New Release: Tyler James - Single Tear

15 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Tyler James is most notably known for being on The Voice UK. He became runner-up to Leanne Mitchell. He was best friends with Amy Winehouse before she died and he used to be signed to Island Records and released a few singles and an album, including "Foolish" that got to number 16, his highest charting single to date. Now he is back with an extremely catchy song that isn't doing as well as expected in the charts. "Single Tear" is climbing up the UK iTunes chart very slowly, however it looks like it will chart in the Top 40 this Sunday.

The music video has had mixed opinions from a lot of people. Some people get it, whereas others don't. At the end of the day, it looks like Tyler James had a good time filming it. There's a big narrative to it, that people feel gets lost, but if you watch it closely it's obvious what is going on (although watching the behind the scenes video will help too).

The narrative is simple. Tyler James' girlfriend is cheating on him and he sees a video of them together. He then decides to get his own back and takes photos and a video of him getting with a lot of girls. The final scene then shows him giving over the video and photos he just took, to his girlfriend and her lover. But I don't think he manages to hurt her as much as she hurt him.

The video is quite powerful and extremely different, it kind of reminds me of Darren Styles' video for "Holding On" as that is also about getting your own back, only with more of a twist.

This is definitely a catchy song that I'm going to be buying fairly soon, the music video is special and unique, although I can understand how some people don't get it. However since I do get it and think it's very different to what is about and clearly stands out, I can only give it this rating!