Otto Knows - Million Voices

14 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Otto Knows, real name Otto Jettmann, is a Swedish DJ, who is mostly known for this song as it charted all over Europe. He has collaborated with quite a few artists including Avicii with the song "iTrack". He is going be one of these people you have to keep an eye on, as I reckon he'll pull out a number one hit soon, however it'll be all down to how much the radio and the clubs will play the song. "Million Voices" was written by Otto Jettmann and it managed to chart at number 14 in the UK. No sign of any new songs to be released, but I bet he is working on them. This isn't going to be the last we've heard of Otto Knows.

So this isn't really an official music video. On the other hand it is the closest we are ever going to get. This song keeps on getting played in the clubs, so how could I not do this song as it is incredibly catchy.

I have to bare in mind that this is a fan-based music video, using a lot of clips that were borrowed. I think the editing technique works well with the song, and you just can't help but laugh at some of the clips, however there is some that shock you, some that make you upset that someone would do such a thing, and some that makes you want to go "awwww" as that panda is definitely cute.

Some celebrities can be found, however I am not 100% sure it's them, and I don't think other people are sure either.

Overall it's a catchy song, and I reckon it will be sampled a lot in other songs, and will be played in the clubs for some time, this song is never going to die. As for the not-official music video, it's fun to watch and makes you emotional, it links in with the song. However it's obvious that it's not the official music video. I really wish that Otto Knows filmed an official video, because I would've liked to have seen if he could've topped this video (it would be pretty difficult).
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