Scooter - The Logical Song

18 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Scooter gets my Sunday Revisit, as I didn't have much to choose from. I really, really wanted to review "The Question Is What Is The Question?", unfortunately the song was released in 2008, and all of my Sunday Revisits have to be at least 5 years old. So hopefully when next year comes around, I can go about doing a Sunday Revisit with that song. But until then we're going to have to deal with "The Logical Song".

As I mentioned in my most recent Scooter blog post, they are a hard dance band from Germany, consisting of H. P. Baxxter, Rick J. Jordan and Michael Simon. They have had a number of hits (this song being their highest, charting at number 2 in the UK), but they have been doing not so well lately, as no promotion are put into their releases, and therefore relying solely on radio play and music channel play. Their most recent songs haven't been charting, until last week when "4 A.M." got to number 188, thanks to people downloading it from the album: Clubland 22. Hopefully they'll officially release "4 A.M." at the right time and put a bit of promotion into it, and manage to get it to chart higher as it's an amazing song.

Once again I have gone off on a tangent. Now back with "The Logical Song". It was written by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson. And heavily samples the original by Supertramp, that was also called "The Logical Song". Scooter's version got to number 2 on the UK chart back in 2002, easily beating their previous highest single: "Back In The U.K." which charted at number 18. Supertramp's original version got to number 7 on the UK chart, meaning Scooter's song was more of a hit.

The music video is both a performance and a narrative music video. Which is usually a great video in my eyes, however I don't think it links in well with the song and is sometimes a bit on the confusing side.

I like the idea of a drag race, but I'm not sure who wins, I presume it's Scooter but then again the car blows up, doesn't it, or am I viewing this completely wrong? They walk back towards the woman, who was driving the other car, through all the flames, unscathed. How is that even possible?

The performance side of things is something I've seen a thousand times in Scooter music videos, and it makes me question whether I actually want to see them live or not. Clearly the energy flows from the band, but they could be singing any song, there's no easy way to tell, and they are always doing the same thing over and over again.

Overall a great song that just missed out on the top spot like many great songs have. The music video is definitely mediocre, another typical Scooter video. I just don't know if they're all looking the same or not, I want to see something different, just like "Ti Sento" is different. But then again they'll all be the same again. I think their videos are just something I can never make up my mind about.