New Release: The Other Tribe - Skirts

October 01, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So I struggled a lot on picking the new release, there wasn't anything I was interested in, only Rihanna's "Diamonds" which doesn't have a music video. After much searching I read a twitter post by Aiden Grimshaw that announced he bought a single today on iTunes, and this was the song, after one listen I was instantly hooked and I have bought this single, and I agree with Aiden Grimshaw it was totally worth it!

The Other Tribe is a new band on the block, they are a six-piece band consisting of James Hill, Miles Metric, Ollie White, Alex Oldroyd, Max Cleary and Charlie Brown. They have been going since 2009 and are from Bristol, UK. Their live shows have been rated high a lot, and it seems this single will definitely be charting this Sunday, it's been climbing up the chart since yesterday and I doubt it will stop.

This music video links in with the band more than it does with the song, which is a whole different take on things and it really interests me. It's totally narrative with a bit of a performance side in certain scenes. This is definitely a video that would stand out on a music channel, and the fact that the song managed to capture me within the first listen just makes this all the more better.

The video follows a girl (actress name unknown), who wonders through the forest and finds tribal items, she then goes deeper in the forest and finds a tribe who welcomes her in. There are many sensual references, but they have done them on a small scale that people may not even see them.

Overall I have to thank Aiden Grimshaw for introducing this band to me. The song is amazingly catchy and I cannot wait to hear more from them. The music video relates to the band which is a unique twist to the common music video, and I cannot wait to see what videos are around the corner for these guys.