Mandia Nantsios - Never Again

March 13, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Mandia Nantsios is my "Artist of the Month" for March (her profile will be up later), so it's only right I review her first music video and single with it. She is just 16 years old, and with a very meaningful voice, every word is sung with conviction and you know she means it all. Her second single was "One Last Time", she got five stars from me for that one, will this follow? The world better watch out, because this Canadian superstar is on the verge of stepping into the spotlight.

"Never Again" was written by Mandia Nantsios. It's engaging, raw and emotional, all the aspects of a perfect song.

This music video follows the song in every way. There's both a performance and a narrative. The narrative side is crisp and follows through from the song.

It's the usual boyfriend cheats on girlfriend, we've seen this in a few videos in the past, but this one stands out because we get to see what the past was like for them, and then return to the story in the present, with her dropping the necklace he bought her.

The performance side takes dominance during the centre of the video, she is seen in various locations, some of which, such as the boat, shows what he is missing out on. Other settings add to the raw emotion, leaving you surprised at how strong of a performer Mandia Nantsios is.

The one problem I do have is the dancers in the background, they kind of feel out of place, almost like they're trying to be more important than Mandia, however the editing has made Mandia Nantsios more in the picture, preventing her from being empowered. After a second watch I can almost forget that the dancers are there. On the other hand, I feel that they shouldn't have been included, Mandia's such a good performer she doesn't need them.

Overall a song that is perfect in every way and just proves that Mandia Nantsios is an up and coming star. The music video reflects the song the way we want it to, adding more emotion to the song, which seems impossible. Although I don't like the dancers, I'm prepared to let it slide, since they're easily ignorable.