New Release: Amelia Lily - Party Over

April 22, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Amelia Lily has come from The X Factor, and has released 2 successful singles so far, which were "You Bring Me Joy" and "Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)". She has an album to be released soon, was meant to be sooner but it has been pushed back, for unknown reasons. Amelia Lily came third, behind Little Mix and Marcus Collins both of which have gone on to do so well, it's hard to compete. Behind Amelia Lily, Misha B (4th) is doing just as well, Janet Devlin (5th) whose just starting up and getting exposure, Craig Colton (6th) also just starting, Kitty Brucknell (7th) who is touring, Frankie Cocozza (8th) who released an EP, Johnny Robinson (9th) released a Christmas single as well as doing a lot of presenting, The Risk (10th) released a single "Missiles", 2Shoes (Joint 14th) is signed and have a song and music video for "Turn Me On (Turn Me Out)" out there but nothing more. It seems it's Little Mix Vs. Amelia Lily Vs. Misha B as the most successful artist from the eighth series of The X Factor, but in my opinion Little Mix is just ahead because they've hit America.

"Party Over" was written by Amelia Lily, Brian Higgins, Matt Gray, Miranda Cooper, Wayne Hector and Annie Yuil. It's very catchy and I can see it being played a lot in the clubs. But by the looks of things it's slowly climbing up the iTunes chart, and it's taking it's time, this could be her lowest charting position to date...

The music video is technically great, although first view I didn't really get it, and I still don't get the end. I like the idea of time in music videos, it's been done rarely because they have to be exact (in my view) and the amount of takes a music video goes through, it's hard to keep up with it, however Madonna Featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland's "4 Minutes" was daring but did an okay job. Others find different ideas, none of which are coming into my head right now.

The video is full of performance with a short narrative over the whole thing. The time is kind of crucial, I had to keep pausing it to get the idea of the video in my head, and that's the only thing I didn't enjoy. My suggestion is to have it in the corner so you're much more aware of the time. Also at the start I was unsure if it was going forwards or backwards, since usually time skipping goes backwards.

Overall a great song that NEEDS to chart much higher than it currently is on the UK iTunes chart. The accompanying music video coincides greatly with the song, suggesting a massive party and I like the inclusion of the end of the party, but it doesn't have to be. I still don't get the ending, and the time skipping confused me first time round.