like the shock ending, I didn't expect it. A lot of people are surprised that Darren Styles didn't see that picture with his partner and the girl, however it was one picture out of how many? Obviously he didn't flip through all of them he was disgusted with them. There are a few continuity errors as well, which are noticeable such as the door being open and closed at the wrong times, but apart from that I have nothing bad to say.

The song is really catchy and I'm surprised it never charted. The music video is amazing and I was so shocked the first time I ever saw it on the music channels. However the continuity errors should've been found when they were making the video and so I'm sorry but I'm knocking a star off. Apart from that it's perfect and I cannot stop watching it.