Norway Entry: Margaret Berger - I Feed You My Love

June 07, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Margaret Berger is another act from a reality singing competition. She entered Idol (Norway) in 2004 and came second. She since went on to release four singles as well as two albums. She competed in Melodi Grand Prix 2013, Norway's national selection, where she won to represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest. She is currently working on her third album in London, England... Does this mean she will release the song over Europe at least? And will people remember her name enough to buy the album... Maybe she will do promotion for it, nowadays that is what you have to do to be successful. And she is definitely bringing her own style to the table. I didn't expect this song to perform so well in Eurovision let alone on the UK chart, I can't think of anyone like her at the moment, so she can definitely get the chart numbers she needs.

"I Feed You My Love" was written by Karin Park and MachoPsycho. The song has hit charts globally, and has done so well in most countries. The song is about having the courage and strength to do what you want. But I have a sneaky feeling it is meant to settle into your bones, enough to creep you out. It is quite scary, but it works well and the meaning behind the song does come through.

Norway came 4th out of 26 countries. Meaning Margaret Berger got 191 points. 6 points from Lithuania, 2 points from Moldova, 12 points from Finland, 5 points from Spain, 7 points from Belgium, 3 points from Estonia, another 3 points from Belarus, a further 3 points from Malta, 7 points from Russia, another 7 points from Germany, 3 points from Armenia, 6 points from the Netherlands, 8 points from Romania, 12 points from Sweden, 2 points from Hungary, 12 points from Denmark, 10 points from Iceland, 2 points from Azerbaijan, 4 points from Greece, 3 points from Ukraine, 8 points from Italy, 4 points from Georgia, 5 points from Slovenia, 3 points from Croatia, 4 points from Montenegro, another 4 points from Cyprus, 7 points from Serbia, 8 points from Latvia, 7 points from San Marino, 8 points from Macedonia, 1 point from Bulgaria, 6 points from Israel, 2 points from Albania and 7 points from Switzerland.

The music video is officially titled as a promo video, hence why it isn't an actual music video, and kind of reminds me of PeR's "Here We Go" in that they both aren't real videos for the songs. However, like "Here We Go" I'm going to imagine that this is a proper video for the song since there is no other video available.

It follows the song in the scariness. I feel that nothing is totally explained and the short featured clips are more of an exact explanation of the song. The lyrics say certain visual items such as hands or feeding and we find that replicated in the video, what with the lips, the hands and the balls, which could be sweets of all sorts.

I think the clips of Margaret Berger brings nothing to the table, apart from the fact that she looks a bit like Pixie Lott with her hair down. But it's not a performance side of the video and fails to include anything. It makes her more identifiable, so much so that you can tell it's her singing, but since she's not performing to the song and she's not even lip-syncing, then I don't see the inclusion.

The other clips doesn't bring much to the table either. I will definitely not be going out of my way to watch this video a second time. Don't get me wrong, I love the song and I would certainly give it five stars, however this is a music video review, like I've said in past reviews, and so it's just down to the video and nothing else. Hence why my rating is so low. If a proper video were made for this song, I wouldn't be surprised if it's better than this.