Bb - Be Like Me

13 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

As you all know I prefer to do requests than choose a video off the top of my head, because I know someone wants my opinion. Here's another request, someone commented on the Suggestions page, and I'm so glad they did.

Bb is a rapper from Birmingham, UK, the same place I am from, and he is definitely making a name for himself. He has supported quite a few big star artists on their tours in the UK, and his music videos can be found on music channels. As you may know I'm not into rap or hip-hop as there isn't many blog posts of this genre, however I kind of like this song, and I especially like the constant repeat of "Be Like Me".

This music video is a typical, low-budget rap/hip-hop music video, however there are editing techniques that makes this much more intriguing along with certain scenes that I don't expect.

I have to admit, the start is a little boring, and I was waiting for something to happen. Only when watching it a second time things do happen and the scene changes to 4 dancers, but they're in the dark, so hidden well. The 4 dancers are only young but wow they are pretty good.

I like the editing of the people, it kind of draws me in. Being able to see the lyrics of some of the words Bb raps to, definitely makes this video that little bit better. My favourite bit is when they connect all the scenes together, Bb catches an imaginary something, I presume it's a ball, then he throws it, and in a different scene a dancer catches it, then he throws it and the 4 dancers catch it. It's great to watch and makes this stand out a lot more.

However I feel not a lot is going on, it's very one-on-one and it seems a bit on the detached side. There's a few subtle links with the song but there's only a few, however I do like seeing the TV where we see a music channel playing his music video to "I Want You Back".

Overall a song that took it's time to grow on me, but that is what it has done. It's accompanying music video is missing quite a bit, but it is also entertaining to watch and a bit different to your usual rap/hip-hop music video therefore making it stand out from the crowd. I am torn between two different ratings, which do I choose... Okay I'm going with this one, I hope you all agree with the rating.