Kids In Glass Houses - Matters At All

October 01, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Kids In Glass Houses are definitely one of my favourite bands, I saw them live back in 2008 with Tink09 and Hollagram Star, they were the support act for Paramore and we had no idea who they were, then a couple of weeks later they released "Give Me What I Want" and we couldn't believe we had just seen them live. They are a 5 piece band consisting of Aled Phillips, Joel Fisher, Iain Mahanty, Andrew Shay and Philip Jenkins. Their latest single didn't chart very well even though I really liked it, they are one of those bands that sometimes do well and then sometimes don't, I hope they don't give up and that they manage to make a great song that will chart very high.

"Matters At All" was written by Kids In Glass Houses and Jason Perry. The song is about making things happen, the world goes by so quickly and if you don't take the chances that are sent your way you'll regret them for the rest of your life. I really like this meaning to the song and I like how it is interpreted into a music video.

The video is confusing if you see it on the music channels, as they have cut it down and it makes no sense whatsoever. I've been worried about doing this video as I never did understand it, but today was the first time I watched it on YouTube and the video is the full version which makes this much more obvious what has gone on.

Clearly the main character is a little delusional, she wants this guy and probably presumes she can have him, she totally forgets that he clearly has a girlfriend, and she imagines herself as his girlfriend. Then we get a rewind (not seen in the music channel version) and we actually see that she likes this guy but he already has a girlfriend, so clearly she is stalking him, and I think the girlfriend realises this hence why she has a fit when our main character gives her the photos. (This description would be much more clearer with names, anyone know the actor/actresses names?)

There are also scenes of a performance nature which is really great to watch and I did feel the energy from them when I saw them live, and they manage to replicate that in the performance scenes. This is what makes this video that bit better than others as they have managed to portray the band as well as the song.

This song has to be one of my favourites after "Undercover Lover", the full version of the music video is definitely a lot more clearer and a lot more interesting and understandable. Since I am reviewing the full video my rating goes out to it. If you ever manage to see this video on the music channels you'll realise it doesn't make sense.