New Release: Jenn D - You Keep Giving Me Love

April 08, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Jenn D is my new release, not a lot is known about her, she was in a band called Soft Toy Emergency, and has since then decided to go solo. She was apparently previously called Vela but she had to change her name due to another singer having the same name. She is on All Around The World Productions alongside well known dance acts Basshunter and Cascada. She previously released a single called "Lose It". This is her second single to date, and it is quite catchy, but will "You Keep Giving Me Your Love" ever hit the UK chart? I really hope so, but I am pretty doubtful, as there is no sign of it on the UK iTunes chart, as of yet.

This music video is shot in a heritage funfair, it's got a little bit of a narrative as Jenn D and her 'Crew' sneak in and just have fun. It relates to the song because it's all about being young and having fun, but there's no sign of someone giving her love... So missing a little something.

The performance slide is slick and sexy showing off her style as well as her singing, her voice is so powerful, it's surprising. The choreography is simple but effective. Jenn D can definitely dance, and given a more complicated dance routine and she will definitely show you what she can do.

Jenn D is the full package, my advice is to keep an eye on her, as she will start hitting the charts soon. She is someone I would like to see live, and I look forward to her debut album, it clearly is going to be amazing.

Overall, a great song that should be heard by more people, and a music video that fits perfectly with the song and her entire style. The only thing I don't like is that she is singing about falling for someone and giving them a chance, but where is this person? I am excited about what the future brings for this girl.